Your Zodiac Sign, 12 Houses in Astrology and Our Destiny Written in the Stars – Is It?

astrology what are the 12 houses, which house am i in, what is a birth chart

I’ve always been fascinated with the stars, the constellations and how our personality and character are formed the date/time we are born. I remember hanging up my star constellations posters in my room and getting my first telescope. 

You could say I was (*am) a bit of a geek. 

Anyway, the stars are fascinating. Depending on what day/month you were born, you’re assigned a zodiac/star sign. Which in astrological terms is actually your sun sign. 

Our zodiac sign tells you a little bit about who you are as a person, your key traits and which element you identify with the most: earth water, fire and air. 

It’s all well and good, as it really makes you feel better about some of the traits you perhaps don’t feel too good about. You’re simply the way you are because of your sign.

astrology what is it what is a birth chart 12 houses birth chart

Let me explain – I’m a Leo, a fire sign, that’s known for its passion, loyalty and high temperament.

Any time I shout, or get into an argument or say something without thinking, I blame my zodiac sign. Which I know isn’t very healthy, oops… The sign explains why we are the way we are and how to work on our traits because there’s a good and bad side to each sign. 

However, your zodiac sign tells you only so much about your character. It’s the tip of the iceberg – there’s more to what builds your character than just 2-3 personality traits right?

You’re not just “passionate” or just “caring”, and sometimes our single zodiac traits don’t quite resonate with you. 

That’s because there are actually 12 signs (houses) that make up your character and your lifeline – the ups and downs of your life and at which point of your life things are happening for you e.g. relationships, career, breakthroughs.

The sky is divided into 12 sections (constellations) and this is how the zodiac sign was born – 1 constellation, 1 zodiac sign.

What is a Birth/Natal Chart?

A birth/natal chart is made up of 12 houses and is based on the time you were born. The birth/natal chart explains the position of the planets at the time you were born. Depending on the date and time born, within each house, you will have a different sign. Your main zodiac sign as explained above is your sun sign, and this is your first house. 

Each house within the birth chart relates to a different area of your life and within each house, you have a planetary position which is often a zodiac sign. Depending on what sign/planetary position you have in each house, the traits and positioning of the constellation and planets in that area, will correspond with how you behave, react and achieve certain aspects in your life. 

astrology what is it what is a birth chart 12 houses birth chart

To make it clearer, here is the breakdown of the 12 houses in an astrology birth/natal chart: 

1st House – First impressions, beginnings

2nd House – Material and physical environment including money/income and self esteem

3rd House – Communication including phones/social media, as well as siblings relationship and school

4th House – Home, family, femininity and emotions

5th House – Romance/love, creativity, self-expression, childlike spirit

6th House – Health, fitness, pets and work habits

7th House – Relationships, marriage, business relations, sharing/equality

8th House – Sex/intimacy, money/property, assets, goals

9th House – Travel, wisdom, education, ethics, religion

10th House – Career, long-term goals, public image, masculinity

11th House – Friends, social awareness, hope, future

12th House – Endings/closure, spirituality, subconscious, limited beliefs

Here’s the 12 houses and their positioning on a natal/birth chart: 

12 houses in astrology what to they mean birth chart

Where Did the Natal Charts and Astrology Come From?

It all started with ancient civilisations and our Babylonian friends. They divided the sky into 12 sections, each one a constellation of stars and each one given a name – which is your zodiac sign. 

Are Astrology Signs Accurate?

Yes and no – sometimes we might identify with our main sign (also known as the zodiac sign or the sun sign) but sometimes we simply do not. That’s because we’re complex beings and it’s difficult to pinpoint us down to just a few traits and naturally, we all have different stories, past experiences that change us etc etc. However, the majority of it, your core character and the base of your personality is down to your sun sign – your main astrology sign. 

Your sun sign is responsible for just a fraction of your character, it’s merely the first impression (people receive about you) and beginnings – frankly, it’s just the tip of the iceberg, although accurate. 

We might feel that we don’t identify with the astrology sign – this could be because we still need to grow, develop and nurture our character to grow into it. Again, this is all down to your personal path, where you’ve been and what you’ve been through. 

What Astrology House Am I In?

There isn’t just one house that you’re in. You’re in 12 different houses. Those 12 houses make up your birth chart and correspond with the different areas of your life. You can use to extract your birth chart by typing in the time, date and place you were born in and seeing what zodiac signs are in each of your 12 houses. 

Astrology – is it accurate, is it false, should you believe it? 

There is a lot of debate about whether astrology readings are false, whether you should believe them and whether there’s any truth to it, or whether it’s just another money-making scam. 

Naturally you have the right to believe what you believe. If you feel like astrology readings are a scam (like I used to) then chances are, you’re sceptical about having astrology readings and perhaps always will be. 

I always say it’s best to try something before dismissing it completely. If you end up with a knowledgeable astrologer, then an astrology reading of your birth/natal chart can explain a lot about you as a person, and your path (both present and future) in terms of events and development. 

Astrology cannot be used to accurate predict when you’ll get married, or when you’ll find your soul mate or when you’ll be pregnant/have a baby.

Astrology shouldn’t be used for that because your life isn’t written in the stars – YOU write your life. 

astrology what is it what is a birth chart 12 houses birth chart

So if you end up with an astrologer that tells you when you’re going to be sick, die or how many babies you’ll have – you should probably look for a different one and treat that one as a money-making scam.

Astrology shouldn’t be used to put fear into a person when it can be an amazing tool for deeper comic connection with your soul and the whole universe. 

Certain astrological events including transits, eclipses, full/new moons and other planetary events and positioning, DO affect your path based on your birth chart and how the position of the planets at the present time, affect your path. 

For example, you may go through a time when you cut ties with people or focus on your career – this is due to the influence of positioning of the planets and the energy it emits based on your birth chart. The energy of the planets/stars corresponds directly with your energy and specific aspects of your life. 

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You might find that at a certain time of life things are simply going brilliant, everything is going smoothly, at work in your love life and personal development, and times when everything seems to fall apart and you feel challenged. 

The universe likes to challenge us to help us grow, reflect and put us in situations where we’re forced to let go of things that no longer serve us. 

So although (real) astrologers cannot predict when you will get married or get pregnant, they can tell you when you can expect personal development, or a when good time will be for your romantic ventures or when will be best to focus on your career/relationship etc. 

This is due to the future positioning of the planets and planetary events, all based on your unique birth chart and how these cosmic future events include your birth chart depending on the positioning of constellations and planets at that time. 

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