5 Natural Ways to Reduce High Blood Pressure

which fruit helps reduce high blood pressure

Natural Lifestyle to Lower Blood Pressure 

Did you know that 9 million people die every year from high blood pressure? That’s 17 people every minute. By the time you have read this article, that would be around 68 people who died from high blood pressure. 

The US is also suffering greatly with this silent disease, 78 million people suffer with high blood pressure, and are either looking for a solution, are undertaking treatment or taking medication to lower their blood pressure.

The typical remedies are exercise more, limit your sodium intake, lose weight, reduce alcohol intake and eat a healthier diet – and of course, pills and medication. 

What is High Blood Pressure 

High blood pressure is when the flow and force of your blood that pushes against the walls of your arteries, is constantly high. Too high in fact, causing problems with your heart and if happening over a long period of time, can cause serious conditions including stroke, heart problems, kidney disease/failure and sexual dysfunction. 

What Causes High Blood Pressure?

There are various factors that can cause high blood pressure, mainly relating to your lifestyle choices: 

  • The food you eat
  • How much alcohol or caffeine you drink 
  • Whether you exercise or lack of exercise 
  • Whether you eat too much salt
  • How much fruit and veg you eat
  • If you smoke
  • Quality of your sleep 
  • If you’re overweight 

The quality of your sleep can be easily fixed – we go into more detail about mattresses and sleeping, in our article here. 

The main and repetitive factor on that list, appears to be what we eat and put into our bodies. Let’s start with diets, because most experts may tell you to start a healthier diet…

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Changing to a Healthier Diet

What exactly is a healthy diet nowadays? It seems like every nutritionist, doctor, government and professional has their own version of a healthy diet. 

There are so many to choose from, it’s hard to decide which one to actually follow and which one will suit your blood pressure needs.

It seems that more and more people are swaying away from medical treatments and pills, and are looking for natural solutions to their health problems.

Dr Michael Greger

Based on our research and using Dr Michael Greger’s ideas of plant-based diets and studies, we found a few natural remedies that should help lower blood pressure. 

As plant-based human beans ourselves, we truly believe that Dr Greger’s advice backed up by scientific evidence, is the true course to a better health and lower blood pressure.  

If you are not familiar with his work, you can get his book ‘How Not To Die’, which talks about how food can reverse diseases. 

Blood Pressure and the Food We Eat

It’s evidently clear that a lot, if not most, of diseases come from the food we eat and what we drink. Arteries get blocked due to excess fat, slowing your blood flow, causing problems, weight gain etc etc. 

We could go on, however you look at it, there is a link between food and health. As Dr Greger explains in his book, how most diseases can be reversed or symptons reduced, with a plant-based diet. 

He isn’t just a nutritionist that tries to sway you to a plant-based diet – he is a doctor himself, disappointed with the lack of nutritional modules as par of his medical education, and desperate to education the world about the coloration between food and health. 

If you’re one of those people with high blood pressure, looking for natural solutions to lower blood pressure, you’re in the right place. 

* Disclaimer: we are not doctors, health professionals or by any means qualified to provide health advice. You should always consult your doctor or health professional before taking any steps or if you suffer with high blood pressure. Our advice is simply based on our research and views and does not supersede that of a doctor/health professional. *

Which Fruit Lowers Blood Pressure? 

The best fruit to lower high blood pressure is rhubarb – due to rhubarb’s high content of Nitric Oxide (NO) with 281mg per 100g of rhubarb, it can help lower blood pressure. Presence of NO in your body, signals muscle fibres to relax, open up and essentially help the blood flow much better. The more rhubarb you eat, the more NO you intake, opening up your arteries and decreasing blood pressure. If you’re looking for a natural solution for lower blood pressure and are in need of a fruit, rhubarb is the best option.

If you’re not too keen on rhubarb and are looking for other vegetables, herbs and natural solutions to lower blood pressure, continue reading – we have detailed other natural solutions below. 

