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Since our very first moments together, we have always talked about, dreamt about and planned new trips, new adventures. It’s what always kept us going.

Although we both have day jobs and chores, we always found that if we have something to look forward to, all that bad daily stuff, is that little easier…

Our first adventure was Amsterdam, and I remember how exciting it was just to be planning a trip and researching all the different places we could see and streets worth getting lost in. A visit to the travel agents left us with a distaste, not to mention high prices and limited options…


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All our trips were done on a low to medium, budget. We started doing more research and quickly discovered how cheap accommodation, food and flights can be, if you go at the right time of year – which is normally between October – April, avoiding peak summer months.

Package holiday never appealed to us. We’re adventure seekers you see, and each trip was more tiring and jam-packed, than the last. Cramming as much as we can into each day to make the most of our time and trip, as we possibly can is our style. 

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Of course with each trip we learnt the Do’s and Don’ts, many lessons learnt and taken onboard for our future planning. We only used trusted websites to book, that had a Trust Pilot approved logo or similar. If we were worried about any hotels, we’d check the reviews and choose the “Pay at the check in” option.

Here are some of our highlights and fruits of our planning labour with more details over on Our Trips section here:

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