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Does a Treehouse Still Exist?

In this modern, gloomy world, we often want to revert to being and feeling like kids. To play around, have a go on a swing and run around nature until your cheeks and ears get cold.

Well, a treehouse is very much a real thing and treehouses definitely exist. Better yet, you can stay in one and experience it for yourself. Whether you have children or are a big kid yourself, (like Ben and I) you can venture into the trees, climb a spiral staircase into trees and stay a few nights in the trees.

They’re very sustainable to stay in and are built in an eco-friendly way, to protect the surrounding nature and land shared with the local animals.

This is exactly what Ben and I did recently, and it was one hell of an experience we’d highlight recommend to anyone.

Here’s just a handful of reasons why (or you can watch our YouTube video):

What’s So Special About a Treehouse?

We ventured out for a magical weekend getaway. Escaping from the GLOOMY news and the hustle of the city was exactly what we both needed. Ben’s birthday was the perfect excuse to celebrate life and getaway away from it all.

We were both so excited to get to the treehouse, we couldn’t sleep the night before, and with good reason…

We arrived on the most perfect autumnal Sunday afternoon, with the sun shining warm and a slight fresh, cool breeze of the Welsh air, we drove up the winding hill to be greeted by the loveliest owners you could imagine.

We probably would have stayed for a cuppa and chatted the whole night about all sorts.

We grabbed our bags from the boot and put them on a cart provided by the owners to help us to wheel the bags – although we packed light as recommended, we still took quite a bit!

Most of our luggage was food and wine mind you, so we packed with reason and best intentions in mind.

treehouse experience log cabin uk

The treehouse we stayed in was called Lofty. As we followed the blue poles, stumbled across the wobbly bridge, opened the gate and saw Lofty, majestically sitting in the trees, surrounded by magical woodlands.

We truly found ourselves in fairyland…

It took our breaths away, but as soon as we dropped our bags, we were running around the site like 2 excited kids on sugar overload. Out of breath, yet again.

We giggled excitedly as we ran around the woodlands, having a go on the swing, admiring the view from the balcony, jumping onto the hammock, watching the sheep and goats rummaging around for food.

We ran up and down the spiral-staircase that wrapped around a tree, leading to the treehouse.

Log cabin uk break

We were in heaven.

Interior of the Treehouse

Inside, was even more dreamy – so dreamy and surreal in fact, that I could feel a lump in my throat and tears building in my eyes. Good job Ben knew exactly when to hug me, I felt instantly relaxed and lucky beyond words.

A cosy fire stove, a centrepiece of the interior. The bed as comfy as the hammock. The views straight from the bed were out onto the balcony and surrounding trees – it was beautifully designed and decorated inside and out.

The sun was shining on a distant hill and the contrast with the shade on the forest around us, was like a picture out of a storybook.

inside a treehouse

We could finally relax, taking it all in, breathing the fresh air. We sat on the balcony, eating a bean and sheese pasty (vegan pasty), drinking our tea, forgetting the world beyond the woodlands existed.

Then we realised we also have a hot tub.

Treehouse with a Hot Tub…

Ben jumped out of his seat, ran down the stairs and began chopping the wood (another added bonus of the trip) for the hot tub fire.

It took a little bit longer to warm up than we anticipated. As Ben himself admits, his fire keeping skills were not the best on the first day, so the fire kept going out a few times! It was hard work.

We eventually jumped in after 4 – 5 hours of trying to heat it up…

We were quickly running back up the stairs with towels wrapped around us. Although the top of the tub was hot, the bottom was freezing cold. Not to mention it was pretty dark by then and so even colder than the sunny afternoon.

We were running back through the woodland half dressed and wet – as you can imagine, we were freezing! It is something we laugh about now though – in a humorous, strange way, it was one of the best highlights of the trip.

Log Burner Stove in the Treehouse

Luckily, the stove in the treehouse was burning away and as soon as we stepped in, we felt like a pair of marshmallows, almost melting away as we dropped our towels.

Looked like a pj and Prosecco night playing card games by the fire was a better option. We were pretty happy with that.

Prosecco and peanuts were going down well. We noticed the sky was clear, no clouds in sight with just the twinkling of the stars.

Stargazing at the Treehouse

Naturally we decided to sit on the balcony and look up at the stars shining, through the trees with the sounds of owls and nature in the background.

The sky was much clearer than in the city of course. It was a breathtaking few and much better than Netflix.

Ben even saw a shooting star, quickly making a wish but to this day hasn’t revealed what that wish was…

We retreated back into the house, warming our cold cheeks by the fire, and making plans for the next day.

log cabin uk

Waking Up in the Trees…

Waking up was just as dreamy – we heard birds chirping and squirrels running across the roof of our treehouse. The balcony of the treehouse was like a meeting spots for birds – we saw many nuthatches sitting on the balcony and flying around the treehouse.

It wasn’t much of a lie-in as it was Ben’s birthday and I was eager to give him his present and sit outside with a coffee.

We sipped on our coffee, munched away on a pain au chocolate (vegan ones, yes Aldi!) and saw a few nuthatches flying across the nearby branches.

Purely magical.

The fresh morning air was amazing. Until it started to rain.

We weren’t worried, as we had a full English cooking and a fire going on inside the treehouse. With a fresh tea brewed and beans warmed up, we discussed what to do with our day.

