What is Energy Healing + Reiki for Beginners [What It Means + the Benefits]

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We are all energy. You reading this article, me writing this article, and your cat or dog sitting next to you. Your energy will be different from my energy, as it’s different for every being. This energy connects you to everything in the Universe. Just as Universe is energy too.

If you’re ever feeling lost, just remember that you are connected energetically to everything you see and don’t see. 

Sometimes our energy is high, sometimes low, with some days being steady and some a bit rockier due to changes in our energy affected by our environment, people, or events in our day.

As we are energy, we vibrate giving off signals. The higher your vibrational frequency, the happier you are and naturally, you feel better. As a result, people around you might describe you as having a “good vibe” or fun to be around – that’s because their energy responds positively with your energy. 

And let’s face it, everyone loves the cheerful and happy guy at the party. 

The same goes for environments – you can sense the energy when you walk into the bar or someone’s house and depending on how people are in that environment, if there’s been an argument or a negative experience there (like a fight), you’ll feel it too.

Most likely you’ll want to leave right away and go to a different bar because you “don’t like the feel of this place”.

If our energy is lacking something or it’s low, we might reach to caffeine, alcohol, or other stimulants to raise our energy.

You’re probably looking for an alternative to that, right? Bit of holistic healing maybe?

There’s a way, and it’s called simply energy healing – so, what does it actually mean?

This post is strictly instructive and should not be replaced by modern medicine. You should always seek a doctor’s or a health professionals’ advice for any mental or physical symptoms. You can read my full Disclosure Policy here.

What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing means restoring the energy back to its root, back to feeling good, calm, happy and generally positive. It’s a holistic healing method to restoring health back to your mind, body and/or soul.

Energy healing can really be in different forms, including a simple massage, Yin and Yang energy and one of the most common energy healing practices, which is an ancient Japanese practice, you may have heard of called Reiki

Energy healing is all about balancing your energy. The mind, body and spirit need to coexist in balance. If one of them is damaged or needs repairing, the other two also feel somewhat damaged or out of sync with the rest of the mind/body/soul triangle. 

With energy healing, you’re shifting the old, stagnant and negative vibes, like a good old clear out. Ready for new things and new, happier energy.

Many moons ago, shamans and healers would discover their healing powers by observing others’ energy and through their visions/dreams which often involved rituals and connection to nature. They would use their energy, to heal others’ energy to cleanse their souls from negativity. 

This was a natural occurrence to them because they were more connected to the earth, mother nature, energy frequencies and not having electromagnetic fields (TVs, mobile phones) as a distraction to disturb those energy signals. 

It was something they would naturally be able to tap into. Although there are many practitioners and healers in the world now that are using the same techniques to heal us now. 

Energy healing can help with mental and physical symptoms/conditions. It helps treat chronic illnesses, cancer, and repair joints, bones etc.

With the recent rise in mental health awareness, we’re realising how important it is – perhaps even more important than physical health… let me know in comments!

Mental health issues can be more damaging to our actual physical health, and there is a good reason for that. 

Your brain transmits, exchanges and receives energy through thoughts and actions, as well as different energies you bring or are around. 

Mental energy healing is achieved by cleansing your stagnant energy from your mind by focusing on your inner being, your soul and your 7 chakras (energy portals into your body).

Other ways of energy healing is acupuncture and meditation

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    What is Reiki Energy Healing?

    Reiki energy healing means healing of your energy, clearing negative vibrations from your aura which surrounds your body. As we are all energy and sometimes negative energy can affect our mental and physical wellbeing, reiki healing helps shift the negative/stagnant energy, which in turn helps with your mind/body/soul balance and synchronisation. Reiki healing is a relaxation technique that reduces stress – if you’re a nervous person or prone to stress, you could really benefit from reiki. 

    You can have a reiki healing session performed by a reiki master/practitioner. To see who’s available in your local area, type into Google “reiki healing near me” and this will show up all the available healers in your area. 

    Rei – God’s wisdom / higher power

    Ki – life force energy

    During a reiki session, the healer/reiki master will use their hands hovering over your body parts to move away the negative energy. 