Beetroot Juice 

Drinking beetroot juice can lower cystic blood pressure by 8 points, an 8-week study found. If the study continued, the reduction would be even greater. The reason for this, is because beetroot is a food high in nitrate or as we said above, NO. 

Beetroots have 170 mg of nitrate per 100 g of beetroot

Beetroot juice – correction, pure, beetroot juice – is hard to come by. We found this one in a glass bottle (no plastic, yay!) and it doesn’t contain any added sugar. 

If you are looking to buy any beetroot juice, you need to make sure it doesn’t contain any added sugar or other artificial nasties. Otherwise investing in a juicer would be a good option too. 

You can also try a beetroot soup – we have a recipe that is quick, plant-based and cheap to make. Head over to our recipe card here. 


Flaxseeds are a little bit of a superfood. They have so many nutrients and are beneficial in many different ways, including lowering blood pressure. Flaxseeds have been found to work 2 – 3 times better than regular medicine for blood pressure such as Norvac, Cardizen or Procardia. 

There’s even a study that positively suggest that flaxseeds can in fact lower blood pressure. With such a cheap option, (buy here), it is a much healthier and cheaper alternative to medication. 

A single tablespoon of flaxseed contains: 

  • 4g of protein
  • 118g of potassium
  • 6g of sodium
  • 4g of dietary fibre

A single tablespoon may not have a generous or significant effect on your blood pressure. However, in great amounts and eating flaxseed regularly will help lower your blood pressure. 

Try by adding it into your soups, sauces, stews, smoothies and maybe handmade burgers! Anything you can think of, they don’t really taste of anything and so won’t affect the flavour of the dish. 

Hibiscus Tea 

Hibiscus tea is full of antioxidants and several studies have shown a reduction in people’s blood pressure by drinking 2 cups of strong hibiscus tea in the morning over few week. 

Hibiscus tea is quite strong in flavour, tasting similar to cranberry. As well as lowering blood pressure, it can lower blood fat levels which is another great contributor to lower risk of eventual heart disease. 

Hibiscus is essentially a flower pink in colour, matching the colour of the beverage itself. As hibiscus tea is so strong in antioxidant contents in comparison to 280 other beverages, the antioxidant level of hibiscus tea is very strong. 

Within 1 hour of drinking the tea, the antioxidant power of your bloodstream increases which essentially means that that the phytonutrients (chemicals produced by plants) in the tea have been successfully absorbed by your system. 

Greens / Herbs

Leafy greens such as spinach, kale, chard and rocket are very high in nitrate levels (NO), again, helping with flow of blood opening up your arteries. 

The more green, leafy veg you eat, the more you are likely to get your intake of nitrate and help lower your blood pressure naturally – by simply eating more greens. 

Essentially – eat your greens! 

When it comes to herbs (they are leafy greens after all!) you can add a generous sprinkle of coriander and basil to your food, for an extra boost of NO, if you aren’t a fan of leafy greens. 

There are many recipes out there and many of the above ingredients can be consumed in a way or a dish that suits your taste and preference. 

For example, I was never that keen on kale, due to the chewy texture – however, I loved the taste. To get over the texture, I put it in a slow cooker in stews or we make kale crisps (Ben has really mastered this!). 

Any of the above foods, can be consumed in a way that is suitable to your taste and preference. 

You can mix leafy greens, flax seeds into smoothies, sneak them into your soup (when blended into your soup, you can’t feel the texture of any of the above foods), sprinkle herbs or flaxseeds on top of your dishes… The options and recipes online are endless! 

If you’re a fan of beetroot, we have a yum Beetroot Soup recipe that is super quick and cheap to make.

In Our Humble Conclusion

The natural way to lower blood pressure, is effective and can work if you really put the effort in. 

The best way to boost your reduction of course is by doing all things recommended combined – change of diet, exercise more and drink less alcohol. If you are really committed, then including the above ingredients in your diet will boost the effect for sure. 

If you know anyone who is suffering with high blood pressure looking for more natural solutions, try sharing this article with them. They might benefit from any of the above solutions or in the least, help them decide what will work in their fight against high blood pressure. 

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