Salt Lamps – How They Can Benefit and Cleanse Your Aura + Where to Buy The Genuine Ones

benefits of himalayan salt lamps genuine so well

Whenever I saw the Himalayan Salt Lamps in someone’s home, I’d find myself drawn to them because of the way they looked and glowed. 

I always heard great things said about them – that they bring all these benefits and make your air healthier, better along with all these other magickal benefits. 

A salt lamp is a big chunk of Himalayan salt, dug out of a cave in Pakistan, with a light bulb placed in the middle of the small, medium or large salt chunk. 

When lit up, it gives off a light pinky orange glow, that looks like someone’s aura or a chakra lit up (or at least that’s how I imagine/see it…). 

They make a room feel very “warm” – not in temperature, but in ambience. A bit like firelights, they create a warm, fuzzy, cosy feeling, although they aren’t made of salt or bring any benefits like salt lamps.  

Aside from the fact that they look pretty, I wondered: are there actual benefits to using a salt lamp? 

Or is it all just commercial, marketing talk to make us buy yet more stuff? 

Here’s the deal: 

Salt lamps look pretty, they give off a natural, warm glow and provide health benefits due to negative ions released when the lamp is turned on. 

Looks and benefits? Got the best of both worlds. 

Hang on, how can we benefit from having a big chunk of salt sitting in our room?

Benefits of Himalayan Salt

Here’s just a handful of benefits of Himalayan salt: 

  • It’s antibacterial
  • It’s antimicrobial
  • Contains 84 essential minerals and electrolytes 
  • Reduces inflammation in the body 
  • Remineralises the body which also boosts the immune system
  • Helps with skin conditions such as eczema
  • Detoxes and cleanses the skin/organs

Himalayan salt lamps are natural ionisers. The salt combined with the warmth from the light bulb, helps the lamp release negative ions into the atmosphere, clearing our air and energy from positive ions. 

Positive ions come from electromagnetic fields – so anything technology-based like you TV or phone.

Himalayan Pink Salt 

The Himalayan pink salt comes from the foothills of the Himalayan mountains. The salt that has been excavated from salt rocks, and crystallised. 

You may have seen Himalayan pink salt in shops, ready to be ground into your meal. It can be used in food, as well as make a pretty decoration in your bedroom in the form of a salt lamp. 

It’s +200 million years old, grown and untried in our earth’s energy and pressure over all this time. 

Pretty good huh? 

benefits of himalayan salt lamps genuine so well

I talk a lot about how our earth brings us little presents, spreading magick everywhere through rainbows and through crystals, and this is just another gemstone to add to this beautiful list. 

Salt lamps originate from Poland (my birth country eek!), and are available for purchase across the globe.

There is a difference between genuine Himalayan salt lamps and cheap salt lamps.

The So Well Himalayan salt lamps are fair trade, which means the people who got the salt chunks were paid fairly and were sourced in a sustainable way. 

The real Himalayan salt is also full of 84 minerals, which cheaply made salt lamps aren’t.

Can Salt Lamps Charge Crystals

Salt lamps can help cleanse your crystals, as they give off a neutralising and cleaning effect to the energy in the surroundings. By placing the crystals that need cleaning next to your salt lamp, and switching it on, the negative ions released will cleanse the crystals as well. 

Can Salt Lamps Melt

As salt lamps are essentially salt, and salt does melt, so can the salt lamp. My mom used to have one, and due to the humidity and moisture in the air (our house would get damp in certain areas), the salt lamp would crumble and get very wet. It doesn’t melt completely to nothing, in fact you can hardly tell it’s melted at all, but when you touch it, it can feel a little wet. 

It’s best to place your salt lamp in a fairly dry place, or if your house gets damp or there’s moisture in the area where you live, try getting a dehumidifier or simply giving the salt lamp a wipe with a dry cloth. 

Why I’m Recommending So Well Salt Lamps

Apart from the fact that they’re made from fair trade, genuine Himalayan salt and their amazing quality?

They also bring health benefits with 84 essential minerals contained in each salt lamp, easily absorbed by the body when lit up with a light bulb inside. 

Here’s the deal of So Well Salt Lamps:


  • Contains 84 minerals
  • Set off negative ions into the air when lit up
  • Cleanse the air
  • Add warm glow and ambience to your room
  • Absorbs negative vibes from electromagnetic fields 
  • Supports with colour/light therapy
  • Can help alleviate stress
  • Helps with Feng Shui
  • Ideal for heightened concentration at your workspace


  • Cost a little more than cheaply made salt lamps
  • Can get slightly wet or crumble in damp areas
  • Not a lot of research
benefits of himalayan salt lamps genuine so well

Negative Ions

Although Himalayan salt itself doesn’t generate ions, the heat from the light bulb causes evaporation – which is when negative ions are released into the air/environment.