    You can try a session to see how it feels – some people describe a flow of warmth or like a spiritual hug all over your body. I don’t know about you, but I like the sound of both of those. 

    Many people have said how it helped them heal after a break-up or a loss of someone, or after being hurt. It’s a flow of happy energy into your body without any spells or strange rituals. You just lay there and welcome in the happy vibes – awesome right? 

    Can Energy Healing Help Anxiety?

    Yes, reiki and energy healing can help with your anxiety as it’s a practice that slows down your nervous systems and reduces stress from your body – therefore reducing your anxiety levels. Reiki helps to take the negative energy away from that body part or your mind, putting your mind and body in a relaxed state. 

    We know that anxiety is negative energy, we feel agitated, nervous, stressed and everything around us appears a little scarier than it actually is. To free our mind from worry, reiki shifts that anxious energy and clears it. 

    If you’re sceptical about whether it would work, there’s only one way to find out right? Try a reiki session. 

    Can I Send Healing Energy to Someone?

    Yes, you can send healing energy to a person, animal or any living being that is far from you by focusing your healing energy on them. Get quiet, sit a calm space, and set your intention of healing energy – this could be seeing that being/person healthy and back to their normal self. 

    Now comes the fun part – start rubbing your hands together. As you rub them, feel the energy and the warmth building in your hands and form an imaginary ball.

    The ball is the healing energy you created. You can give it a colour to set the specific healing energy to be sent to that person e.g. pink – emotional health, blue – physical health etc.

    Jeep building that energy in your hands, imaging that ball of healing energy and keep thinking about the intention – which is to see that being healthy/back to their normal healthy self. Closing your eyes might help. 

    When you’re ready release the ball and send it out to that being. Imagine them receiving that light of healing energy, that ball you sent to them. 

    Remember to send the healing energy when you feel good yourself, and send it with love.

    You may want to ground yourself after you’ve sent the healing energy by having some nice food, or meditating. 

    You don’t need to tell the person receiving the healing energy that you’re sending it – they’ll sure feel it though. 

    Energy Healing for Empaths

    Empaths have a gift of feeling emotions and energies more intensely than others. We may often find ourselves overwhelmed with the energy around us, to the point when we simply cannot stand being in that environment or around those people and the only option is removing ourselves from it. 

    If like me, you often feel overwhelmed with emotions, going from one extreme to the next and if you’re easily influenced by other people’s words and energies, it means you’ve been gifted

    Empaths need to protect their energy which is sometimes difficult based on situations and environments we’re placed in – sometimes without our control.

    It’s crucial to find a way to reground your energy. As an empath you absorb more of the energy that’s around you, you may get upset easily and the energy that isn’t your own that you absorb needs to go. 

    Clearing Your Energy As an Empath

    To clear yourself off other peoples’ energies, there are different things that might work for you depending on what you respond to best. Try these energy healing techniques to recharge as an empath: 

    • Meditate
    • Switch off your phone, tv and any technology
    • Spend time in nature 
    • Spend time with your pet (cat/dog) their energy is very healing and often neutral which can help with restoring your own energy 
    • Have a salt bath /cold shower
    • Breathwork 
    • Reiki 
    • Crystals
    • Massage
    • Exercise
    • Yoga

    reiki for beginners energy healing crystals

    As I always advise, try the methods that resonate with you the most and see what works best for your energy.

    It’s important to protect, restore and recharge our energy – don’t neglect it as negative energies for a long time can sometimes lead to physical symptoms including headaches, abdominal pain and in severe cases even serious illnesses. 

    Enhancing Energy Healing with Crystals

    Want to know how to use crystals to clean your energy? It’s actually a lot simpler than it sounds.

    To learn more about crystal healing and how it can help with restoring and clearing your energy, I created a complete kit for beginners, which includes an E-book, workbook and 9 Printouts.

    ebook guide to crystals for beginners pdf digital

    You can learn more about the kit on the Crystals page here.

    This guide is perfect if you’re completely new to crystals and want to learn more, or if you already have some basic knowledge but aren’t sure how to use crystals yourself.

    I cover the main topics of crystals including chakras, meditating and manifesting with crystals in real simple terms.

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