What Does Manifesting Actually Mean? – How to Use It to Make Your Wishes and Dreams Come True + My Success

It’s our human nature to want things. 

We want a job that we enjoy, we want a nice house, a nice car, a life that is fulfilling. We want to travel to see places and post them on Instagram to make our followers a little jealous. 

It’s part of our DNA – we’re curious and ambitious creatures and to honour it, we need to be exact and specific, about exactly what we want, and when. 

This is key to manifestation – setting out an exact vision for our goals. If there is something specific we want, we need to visualise it and be as specific as we can be. 

Imagining a nice car and thinking or saying out loud: “I want that car” just won’t cut it. You need to be specific, you need to smell, feel, see, hear and really visualise driving that car to accept that it is already yours. 

Even though you’re still in your old but (hopefully) reliable vehicle, you must accept that the car you want is already yours.

There is a touch more to manifesting – in fact, a LOT more. Do an Amazon search and you’ll find thousands of books, and different theories if you search “manifesting book” into amazon or google. 

You may have seen an increase in people mentioning manifesting on their social media, or posting manifestation memes. 

As a society, we want more and more each day, with adverts everywhere and cookies tracking our shopping patterns and showing us more of what we need (even if we don’t actually need it, but still end up wanting). 

Times are tough, and things are getting harder for so many of us, particularly financially

Naturally, we all want a bit more money to live more comfortably. Money is the one thing that most people manifest. 

Sure, I was sceptical about manifesting at first. I always accepted that the only way I’d ever get more money is through a job, getting paid an average wage each month for a job that I knew was worth a lot more due to my hard work. 

Then I thought I’d try manifesting, and I watched the magick unravel…

How Manifestation Worked For Me

Here’s a list of things manifestation brought me: 

  • A home-based job that paid well
  • More money in my savings account
  • Success with my Etsy shop 
  • A dreamy house in the countryside with a large garden 
  • A nice new car 

Not a bad list actually – reflecting now on all the things I manifested, I feel quite proud and achieved. It wasn’t an overnight process of course – this is about 2 – 2 1/2 years of manifesting, but it certainly proves that I’m doing something right. 

There were of course little manifestations that happened along the way – like finding a parking spot on a busy Saturday, receiving good news or my workload reducing when I was feeling overwhelmed.

manifesting how does it work

I can honestly say that manifesting has changed my life and the way I perceive things. 

I used to walk around complaining about things and how much I lack things, how much more I want in my life. Occasionally I still do it (bad habits die hard) but my approach has definitely shifted

When listing all the things I lacked, I was highlighting and focusing on what I didn’t have. Putting that message out to the Universe was like sending signals “hopeless situation over here. Send more hopeless stuff my way”. 

It didn’t work in my favour. It’s like when you get up and something goes wrong – you spill your coffee, and then you think: “It’s going to be one of those days, everything will go wrong”. Well, guess what, it WILL be a bad day because you’ve already sent that message out to the universe and set your mind on it being a bad day. 

Manifestation is all about positivity, focusing on what you desire and imagining that it is already here/yours. 

If what you want to manifest is running your own business, visualise yourself in that position every day. 

When you fall victim to old habits thinking or saying “I’m never gonna get there and I’ll be stuck in this job I hate forever” notice/acknowledge what you’re doing, and switch it around to “I run my own business successfully bringing in money and more clients every day and I’m happy doing what I love” while visualising it. 

Your mindset attracts the things you want into your life. 

How Manifestation Actually Works

Manifestation works by attracting into your life exactly what you desire. Sometimes more or less, sometimes it’s even better than what you plan/imagine. This is why it’s key to be specific – you can’t just say “I am rich” and expect it to happen overnight. There needs to be a plan – how much money do you want to make/earn? Will it be through your own business or a promotion at work? Or do you simply need a sum of money to meet your goal? 

Once you set it out, you cannot sit back and wait for things to happen for you.

When manifesting, you must: 

  • Visualise yourself with the goal as if it already happened
  • Be specific with the sum, how you’re going to spend it and how it’s going to make you feel 
  • Have a positive mindset
  • Do NOT doubt your goal/desire

When you remain positive and absolutely certain about your goal, without a doubt in your heart that it’s going to happen, you’re sending a signal out to the Universe “I am ready for my goal, I know it’s already happening and is on its way to me. 

I’ll make it and I’m so grateful that the Universe is working in my favour, helping me achieve this.”

The Universe is your friend, an ally – never an enemy. 

Sometimes things don’t turn out as well as you’d hope/like. You meet obstacles on your journey and start to doubt that your desire or dream life ever going to happen. 

*ahem,* guilty…

When that happens, I always think: “The Universe is just testing me and whether I am worth/deserving of my goal. I am being tested for my reaction and whether what I’m manifesting is truly what I want.” And guess what? 

Each time I start to lose hope because of the obstacle(s)/challenges, I always say “yes, this is still what I want and I will continue manifesting it and working towards it despite the challenges”. 

Manifesting isn’t just sitting back and waiting for things to happen for you – you have to do a little bit of work myself. 

Manifestation by thinking of your outcome and saying it out loud, helps you stay focused and helps you believe that it’s oh so very possible. 

manifesting does it work how to success story

Let me use my own example of manifesting to demonstrate: I wanted to work from home and I knew that I could be paid more money for what I do (tender writing). 

I didn’t just manifest this new home-based, well-paid job by visualising it and waited for the job offer to land in my lap. I updated my CV, applied for jobs, checked the job board every single morning until I found the one for me. 

After a few months, I found a job perfect for me that allowed me to work from home and earn more money.

Right now, my goal is to make my own income and be financially independent. I know for a fact that by sitting back and just manifesting, not a lot will change or happen. 

I couldn’t do it without manifesting. When you manifest things, you’re asking the universe to provide you with the right opportunities to achieve your goal. 

It helps you stay on track with your goal. 

Can Manifestation Backfire

Yes and no – it depends on what you’re manifesting and how you’re manifesting. You manifest what you want in your life, so if you’re certain about what you want and what it’s going to bring, then it won’t backfire – if it makes you happier, then how could it backfire, right? There can be situations when you manifest something, it’s now in your life, but as a result, something bad happens. You could say that manifestation has sort of backfired, however – what you wanted to manifest, has now happened so you achieved what you wanted. You didn’t anticipate the bad thing to happen and you certainly didn’t ask/manifest it. 

As long as you don’t manifest bad things into your life, manifestation shouldn’t backfire. 

Can Manifestation Increase Height?

It’s worth a try. In the book by Joseph Murphy, the Power of your Subconscious Mind, the author lists many case studies where people have come out of illnesses, restored vision or hearing, just by manifesting and visualising their health. And they truly did get their sight or hearing back, just through the power of their mind and by sending signals from their brain to the organs, that they’re in a working condition. 

Can Manifestation Change Destiny?

It’s down to what you believe your destiny is and what your own definition of “destiny” is. As a general rule, destiny is what’s written for you and where you’re supposed to end up – a bit like divine timing, and the theory of things happening for you at just the right time they’re supposed to. 

Maybe your destiny was to stumble upon manifestation and start using it to turn your life around?

Maybe your destiny was always to better your life and achieve the goals that you want because you’re such an ambitious person?

Manifestation doesn’t change your destiny, I believe it enhances it. 

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