What Does Intuition Mean? + Why Your Intuition Is a Powerful Force

What Does Intuition Mean? + Why Your intuition is a powerful force

The gut feeling, your intuition, that voice within or that 6th sense – where does it actually come from? 

As humans we naturally are more developed than other creatures on the planet. We have that self-awareness and are able to formulate conversations inside our head, we know we exist and we’re aware of our own being. 

When we’re about to make a decision or a choice, we get that strange feeling that we’re about to make a mistake or we know what will happen before we even make that choice. It’s like something is telling us to not make that choice, it’s the wrong thing to do…

Sometimes I get a prickly feeling at the back of my neck or my head gets a bit hot – that’s when I know my intuition is kicking in and saying don’t do it

Intuition is something we are born with. Not something that’s taught. 

We’re blessed with it the moment we’re born. As human beings, it’s one of our greatest gifts and unknowingly, that spiritual element even if some people don’t believe in spirituality. 

You may have been told to “trust your gut”,  or to “go with your gut feeling”. It’s essentially an act of letting go of judgement and letting this feeling take over, trust yourself and go with what feels right. 

Whenever I am about to make the wrong decision, I hesitate and I almost feel like I can see what’s going to happen in the future. Of course I can’t predict the future, but I have a feeling how a certain situation is going to play out if I make this particular choice. 

It always turns out true, like a prediction or a prophecy dream.

Indigenous people, our ancestors and all humans before technology had intuition and it was an instinct that they followed. It’s one of our greatest gifts and talents that no other creature or animal on the planet has. 

Intuition is a voice within, a higher guidance, a message from the universe or God, a light on our path and should not be ignored. It speaks for a reason, and is there to lead us onto a journey and get us to where we need to be. 

Whatever the universe intends for us, the instinct is what gets us there. 

What Does Intuition Mean? + Why Your intuition is a powerful force

Clouded Intuition

Your intuition can be diminished or clouded with other people’s thoughts. Perhaps you’re facing a choice and you have a lot of people’s opinions running through your head. 

Your mom/dad are saying one thing, your colleague freely express their opinion on the matter, while your own mind is saying something completely different. 

How do you know what your intuition is even saying at this point? 

Intuition can be clouded by external factors, creating doubts around our own feelings which makes it hard to listen to the intuition. 

How are you supposed to tune into your intuition and listen to your gut when you can’t even hear it because of all the noise outside?

The best thing to do is to find some time to be alone and quiet. You’ll find that voice within and your intuition will provide you with the answers you need. 

I learnt to rely on my intuition when I’m facing a tough choice. 

So far it hasn’t let me down, and I can tell you that any decision I made where I ignored my intuition, has turned out exactly how I feared it would. 

My intuition would tell you “don’t take this job, you’ll regret it” and guess what, I did regret it, although I learnt some valuable lessons along the way, so it’s not all bad! 

Intuition can be hard to hear or tune into for those who have a an overly reactive mind, a mind that’s connately rushing with thoughts and reacts to every situation. 

Intuition speaks and can be heard when we’re quiet, when we stop and we don’t overthink. 

How Intuition Feels

It can feel slightly different for every individual, but most commonly it feels like a guidance voice within mixed, it tells us where to go, what to do and we find ourselves following it because it grabs our attention. 

It’s when we can’t really give a valid reason for why we did something in a certain way, or why we made that choice because rather than following reason, we followed that gut feeling, because it felt right. 

Where Does Intuition Come From

The intuition is something we are all born with. Like a special gift or a superpower that’s activated sometimes during important times and sometimes in the smallest of situations, like going into a certain shop because it felt like you needed to. 

It’s a sudden feeling that grabs our attention and makes it difficult to focus on anything else or listen to any other voice of reason. 

What Does Intuition Mean? + Why Your intuition is a powerful force

How to Trust Your Intuition

The main thing to keep in mind if you want to be more intuitive is to not question it or try to understand it. Lets say you have a gut feeling that you shouldn’t order a certain item on the menu – don’t question why, just go with the feeling and order something else you’re drawn to. 

If you want to take a different route home, go with your instinct and ignore any logic or reason, and watch the magic unfold. 

If you need some instinctual guidance on a bigger matter but your mind feels clouded or your mind feels like it’s rushing and you aren’t sure what to do, you need to quieten your mind and the best way to do that is through meditation. 

An act of sitting still and quiet, allowing thoughts to stop and intuition to take over. 

If you have a particular question in mind and need resolving, ask a question or keep that topic/matter in mind throughout your meditation. 

The answer might come to you during meditation, or after you’ve finished, or maybe later on in the day like a lightbulb moment.

Intuition vs Instinct 

Is intuition actually the same thing as your instinct? In a way, yes – our instinct relates to our animal and primal instinct, where we see and sense danger activating our fight or flight response. Our instinct saves us from risky situations and alerts us to be mindful of what’s happening and the possible dangers. 

Instinct is more to do with our survival, for example our instinct might be to have some food because we feel a little faint, or a glass of water or to avoid a certain street because of the dangers. 

Intuition is more about the spiritual and unknown feeling and guidance that comes when we least expect it. 

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