Get to know us, through our trips...

The places we’ve travelled to, shaped us and our mission in life. The people we are today, the reason why we’re passionate about a more natural lifestyle, is all because of the countries we’ve travelled to and cultures that inspired us

We breathed the air of:

Amsterdam Postcard Toucan Dream Natural Living


The pancakes are to die for, but beware of the brownies… A trip on the canal boat is a must, especially if the weather is too sucky for exploring the city on foot… Tall buildings, unlike skyscrapers, are picturesque reminiscent of Grimm’s brother’s fairytales. At the centre of it all, an eerie silence within Anne Frank’s house museum, home to the most iconic bookcase.

Prague Postcard Toucan Dream Natural Living


A birthday treat of a trip, filled with green goodness of absinthe, with a bar sure to greet you on every corner of every cobbled street. You can smell the goulash all the way from the top of the fairytale castle. Cobbled streets require comfy footwear, although the local beer would quickly wash the feet pain away. Our trip was finished off nicely with a meal on a boat where Ewan McGregor himself dined. 

Barcelona Postcard Toucan Dream Natural Living


A bright + vibrant city, just a metro trip away from the beach, a perfect spot for a sangria. We stumbled through the busy streets admiring the balconies up above.

The city could have been called Gaudi’s town, as his colourful magic is felt throughout with Sagrada Familia as his biggest masterpiece – a forest in a church.

Florence Postcard Toucan Dream Natural Living


Florence forever stole our hearts, so much that we had to name our cat after you (Flo for short). One of our greatest moments to date was sitting on top of Piazzale Michaelangelo sipping a cold beer while overlooking the panoramic view of the city and admiring the sun set. A countless number of ice cream flavours, is the cherry on top of the Cathedral – the city’s main monument shortly followed by the iconic Ponte Vecchio bridge.

Rome Postcard Toucan Dream Natural Living


As romantic as we thought it would be, a city worth getting lost in… Every restaurant family-run with every coffee shop lovingly serving espressos. It was hard for us to go hungry in Rome, the smells alone made us hungry. A city full of ancient history, you can truly feel the presence of ancestors stepping along the first road of the Roman Forum, next to the Colosseum. With Vatican City just a metro trip away, most of our Italian adventure was spent exploring this beautiful and picturesque city. We expect to return one day, as the coin was tossed into the Trevi Fountain…

Positano Postcard Toucan Dream Natural Living


A breathtaking coast in the south of Italy, just a train trip away from Naples. We admired its beauty for the whole day from the bus window exploring 3 towns all in one day. And to date, this remains the best bus journey we ever made. The coastal towns surrounded by the high mountains really took our breath away as we tried to eat our gelato.

Budapest Postcard Toucan Dream Natural Living


I doubt we’ll ever forget the cold breeze from the Danube river… But the bars are so welcoming and quirky that we hardly stayed outdoors – especially Szimpla Bar. The Parliament is mesmerising with its gold interior and well admired from the Fisherman’s Bastion. A big city, so comfy shoes are a must if you like to explore the city on foot like we do! Local restaurants are divine serving Goulash like nowhere else in the world. The Jewish Quarter reminding us of the struggles of past days, a humbling and history-filled trip in the middle of the Christmas season was enchanting.

Athens Postcard Toucan Dream Natural Living


Athens will always hold a special place in our hearts – the destination where Ben popped the question and I said yes. We celebrated with a glass of local Ouzo and fresh Greek food, beaming with happiness. The presence of Gods still remains and is felt through every temple and monument. A truly ancient and historical city, with friendly locals, cosy bars and quirky restaurants. All food tastes yummy and so does the local beer. We even ventured to an island just a ferry trip away. We vowed to go back one day…

Zakopane Postcard Toucan Dream Natural Living


A city in the middle of the rocky mountains offering many trips and adventures just a few kilometres away. Morskie Oko is the most visited local attraction, the 3 hour walk is worth the view (as seen on left). The beer with raspberry juice was the most rewarding drink after the long walk. We felt brave enough to climb the mountain that day, and 55,000 steps, rain, wind and thunder later, we conquered it. The city’s restaurants are lovely and cosy with wooden interiors with most of them offering highlanders traditional music and live bands. 

Karkow Cracow Postcard Toucan Dream Natural Living


A well-know destination with many local attractions… The Wawel Castle, St Mary’s Basilica (as seen on left), the Salt Mines, Vodka bars… I mean, museums. The old market and museum underneath was intriguing! The Salt Mines 135m deep into the ground are eerie, special and windy.  A quiet space with salty walls which you can lick just to be sure. We visited Auschwitz too, an experience we’re not likely to ever forget. An eerie silence, I found myself praying all the way through it and asking the Universe to never let this happen again as I looked at the number of reckless murders. 

Nice Postcard Toucan Dream Natural Living


Our latest trip was our honeymoon, the rustic and romantic South of France… The historical villages are just as we pictured them, surrounded my fields of lavender and vineyards. The cute villages with old-fashioned shops, family-run restaurants and locals riding bikes with freshly baked baguettes in their baskets, were like a scene straight from a French movie. You can’t escape the azure blue sky and sea (as seen on our postcard) from Nice, the sun shines most of the year, making it a very happy place to live. Monaco is just a short bus ride away where we spent the whole day exploring the day on foot – we even managed to walk on the F1 race track 2 weeks before the actual race!