Beach Day a 30-Minute Drive Away

We decided on a day up Aberdovey. Although it was still drizzling when we got there, we managed a walk along the beach before the rain poured. The beach was very sandy and had a lot of shells if you are into that – it would make a perfect summers day out!

We were lured back to the treehouse after exploring Aberdovey and so retreated back to have a glass of red wine and b’day cookies to celebrate Ben’s birthday of course.

We had no plans for the rest of the day and it was bliss. No plans, no stress, no traffic, phone signal or reality. Just time to think, unwind and nothing mattered bar keeping the treehouse warm.

Treehouse Design

The treehouse itself is very cleverly designed. It has eco friendly solutions all around, which is exactly what we love! There are solar panels at the back to light up the treehouse inside.

Although lights aren’t powerful, it is still brighter than nothing. Besides, there is a lifetime supply of tea lights inside so I was pretty happy with that.

Hand wash, washing up liquid, shower gel and sponges are all eco friendly too.

The toilet is a compostable one (Swedish design) with a civilised sink and a toilet seat. Once you have done your business, all you need to do is just drop some sawdust down the hole and close the lid.

Surprisingly, it doesn’t smell!

No Electricity… Wait, What?!

No electricity in the treehouse, just a gas stove and wood burner, where you could heat up a stew or some beans.

There are a few fairy lights around the treehouse and toilet to provide some light on the night, this was solar powered too. The many many tea lights are also a great idea and quite romantic, to light up the treehouse.

The running water only warms up once you’ve lit the wood burner. The same goes for the outdoor shower – it gets warm when you put the fire on in the log burner, how clever is that?!

Not to mention it’s much more efficient and eco friendly. Ben loved having the shower outside, he said:

“There is something cool and kinda rebellious in showering outside knowing no-one can see you”

They also provide you with their own eco-friendly bodywash which is kind to nature and doesn’t use chemicals, and doesn’t damage the woodlands.

Kitchen and Cooking Gear

They have thought of everything. All the cooking utensils, pots, knives, cutlery and even a chopping board. Salt, pepper and olive oil is there too, and so is that essential bottle opener ?

Yes, the tin opener is there too.

So really the only thing you need to take is towels, clothes and food.

We packed a tad too much food, but we love our food so we’d rather have too much than ran out in the middle of nowhere!

Although there is a pub close-by that serves homemade meals, but we never ventured out because we were so cosy in the treehouse.

Maybe next time that’ll be on our to do list as we’ve heard great things about the pub and its owners!

Local Town

The local town Machynlleth has some great antique shops, an award-winning fish and chip shop and a rather quirky multi-level shop with all sorts of things – from crystals, to mugs, to clothes and even a Christmas section.

A local bookshop is a must and the Dyfi roastery next door is just yummy… We couldn’t get enough of the coffee with almond milk and were contemplating a second cup…

There are a few pubs there too and a local shop to get some food and essentials for the treehouse, it’s about a 15-minute drive from the treehouse.

Local Hiking Trail

We went out for a lovely hike on the second day if that’s your thing! It was great to go out, get some exercise and clear our heads. An exhausting and steep walk up Cadair Idris comes highly recommended. It is about a 30-minute drive from the treehouse.

Uk log cabin treehouse holiday

We struggled, but it was amazing to get up to the crystal clear lake at the top.

Depending on what time of year you go and weather, we’d recommend adding layers of clothes as you go up…

Although we wrapped up a little too much and were undressing on the way up because of the blazing sun!

We returned back to the treehouse fairly early, as the hike took us around 2 – 3 hours. 

We were determined to try that hot tub again.

The second and more successful attempt at the log burner hot tub. Ben had mastered the fire burner now so this should be easy peasy!

By around 5pm, it was hot enough to go in.

As soon as the warm water surrounds you there’s a moment of comfort and relaxation. With the steam rising against the cold air, the trees swaying in the wind, you’re sat there, taking it in as warm as you’ll ever be.

Sheep walking around the one side, a hill full of moss and trees on the other, it was like being in a hot spring in some fantasy land, half expecting fairies to come and greet you.

That glass of red wine went down all too well. It was the highlight of our trip, and one of those moments we’ll remember for-absolute-ever.

Log cabin holiday with log burner hot tub

The whole trip was mesmerising, with both our eyes filled with tears leaving on the morning of our check-out day, we were sad to leave.

With everything going on in the news and the world these days, the treehouse and nature provided us with something unspeakable and hard to put into words. Peace, quiet and a complete reset button, that helped us remember who we are and what life is really about.

In Our Humble Conclusion

We would absolutely recommend this getaway to anyone and everyone. You can stay for 2 or more nights and there is lots to do in area, the local towns and the local beach.

Snowdonia isn’t too far away either if you fancy it.

Most of all, the people are lovely so a big thank you for making us feel welcome, but also having the courage and creativity for creating something so magical for others to enjoy.

Oh, and we cannot forget the sheep too they were nice too, although the one that chased Ben probably wasn’t as friendly…

It would be an absolute dream if you were able to please share this blog post and our love for the treehouse (or if you know anyone who might benefit from such a getaway, we’re pretty certain they’ll thank you…)

Peace + love,

Aggie + Ben

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