What are Akashic Records? What Every Beginner Needs to Know About the Soul’s Library

What's Akashic Records for beginners how to access

When I first heard about the akashic records, I gotta be honest, I didn’t really understand what it meant. I read something, and I brushed the subject away, not quite sure why. I recently felt a pull towards this topic and decided to do a bit more reading about it to understand it. 

Perhaps the reason I didn’t want to know about akashic records before was because I was overwhelmed by the concept and the possibility of connecting with my soul in that way seemed… strange? 

It almost felt like an ancient library, sacred and only to be entered by those with a membership, which didn’t include me. 

The first time I discovered the topic of akashic records was through Rebecca Campbell’s book, Rise Sister Rise and then Starseed. Both of which I highly recommend by the way if you’re into awakening your spiritual, feminine energy

If you’ve ever experienced deja vu, or met a person that you instantly connected with or felt like you’ve met them before, that’s probably because your soul has, in a previous life. 

It’s like those really vivid dreams where the world feels real, the experiences are somehow connected in the dream and you can see everything in the dream like a vision or a simulation.

Again, this is your soul experiencing a previous memory, which you can dive into, to explore its origin and meaning, by accessing your Akashic Records. 

The Akashic Records are also referred to as the Book of Life, The Library or the Collective Consciousness. 

If you’ve always felt different, special, weird, gifted, you can help find the answers as to why and how to use your special weirdness by connecting with your soul and understanding where it’s been before it reached your body, and what it’s gone through. 

What's Akashic Records for beginners how to access

What’s Akashic Records? 

Akashic records are memories, experiences and events that your soul experienced in different lifetimes, galaxies and worlds. The records are like energy frequencies and all that your soul experienced in the past. It is believed that through akashic records you can access your soul’s previous memories, experiences and where it’s traveled to, what it’s experienced, to better connect with the time and place you’re in now. Learning about your akashic records can make you feel more at home and like you belong on this earth and help you answer questions such as “Why am I here now at this time?”. 

Sometimes we might feel like we don’t belong in this body, that’s our soul’s way of saying “I feel lost, you’re not listening to me, you’re not doing what lights me up” – this is when accessing akashic records to better understand your soul can help. 

The akashic records are a library of all feelings, thoughts and experiences from each life time. Depending on how old your soul is, your library can be full of pretty amazing experiences and can help you learn more about the person you are today and answer a few “why” questions. 

Akashic records can also hold memories (explaining deja vu experiences), even those that happened on a different planet, in a different universe or galaxy…

Accessing your akashic records can help you with your life’s purpose, as you realise that you came into this world with a plan. Or rather your soul has something planned for you, and you just need to listen to it, discover your soul’s journey through akashic records to discover what that purpose is. 

Before you access your Akashic records, be mindful that it’s a sacred place, like a temple, and your intention for accessing should be for guidance rather than a bit of fun. 

What's Akashic Records for beginners how to access

How to Access Akashic Records

You can access your Akashic Records through meditation, being still and quiet, while having questions and intention in mind when entering the Akasha. First you need to have your question(s) ready to help you find your way around and to access the records most relevant to you. Consider and following questions and think about your answers, ready for entering the akashic records: 

What do you want to know? 

What is your intention for accessing the Akashic Records? 

What are you hoping the answers will help you with? 

Once you have your questions ready, access the Akashic Records like this: 

  1. Find a quiet space, and meditate (you want to get into a deep meditative state, so use/do whatever helps you get there, whether it’s meditating for a long time or listening to specific frequency music)
  2. Visualise a warm light, a big door and maybe even a light coming out of that door. Visualise walking towards it while feeling the warmth of the light getting stronger as you walk towards it. Open the door, placing your hand on the door handle. 
  3. You may or may not be greeted by the Akashic Record Keepers. Regardless of whether they’re there or not, state your name, date of birth and your intention or the answers to the questions you’re looking to find
  4. If you see a Keeper, he/she will guide you toward the exact “aisle”, memory, experience, or place the right record (book, dvd, computer, song, letter, could be anything) in your hand, or he/she may guide you to follow them. It’s important that you go with whatever you are presented with, whatever you see. If the keepers aren’t there, visualise having the right book with the answers in your hand. If you feel you’re being pulled to a certain area of the Library or a particular aisle, go with the feeling. Perhaps one of the shelves looks brighter than the others, or it shines a light – go towards it. 
  5. Surrender to the experience, the emotions, feelings, visions, whatever information presents itself, do not question or overthink it – allow yourself to be guided and swept by whatever is presented and you’ll get your answers. It could be a vision, words, a song, an experience, a feeling or a voice. 
  6. Once finished, if you’ve been given a book or any other materials, remember to put it back
  7. Before you walk out, thank the keepers, even if they’re not there
  8. Write down what you saw, felt, learnt, experienced. 

The Record Keepers, are also known as Beings of Light. If you see them, your prepared questions or intentions will come in handy, as they may ask why you’re there, and what you’re looking for. A little bit like the librarian when you walk in searching for a particular book. 

The Keepers will guide you toward the specific record, time, lifetime, experience, thought, to help you find the answer and see what your soul has experienced. 

You don’t need to be highly spiritual or a psychic or have any special powers to access these records. Thanks to the universe and its neutral energy, it’s always happy to help everyone. 

The Akashic Records are open to all that want to gain access (no special membership needed). 

What's Akashic Records for beginners how to access

Akashic Records Prayer

Before your meditation, to help you find the Akashic Records, the Sacred Library, you can say a prayer sending out a message into the universe and the Akasha Record Keepers that you’re ready to go in and come with pure intentions. 

Here’s an Akashic Records Prayer you can use/say: 

My name is [YOUR NAME], and I come here with pure intentions, to help me discover my soul’s plan, in this time and on this Earth now. I desire to connect with my soul my trying to understand where it’s been, what it’s gone through and the experiences that shaped it. 

I trust the divine plan, and I know I am here for a reason. My soul is a connected part of me and I only desire to learn how to help my soul feel at home here and now. 

My intention is to learn [YOUR INTENTION]. 

I allow myself to be open to the records and promise to learn from the information and use it in a kind and guiding way. 

I am grateful for being here as I plant my soul here on this Earth and now. I wish to understand where it’s been to allow my soul to grow further the experience all the beauty this world has to offer. 

I thank you for letting me in to access my soul’s Akashic Records. 

How to Read Akashic Records

When you access the Akashic Records using the method above, you simply have to let your meditation and the vision guide you. You may be presented with a book in which case you’ll be required to read from it. 

You may be presented with a vision, or a screen, where events from your soul’s past lives are presented. 

If you wished to access a future vision, you may see what lies ahead again as a vision or through text. It may also be a voice, telling you what had happened in a past life, or giving you guidance for the future, perhaps your soul’s voice…

You should surrender completely to the experience and let yourself get carried away by whatever presents itself to you, don’t overthink it. 

Sit still, be mindful and grateful, and completely open to all the messages you receive. 

Let the magick unfold and see what messages you receive, to help guide you in this life. 

Feel free to share your experience below… You can also join our private community – Toucan Tribe

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