Womb Consciousness – Healing the Traumas Held In Your Womb

womb healing awakening

The woman’s womb is the portal between the spiritual, cosmic world, and this world. 

A channel through which life from the other side, is brought earthside. 

For centuries, this part of a woman’s body has been celebrated, nurtured, sacred and a centre of energy – almost like an altar. 

Doesn’t feel like that now, however. 

The womb is seen as a disgusting part where babies come from and a place from where we bleed each month – both topics of taboo, particularly when it comes to abortions and having your body slammed for its shape, rather than worshipped, and a centre of pain. 

womb healing awakening

The womb is a much more materialistic concept in our world, shamed and feels like an engine to reproduce, no longer a sacred space where life starts. 

The little starseed that wishes to be born, at this time, in this world, decides to have you as the mother, to be nurtured in your womb, and for the cosmic soul to be brought into this world with love. 

The womb is where the 2nd chakra (Sacral Chakra) is located, associated with pleasure, creativity and joy. 

It’s a magical place, a portal, a space in a physical and spiritual sense that brings mystery with a miracle, while also being a locked room of held traumas that need healing

Death and Life in the Womb

Although the womb is associated with new life, giving birth and bringing a human being, a little starseed into this world, can also be a place of death 

A graveyard when a miscarriage happens and a detoxifying process during the period. With each period and shedding of the lining, an egg dies, but in the process, the body is cleansed and detoxified, ready for the next cycle and life to perhaps be born in the next cycle. 

Women are cyclical creatures, going through winter, spring, summer and autumn with each menstrual cycle. This time allows us to reflect, die, and be born again. 

This can include deep healing, emotional realisations and a lot of shadow work, when autumn to winter of our cycle approaches. 

The topic of miscarriages is very much still taboo. 

A little bit like the period and menstrual cycle actually – something perhaps only women should speak about because they’re the only ones that can go through it. 

Although we hear a lot of public heads (mainly men) voicing their opinions on abortion, a woman’s womb and birth quite a lot. 

Like Rachel in Friends would say – no uterus, no opinion. 

That’s my view. 

Miscarriages are sadly quite common, and we hear more women opening up about them – one of clearing ways the social media has enabled us to be vulnerable, to clear blockages and release our traumas. 

Which makes me think – if all these women are coming out with their miscarriage stories, encouraged by others and gaining the bravery to share this with the world now, how many women before us miscarried and kept the burden to themselves? 

Carrying such a secret, unable to share it with the family at a dinner table because – actually, why?

Because it feels like a failure as a woman? Because that’s our primary purpose? Because it’s disgusting? Because people won’t know how to respond or they’ll treat you different? 

I could go on – the point is that these difficult topics should be talked about. Encouraged, and we should be making a space for these topics in our lives, to help future generations and to release ancestral traumas to ensure they are NOT carried over to our children. 

The womb carries traumas, bad experiences and blockages that hold us back – the menstrual cycle and our bleeding time, helps us release those experiences from our body. 

womb healing awakening


A painful, in more ways than one, part of the body is the womb. This is where our periods happen, often causing us to take days off work and being in agony that no pill seems to heal. 

Birth – also a painful experience. 

We’re taught that it’s not something to be celebrated, but rather something to be embarrassed about, something to hide, and keep to yourself. 

It’s time to reclaim that womb and the power that comes from within it. 

womb healing awakening


The womb can also be seen and felt as the centre of our femininity, sexuality and sensuality, After all, the sacral chakra, associated with joy, pleasure and sex, is located at the womb – both for men, and women. 

Although we may associated the womb with femininity, in our culture, being feminine and sensual is seen as a weakness. 

In the jungle this society and world has created, where the survival of the fittest makes no room for the feminine, we often may end up trying to protect our femininity and our true self, to survive and fit in. 

Women are here to heal the world, perhaps through their womb. 

Hold on to your true feelings of femininity.

What Is Womb Awakening

Womb awakening is reclaiming the power of your womb by releasing traumas and blockages, and embracing your intuition, feminine and creative energy. It’s coming to understand your womb, your cycle and embracing it as a superpower, rather than hiding away from it. 

Awakening the womb is a spiritual process of reconnecting with the ancestors and clearing blockages carried over from your ancestors – most traumas are stored in the womb. To truly heal, we must identify those blockages and traumas and learn to release them. 

This involves shadow work, which can be challenging, difficult and emotionally draining. However, the results can be life-changing, allowing us to get past the blockages that aren’t even ours. 

How to Awaken the Womb 

Lay on your back and place your hands on your womb. Imagine a pink, orange light as an energy portal, within your womb. Feel the warmth it gives and close your eyes. 

Use it as a meditation session, but focusing your energy on the womb, listening to any messages that come up during the session. 

You can ask the womb questions, or compliment it such as “Thank you for bringing the sacred, divine feminine within me”. 

There are also other rituals you can try such as: 

The Moon and Bleeding

Some women’s cycle are in tune with the phases of the moon

How does that work? 

You either bleed on the Full Moon, or the New Moon with each new cycle and moon phase. 

If you bleed on the day of the full moon – that’s called the Red Cycle, which means you ovulate on the New Moon. 

If you bleed on the New Moon and ovulate on the Full Moon – that’s called the White Cycle

If your cycle is regular, have you ever noticed whether it happens on the full/new moon? 

Have a look when the last new/full moon was and whether your cycle started that same day or if you were maybe ovulating. 

You might be on one of these cycles, in sync with la luna and the astrological forces and not even know it yet! 

There are 4 main lunar phases (the moon) and 4 menstrual phases – coincidence

That’s why it’s so common for women to bleed around the new moon, a new beginning, a new phase of our womanly cycle and a fresh start for things to come setting new intentions for this moon. 

The 4 lunar phases and matching menstrual cycles if you are on the White Cycle are: 

  • Follicular phase – Waxing moon 
  • Ovulatory phase – Full moon 
  • Luteal phase – Waning moon 
  • Menstrual phase – New moon

In contrast to women and our menstrual cycles being the same as lunar cycles, men live on the sun’s cycle. A 24 hour cycle, where every day is the same, their hormone levels are pretty steady throughout the day and nothing really changes, with things continuing as normal the next morning. 

While women (mostly) live on the 28-day cycle, the same as the moon. 

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