What Are Divination Tools? The 11 Essential Divination Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed

what are divination tools where to get guide

If you have a connection to all things witchy and spiritual, then you’re in need of the right tools – divination tools

They will help you along your spiritual journey and expand your consciousness, awareness, to tools and magick beyond this world. 

What Are Divination Tools

Divination tools allow you to get more in tune with the higher realms, energies and spirits around us. They are an indication and guide for our future. 

They are tools that hold deep meanings and messages that can help guide us on our path. 

Whenever I have a question or I need answers, or I’m simply stuck on what I should focus on next – I turn to my tarot cards, smudging and crystals. 

Tarot cards provide me with answers on what I need to focus on and what’s next for me. Smudging helps to clear my aura from doubt and worry about the future. While crystals help to keep me grounded and at peace with my current situation. 

I have chosen 11 divination tools, as 11 is a strong, spiritual number in numerology, it felt only right. Let’s start with numerology first then shall we…

1. Numerology as a Divination Tool 

Have you ever noticed that you keep seeing a particular number repeatedly throughout the day? Maybe it’s the time on your phone, or the time/date you receive an email, a text – the same number just keeps reappearing. 

Sometimes the same number sequence can appear throughout the day – like 111, 222 or 555. Do they mean anything? Or is it just a coincidence?

If you’re a spiritual folk, you might be more likely to believe in things appearing as signs to you. Not through coincidence, but that you were meant to see it. 

Through numerology you can add the date of your birth until you reach single digits. For example, 30.07.1993 would be 3 + 0 + 0 +7 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 3 = 32, 3 + 2 = 5

Numbers have a great significant in magick and spirituality, with the following numbers being considered the most meaningful: 

  • 1
  • 3
  • 7
  • 9
  • 11
  • 13

Numerology is also closely related to angel numbers, where a certain number keeps appearing as a message from the universe. You can read more about angel numbers here

2. Tarot as a Divination Tool

Tarot reading can provide us with guidance, it can point us in the right direction and it can help us understand a situation we’re in a little bit better. When it comes to reading the cards, there has to be a context, like a question you have in mind.

You can easily learn tarot cards, it only takes practice. Like with anything, you learn it once and then it’s like riding a bike. There are many tarot books out there you can read to help you learn about what each card means and how to read them. 

Each tarot deck also comes with a guide/reference book, to help you with the reading and interpreting what each card symbolises in reference to your question. 

I recommend the Rider Waite deck as it’s great for beginners and one that I personally use and love the original illustrations. 

To read more about tarot and how to read cards, you can check out this article.

what are divination tools where to get guide

3. Oracle Cards as a Divination Tool

Oracle cards are a lot more free flow than tarot cards. Tarot consist of 78 cards and follow a certain pattern, rules, while oracle cards decks will vary with each pack and designer. Oracle cards can range from a few cards to a few hundred cards. 

With oracle cards, literally, anyone could create and print an oracle deck. You can have as many or as few cards as you want and the rules for reading are generally more relaxed.

Oracle cards provide a greater sense of what is going on in our life currently, while tarot cards provide a bit more detail and greater interpretation. 

If you ask a question, shuffle your cards and draw 1 or a few cards, they can be then interpreted to provide an answer on your current situation. 

4. Dowsing as a Divination Tool

You may have seen either in a film or a cartoon, people walking around with 2 L-shaped rods in search of water. Well guess what, that’s called dowsing and is used as one of the divination tools. When the 2 rods detect water, they pull towards a certain direction. 

They can also be used to search for crystals in the ground or if you’d like to communicate with spirits and higher powers/beings around us, you can use them to ask questions and see how the rods respond. 

5. Pendulum as a Divination Tool

One of my favourite divination tools – a pendulum is (usually) a crystal shaped painting downwards on a metal chain, like the one below: 

what are divination tools where to get guide

You use the pendulum to ask yes or no type questions and see how the pendulum responds. You’ll need to spend some time with your pendulum beforehand, to know when the pendulum is saying Yes and No by observing its movement. 

Ask simple yes and no questions that you know the answers to and see how the pendulum behaves/moves. 

Whenever I’m in doubt I like to get my pendulum out and see what it tells me. 

6. Runes Stones as a Divination Tool

Runes stones have been used for centuries and are one of the oldest divination tools. Each stone is engraved with a symbol and given a significant meaning. Each rune is a letter of the Germanic alphabet. Readings can be done by selecting a single stone or multiple stones.

Each stone/letter corresponds with a different message/feature, as defined in the guidebook which comes with the stones. 

Runes provide clarity on what’s in your heart and what really matters to you, if you’re ever in doubt or need reminding. 

what are divination tools where to get guide

7. Scrying as a Divination Tool

Scrying is essentially gazing into an earthly element like water, fire or a mirror. You can also use crystals. 

The most common and well-know method of scrying is gazing into a crystal ball in search of answers and by connecting with your third eye and higher realms. The idea is to watch and gaze into a reflective surface to see images of the future.

8. Palmistry as a Divination Tool

You may have seen that your hands have certain lines on them, and they’re different to everyone else’s hands. Each hand is unique and the lines indicate our path. 

There are several lines on everyone’s hand that represents a different area of one’s life including love life/relationship, career/success, health, family life/number of children etc. 

Palmistry is a way of telling the future based on the shape, length and type of your lines, indicating what’s going to happen to you in the future and what lies ahead. 

9. Tea Leaves as a Divination Tool

By reading tea leaves you can predict certain things in the near and distant future. Depending on how the tea leaves align in your cup, the shape and alignment of the tea leaves left at the bottom of your teacup, can symbolise certain things about your future. 

It’s easy to learn how to read tea leaves, providing that you have the right shape of a teacup and saucer, and the correct tea type. 

For a guide on tea-leaf reading, head over here

10. Astrology as a Divination Tool

Astrology includes reading into your sun sign and your birth/natal chart. The time and date you were born, draws up a plan and a chart of your life and the way you are as a person. 

Astrological events like mercury retrograde, eclipses, full/new moons, can also affect your path and re-shape certain aspects of your life to align you to where you need to be. 

You can learn more about birth charts and what it says about your future, click here

11. Crystals as a Divination Tool

Last but absolutely not least – crystals. My first divination tool. 

Although crystals do not hold a future message and cannot send us messages from the future or what’s coming to us, they are energy and they can greatly influence us and our path. 

In the presence of the right, corresponding crystals, we can change our mood, our approach to life and our overall energy. 

To learn about crystals and learn how to use them, head over here or get my complete guide and workbook here

Where to Get Divination Tools?

To help you with choosing the right divination tools, I have hand-picked my favourites here on this list. Check it out and let me know about your divination tools below in the comments 🙂 

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