Negative ions also occur around waterfalls and by the sea, due to the movement and pressure of the water, which is beneficial to our health, particularly helpful with relieving stress and anxiety. 

As we’re surrounded by electricity, mostly stuck inside a building or an office all day, with lack of negative ions we can feel a little trapped and unhappy. Stepping outside, onto the beach or into the mountains where there is plenty of negative ions in the air can immediately boost your mood. 

Or you can get yourself a So Well Himalayan Salt Lamp. 

Electromagnetic Radiation 

It’s difficult to escape technology these days. There’s a sat nav in your car, a tv in your room, laptop in your office and a smartphone in your pocket. Safe to say, we’re surrounded by technology. 

Technology can be a real life saver, but very often, it can also affect our health and mental wellbeing. Electric and magnetic fields (EMFS) radiation are high in positive ions, which aren’t good for our health. They suck up our serotonin, which we desperately need to stay happy. 

EMFS can cause fatigue, and some claim that even cancer. The fact that it reduces our serotonin levels, is enough for me to make a conscious decision in the right direction and do something about it. 

As Himalayan salt lamps produce negative ions when lit up, they neutralise our environment and reduce the effects of EMFS. 

Another great reason to invest in one of these bad boys, which actually don’t cost as much as you might assume. 

If you want a genuine Himalayan salt lamp, So Well’s lamps start at $19.95

Much less than your average pair of jeans…

Colour/Light Therapy 

Through the warm glow of the salt lamp, you can soak up the relaxing benefits. Salt lamps are widely used as part of light/colour therapy also known as chromotherapy. The purpose is to balance one’s energy that helps heal various illnesses. 

Colours we see are absorbed by our eyes, and through our eyes, the light enters our body. The light then travels along a nerve to the hypothalamus gland in the brain, prompting the brain to produce serotonin. 

As light helps our body produce serotonin, it’s no wonder that so many of us get sad and depressed when the long nights draw in. 

With the warm glow and ambience of the salt lamp, serotonin levels in our body can be boosted and we might feel recharged, on a long night desperate in need of some warm, sun glow. 

Deprived of the sun, the salt lamp will do for the winter perfectly! 

There are also many holistic practitioners and energy healers that use energy therapy to treat their patients, to influence their mood, mental state and energy. This includes healing of the chakras

Feng Shui

If you’re aiming to achieve the Feng shui effect throughout your home, to keep the energy clean and flowing throughout your home, salt lamps can also enhance the effect and result. 

Salt lamps cleanse the space from the negative energy and allows positive energy to flow more freely. Salt lamps are a bit like smudging – they clear off the bad energy from your area and allow good energy to enter and flow throughout your home. 

benefits of himalayan salt lamps genuine so well


It’s also a great idea to keep a  salt lamp in your workstation/office. It will clear off bad energy in the room, while also help with the neutralising effect of the positive ions released from your computer, phone and other digital devices. 

You can get a fair-trade, genuine USB salt lamp on So Well for $19.95

So Well Mini USB Salt Light

Cleansing Through Salt

Many traditions and throughout the centuries, salt has been used to cleanse a space or person, due to its antibacterial properties. 

In Poland for example, on the wedding day, it’s tradition to greet the wedding couple into the party with bread and salt, so that they never run out of either of the essential ingredients in their home. 

Having a salt lamp in your home, guarantees you never run out of salt, bringing maybe even good fortune, and cleansing the bad energy creating a happy home. 

Medium Himalayan Salt Lamp

benefits of himalayan salt lamps genuine so well

So Well

  • Contains 84 minerals
  • Set off negative ions into the air when lit up
  • Cleanse the air
  • Add warm glow and ambience to your room
  • Absorbs negative vibes from electromagnetic fields 
  • Supports with colour/light therapy
  • Can help alleviate stress
  • Helps with Feng Shui
  • Ideal for heightened concentration at your workspace

The Verdict

The Himalayan Salt Lamps make a peaceful and pretty addition to your home, adding magick and benefits with it. Increasing the vibrations and energy in your aura can have a positive effect on your soul and overall functioning, through absorbing of the electromagnetic fields.

The So Well Salt Lamps are genuine, fair trade and provide great value for money as they’ll last you longer than the cheaply made salt lamps.

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