How to Protect Yourself and Cope As An Empath + Quiz to Find Out If You’re An Empath

what is an empath how to feel test

It can take a while to truly know yourself. Even longer to see those weaker spots, or as I like to call them – unique qualities. 

I’ve always been a very sensitive soul, and sometimes I’d be told to be tougher or to not cry, to cheer up, to stop being silly. 

My feelings have always been very extreme – from one extreme to the next (that could be my fiery Leo sign too though). 

As I grew, read and observed myself, I realised that actually, I’m not a weirdo that cries at everything and takes things personally. 

I’m an empath that gets influenced by others’ energies and I can sense things in the air, and others’ aura, feeling them more intensely than most people. 

It’s a special gift, although for years I thought I was somewhat cursed or that there was something wrong with me. 

There are others like me in the world, and it’s not a weakness or anything to be ashamed of. 

Embracing it proudly, I wanted to dig deeper into this special power and how empaths can protect themselves from absorbing the bad energy and using the good as a superpower. 

What Is An Empath? 

An empath is someone who can feel and pick up on others’ energies. They can sense things that aren’t seen at the surface, they are prone to sensitivity and generally feel things that aren’t seen to the naked eye. A mind of an empath is led by intuition, a gut feeling and a sixth sense that tells us, something is wrong, or the energy has suddenly shifted. 

Empaths can absorb others’ anger, or sadness, which can be draining, causing anxiety and in some cases, even stomach pains. 

It can be an emotional rollercoaster, especially if surrounded by lots of people, big crowds and constant noise of the (bad) news. 

Empaths take on other people’s problems, absorb their negative energy, making others feel better, while the empath can feel depleted, tired and sometimes sick. 

Empaths generally don’t feel great in big crowds, or even places like supermarkets. Walking around, picking up others’ energies in a supermarket can be overwhelming and draining, causing anxiety or panic by the end of the shopping trip. 

I can totally relate to that, I hate going shopping I always feel so distracted and like I need to look in every direction, tending to everyone’s energy, but my own. 

what is an empath how to feel test

Empaths generally avoid conflicts and arguments, as they can bring a feeling of sickness, unable to think or function properly, and feeling the need to rest and recover afterwards. 

I remember feeling ill after every serious argument I’ve ever had. I now know that to protect myself, I need to avoid those situations, otherwise I won’t be back to my true self for a few days or even weeks, feeling sick, unable to eat or think. 

How Empath Protect Themselves

To protect yourself as an empath, you need to set boundaries, and notice when you’re absorbing bad energy. You don’t need to hide, or pretend like you’re not feeling those other energies/vibes, because that can make you feel ill and cause issues in the long run. However, you don’t want to be absorbing others’ bad energies without having any control over it – that’s when you need to set a boundary. 

Notice when and where you normally pick up bad vibes – whether that’s at work, in big crowds, around your friends or family members. 

Make a note at the point when your energy suddenly changes for the worse, be conscious and mindful of it. 

Once you have set that trigger point, next time you start to feel overwhelmed, stop for a moment and say or think the following: 

“This is not my energy. I am protected from others’ bad energy and it is not serving me, nor is it absorbed by me gentle, sensitive soul. These energies are not mine to heal. I walk away free and detached from the energy that isn’t mine.”  

How to Cope as an Empath

Although a superpower, being an empath can feel like a burden, or a curse. To cope as an empath, there needs to be a line, a boundary that protects your gentle soul and your intuition. There are a few things you can do to cope as an empath and protect yourself: 

  • Draw boundaries
  • Cut off people who drain your energy 
  • Meditate
  • Journal 
  • Repeat positive affirmations 
  • Protect your energy with crystals – wear them or stay surrounded by them 
  • Yoga
  • Breathwork 
  • Walk away from situations that you know make you feel overwhelmed or unwell
what is an empath how to feel test

How to Recharge as An Empath

From time to time, empaths feel the need to rest and recharge, due to the energy that’s been absorbed. 

Sometimes that can happen after a few days, or a few hours, depending on the situation and environment. If surrounded by big crowds like festivals for example, a recharging process can take a little longer. 

Depending on the situation and how much of your energy has been taken and absorbed by others, different activities may be better suited to meet your own needs. 

First you need to establish what makes you feel better, relaxed and switched off. 

Is it switching off your phone, getting under a blanket and reading a book with a cuppa? 

Is it a long bath with candles?

A long run with music in your ears? 

To recharge as an empath, essentially you need to take a break, and do something for yourself, to take care of your mind and have a good rest. 

This usually involves being by yourself or being around a person who makes you feel good, and doesn’t vacuum your energy. 

To recharge, you can also meditate, exercise, nap, do yoga, dance, get creative with a craft (e.g. macrame, painting).

How Empaths Feel 

Empaths feel everything, and those feelings are a lot more intense than what most people feel. It’s a gift, although it can be a burden. Empaths can learn to use it to their advantage. 

Other people’s feelings of anger and sadness can make empaths feel anger and sadness, causing feelings of sickness, including headaches as the negative energy is absorbed. While happy feelings of others can also be shared and absorbed, lifting our mood and making empaths happier at the same time. 

It can be more challenging for empaths to control emotions if we have to deal with our own, as well as others’ emotions in one go. 

Can Empaths Read Minds

Empaths are very intuitive, they can sense and feel things and pick up others’ energies. 

In a way, they can read others’ minds by picking up on their energy, how they’re feeling, but not necessarily what they’re thinking. Unless they know that person really well, in which case they may be able to read their mind. 

For example, I know what Ben is thinking when his mood changes or I notice a sudden difference in his energy when it dips, deflates, I can totally read his mind and I know for a fact I’ve said something to upset him (sorry Ben). 

what is an empath how to feel test

Can Empaths Get Angry

Of course. Empaths feel things very intensely, if something is upsetting, just like any other human being, empaths get angry. The way empaths feel anger, can be different however, and this will depend on individual traits, star signs, genes and environment. 

Either way, empaths DO get angry, and the reaction will vary from individual to individual. Anger is however more intense, more personal and harder to shake off for empaths. The anger can get absorbed into the empath, and stay there for a while, which means it may take longer to shake it off and reset. 

Am I an Empath – Quiz 

This is a simple exercise. Write down yes/no or make a mental note, answering the below questions. Do you often get anxious and/or emotional? 

Do you feel sensitive? 

Do you get easily upset? 

Do you feel different, like you don’t fit in? 

Do you get drained by big crowds, loud people and need or prefer time alone?

Do arguments make you feel ill/sick? 

Do you need time to reset and recharge after being around people? 

Do you feel overwhelmed, drained by being around angry or negative people? 

Do you feel energy from other people and animals? 

Does violence and bad news on TV feel unbearable and hard to watch? 

If you answered yes to 5 or more of the above questions, then that means you’re a gifted soul with superpowers of an empath. 

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