What Is Your Soul’s Purpose?

what is your soul's purpose

What brings you here on the search of your soul’s purpose? 

The feeling of your life feeling meaningless?

Your current life not satisfying you? 

Are your job and routine weighing you down? 

There could be a number of factors and reasons why you’re feeling the need to find your soul’s purpose, right now. 

Everything happens for a reason and I believe there are no coincidences. Things happen just at the right time exactly when they’re meant to and help you get to where you need to be. 

Hence why you’re looking for your soul purpose right now, not before, not in 2 years time, but right now. Perhaps the universe knows that you’re ready to embrace what your soul was born here to do. 

This is the starting point of the awakening journey and finding your purpose.

For me, I went on for 26 years not knowing what my purpose was, what my goal was, or what I wanted to do with my life. 

All I knew is that I wanted a good career, enough money and to settle down in a house in the country somewhere. 

Something was lacking however, there was more that I needed and craved. None of those things felt complete. 

And then the universe blessed me with 3 months off from work. I was able to finally stop everything, forget the routine and just be with my thoughts. 

The beauty of finding your purpose lies in the stillness, not needing to rush anywhere or do anything you don’t want to, or are being told to do. I was set free but at the same time, I was thrown into a vortex of hard truths

During that time I started using crystals for guidance, learned about different spiritual topics like chakras and how to meditate and I used yoga as my escapism. 

what is your soul's purpose

I journaled – a lot. 

The solitude and time to myself allowed me to realise that I wasn’t made for this modern, 21st century 9-5 living.

That’s enough about me – I just wanted to share a bit about my story as some of it may resonate with you. If it does, let me know below in the comments. 

How Do You Define Your Purpose? 

What does it mean to you to have a purpose?

Is it having a great career and feeling useful at work?

Is it finding a partner and going through life with them?

Is it having a family, becoming a mother/father? 

If you think about the soul’s purpose, it can mean many things. Your placement on this earth and contribution. 

That’s why so many of us feel lost and without a purpose, because unless we feel like we’re making a valid contribution, our feeling of being useful, making an impact, like we know why we’re here on this planet. 

Your soul may be lost, but the fact that you’re recognising that you need to find your soul’s purpose is the first sign of your awakening and the journey to finding that purpose is already beginning for you. 

I believe that every soul has a purpose, some more special than others maybe, but each soul was sent here for a reason. 

Perhaps the reason why some people are unhappy or end up, well, committing crimes and falling down a bad path is because they never truly tuned into the soul and listened to it.

Depending on what you define as finding your soul’s purpose, have a few things in mind when trying to find the answers: 

  • What does having a purpose in life mean to me
  • What makes me happy / unhappy 
  • In which areas of my life do I feel like I already have a purpose 

Try answering the above questions in a journal and keep them in mind while digging deep for the bigger answers. 

Here’s a few handy tips on finding your soul’s purpose…


It’s such a peaceful word, don’t you think? Anyway, solitude, silence and time out from life is the single best way to find your soul’s voice. 

Every great philosopher, writer and artist created the best pieces and made the greatest revelation after or during some time alone. 

By being alone, you don’t get distracted by other people’s energies or thoughts. It’s crazy how much other people can influence what we think, how we feel and the decisions we make. 

If other people’s opinions are influencing your thoughts, how can you find your own soul’s purpose? 

Your soul is unique, original, no other soul out there like yours.

To find its true purpose, you need to find its voice, listen and be still. Go away for a weekend or a few days if you can, book yourself on a retreat or simply go somewhere where you can be alone and won’t be disturbed. 

what is your soul purpose

Take a journal with you and let your soul do the talking. Write down everything it says, every little realisation. 

If you’re surrounded by nature, even better! Go for walks observing the leaves falling, birds flying and chirping, jumping on tree branches. 

It may sound strange, but returning to nature can provide a lot of answers and solitude. It helps you return to the bare basics and roots of your ancestors, away from the busyness of the city and the constant chase. 

The outside noise is replaced with silence, bird songs and the rustling of the trees. 

A few days in the wilderness like that, and your soul will be going crazy with thoughts reclaiming its voice suppressed by our auto-pilot. 

Tune into your soul, listen and let it say whatever needs to be said. 

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Get into a routine of meditating. Like solitude, meditation allows us to be still, quiet and away from the daily noise. During the busy day, it’s easy to go into autopilot and forget your thoughts and not feel what your soul is feeling or going through. 

Finding your soul’s purpose can take time. It won’t be over one weekend, and might take weeks, months, years. Through daily practice like meditation however, you’re reminding your soul every day that you’re here to find its purpose. 

Mediation is a practice of being quiet and not thinking about anything that happened in your day, or anything at all. Focus on your breath and through the stillness and quietness, answers can be brought to the surface that help you find guidance and reach your purpose over time. 

Finding your soul’s voice once again goes back to the silence and solitude – with mediation every day, you’ll start to notice a difference in your daily approach. You’ll be able to hear your soul’s voice more and more during the day. 

With consistency and returning to your souls voice every day, the answers will start to reveal themselves. 

The Journey of Trial and Error

Before you find your soul’s purpose, you might (and most likely will) trial a few jobs, ideas and passions that seem like a great idea at the time, but after a while you start to think “nah, this ain’t for me…”.

I’m here to tell you that, that is OKAY.

You need to know what your soul’s purpose ISN’T as much as you need to learn what it is. It’s trial and error! 

Finding your purpose is a massive weight off the shoulders and makes the rest of your decisions (big or small) so much easier. Something so precious and worth having, is not going to come so easily, be patient. 

what is your soul purpose

Make a List

To give you a handy tip of beginning your soul journey, divide a page into 2, and make a list of all the things you enjoy doing and things that make you happy. What are you good at and enjoy doing it in the process?

Now on the other side, make a list of things you don’t enjoy doing. 

Once you’ve done the list you should be able to spot a pattern. Try the things you’re drawn to the most first. For example, if you wrote down “writing”, try freelancing for a bit, or writing a book, or starting a blog. 

Perhaps you also wrote down “gardening” – combine the 2 and start a gardening blog. 

You may end up trying different ideas and without long-term success – and that’s okay. You need to try as many things as you’re drawn to see what sparks your soul. 
I was always determined to have an office/desk job because that’s what I envisioned myself doing – and I hated it! 

Working from home is much better for me and I feel like I have more freedom. However, that doesn’t mean that my soul searching is complete – it’s an ongoing journey. 

Even if you find the thing that you love and lights your soul, there might still be work involved, ongoing work and hard work…

Once you find that thing that really lights you up, and makes everything else in your life click – hold onto it and keep going. 

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