The Spiritual Meaning Behind the Element of Water – Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

water spiritual meaning traits shadow component

Water is an essential element that allows us to survive. 

It’s an element of purification, cleansing, and renewal. Water makes us feel anew and refreshed, reminding us of that mind, body and soul connection yet again. 

When feeling down or worn out, reaching for a shower or a bath can help restore our energy, and clear the mind, Through the element of water, we regain clarity and see things in a new light – a perfect cleaning ritual. 

Water is an element of reflection – you can see your own reflection in the water in a literal sense, in a spiritual sense, water season is the time to reflect, renew, set new intentions and go into the next phase clear-headed and with pure intentions. 

Sacred Water Wells

Water wells are seen as the portals to the world beyond, the spiritual, the other side, 

Chalice Well in Glastonbury is one of the most sacred wells carrying a spiritual and religious meaning as the said place of the Holy Grail. The well is red/orange in colour, due to the high density of iron in the water. It is said to be Jesus’ blood. 

water spiritual meaning traits shadow component

The well was often visited by King Arthur, who would often wash his feet or have a bath in the well, as a religious cleaning and way to receive further guidance from God. The water from the well has been used to cure diseases. 

You can visit the well today, tasting the water and reflecting in the garden walls. Ben and I visited the Chalice Well back in May 2021 and felt the magick of the gardens and the chalice well, as a spiritual place perfect for reflection, stillness and being quiet. 

It also carries symbolic transformation for women, Mary Magdalene and the connection to blood (mensural cycle) as birth and rebirth. 

There are various rituals and ceremonies held at the well each year, including the Spring/Autumn Equinox, and Summer/Winter Solstice. 

The place is even more magickal, as Glastonbury is known as the veil between this world, and the spiritual world as it’s directly on a Ley line. 

The weirdest thing was, I felt it. I was very lightheaded throughout the trip and felt like I was walking in the air. Anyway, the Ley line is one of the sacred lines across the UK where sacred, spiritual sites are located, including the Glastonbury tor. 

During our trip, technology seemed to play tricks on us. At 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock, card payment points seemed to have glitches and took us a long time to pay, while our phones, although on “paper” had the perfect reception/signal, we couldn’t load much throughout most of the day. 

Which was actually a blessing in disguise as we needed a break from our phones.

Water Element Personality 

The water element is associated with 3 of the 12 zodiac signs – Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces. These 3 signs share the water element and a few distinct personality traits. 

There is however a lot more to your personality and character other than just the water element traits. Your birth chart tells you a lot more about your personality and explains your character in more detail. 

Due to water being the element of the 3 signs, the common traits water signs share are: deep, emotional, spiritual and sensitive. 

water spiritual meaning traits shadow component

They’re very intuitive, form attachments to others quickly and at the same time, can easily/quickly fall in love. 

Does that resonate with you if you’re a water sign? 

There are of course positive, and shadow traits to each sign/element: 

Positive Traits 






Shadow Traits

-Overly emotional

-Gets attached quickly 



The shadow traits can be defined as the bad side of the sign, the weaknesses, or aspects that need working through to come out stronger. In return, these shadow traits can make their way onto your good side and you can use them as positive qualities that make up your beautiful character. 

Although their emotional and sensitive sides are very much a positive trait and can be used as a superpower, if the shadow gets to these qualities, the water signs can be in trouble. They can be overly clingy in relationships, react with emotion (crying) to get out of situations and become attached quickly to anyone and anything, even after a short period of time. 

You can read more about the shadow and how to do shadow work here

Water Season

The water season is Autumn (aka Fall), which makes sense as that’s when we get a lot of rain rivers are deeper and the air is moister. 

water spiritual meaning traits shadow component

Water Symbol

The water symbol is an upside-down triangle, as it’s the opposite of fire (fire is a regular triangle). 

The 3 points of the triangle are associated with the mind, body and soul connection. 

Different Meanings of Water

Without water, there is no life. We are 60% water and without water, we’d die within a few days. It’s essential to the circle of life and forms part of our everyday life – from washing to cooking and staying hydrated. 

In religion, water is also a very significant element. For example, in Christianity, the holy water washes away sins during a christening/baptism, and it’s also used during Christmas and Easter. 

In myth and spirituality, water nymphs were female spirits originating from wells, waters, fountains, rivers and lakes. 

water spiritual meaning traits shadow component

Circulation of water symbolises the circle of life, and how with each end, a new beginning is born. Remember Pocahontas and the circle of water? The circles can also represent growth as each circle expands and allows a new one to be born. 

Water is also associated with fertility – without watering our plants, there’d be no crops or flowers so it’s essential to all living things for survival and to be born. 

Water can be very reflective of our emotions and emotional make-up as human beings. What we see on the surface, is just the tip of the iceberg, when we know for a fact that the ocean is deep and full of unseen things. There is more to it than meets the eye. 

The same with emotions – we can put a brave front or face on, when in reality our emotions can be deep and hurtful. 

Water cleanses the dirt off of our body, but also washing away any negative energy away. You can cleanse your crystals in cold water and make moon water by leaving it out in a container during the full moon. Magickal moon water…

Different formats – water comes in different forms, symbolising flexibility and how we need to be flexible in life. Frozen water (ice), condensation (air and water), frost on the grass (water + earth). 

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Associations and Aspects of Water 

Gender: Feminine

Planet: Moon, Neptune, Pluto

Season: Fall

Zodiac: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Symbolism: emotion, intuition, psychic abilities, love, unconscious mind, fertility, self-healing, reflection, lunar energy, deep feelings, curses, death

Symbols: Ocean, lake, river, fog, mist, creek, well, spring, pond, rain, shell, sea glass, driftwood, cup, chalice, bowl, hag stones, cauldron

Colours: Blue, silver, white, gray, seafoam, indigo, aquamarine, bluish-silver, black

Herbs: seaweed, aloe, fern, water lily, lotus, moss, willow, gardenia, apple, catnip, chamomile, lettuce, kelp, birch, cabbage, coconut, cucumber, eucalyptus, geranium, grape, licorice, lilac, pear, strawberry, tomato

Crystals: Moonstone, pearl, aquamarine, amethyst, blue tourmaline, lapis lazuli, fluorite, blue topaz, beryl, opal

Animals: fish, snake, frog, crab, lobster, eel, shark, dragonfly, seahorse, dolphin, sea otter, seal, whale, alligator, crocodile, beaver, octopus, penguin, salamander, turtle, starfish, koi, coral, barnacle, manta ray, manatee, jellyfish, nautilus, heron, duck, geese, crane, swan, water birds, ammonite, dragons, serpents

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