What Does It Mean to Live Naturally and Holistically?

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Most of us were sold into a lifestyle, without realising we had other choices. 

Most of us went to school, then perhaps university and got a job. Then maybe another job, and started to progress in that job to get promoted. 

Although nothing wrong with that system, some of you might be feeling like there is more to life than just school, job, mortgage, kids and package holidays once a year. 

This is exactly how we feel, and we know we’re not alone. 

Our lives are advertised, we know how they’re going to start, unfold and end before we sign up to it. We follow a pattern of safety, modern technology and convenience, because that’s what our parents/colleagues did, that’s what we see on films/advertisements and all around us. 

Again, we are not criticising, especially if you are happy with that lifestyle. 

This kind of lifestyle is starting to weigh a lot of us down though. It’s causing us a lot of anxiety, stress and doubts about our own strength, because we compare our lives to others (thanks Instagram). 

Where’s the connection to nature in all this? 

How natural are the products we use, food we eat and lifestyles we lead? 

Sitting at a desk for 8, 9 or 10 hours each day while your back aches – is that natural? 

Where’s your time to explore your inner voice, spirituality and connection with this world as enlightened human beings? 

Where’s the journey of awakening, exploring, connecting to our ancestors who lived in harmony with the earth using only plants and herbs?

The modern way of living, the 9-5 routine disconnects us from a harmonious, happy and natural living.

I am are here to tell you, that you can change this. 

You can bring nature and spirituality into your life to be happier, feel fulfilled and connected to the world around us, rather than your smartphone. 

You now might be asking – how can you change to a more natural lifestyle? More importantly, what exactly does it mean to live naturally? 

What Does Living Naturally and Holistically Mean? 

Living naturally and holistically, means living mindfully/consciously while caring for the planet. It’s simplifying you life through products you use, eating plant-based goodness from mother nature and connecting with the spiritual magic around us, just like our ancestors did. 

If we were to break it down, essentiality natural and holistic living comes down to 3 areas:

  • The products/food we use: whether they are natural or harmful to the environment/your body. Whether they contain toxins/chemicals or are natural vs processed e.g. food.
  • The spiritual connection: the connection of themind, body and soul as well as the connection with nature.
  • The lifestyle choices/daily routines we lead: whether you are surrounded by technology, hassle of the 21st century living in a 9-5 job with no time to yourself

Those 3 aspects are essentially lifestyle choices, even if we sometimes don’t even realise we made that choice. If you found that the above 3 aspects feel artificial, processed, modern and far from the natural, harmonious living with nature, you’re in the right place. 

Our website is all about guidance into a more natural lifestyle with gradual changes and simple steps, practical advice on how to incorporate them even if you work 9-5.

We go into how you can find time for nature in a 9-5 routine and how to change to a more natural lifestyle, even if you have a low budget. 

If you’d like to start but aren’t sure how or where, you can get our FREE Guide to Natural Living right here

Living naturally doesn’t mean investing lots of money into buying new things, just because you are transitioning to a different lifestyle. 

Some of us are scared or reluctant to change, because we assume that it’s going to cost us a lot of money. 

It’s a common misconception – that living naturally is expensive.

When in fact, living naturally and holistically, can save you money and reduce the amount you spend on things like food shopping, clothes, online shopping treats when you feel down etc. 

It’s also about appreciating and being grateful for what you already have. 

Switching to a more natural lifestyle can help you feel more fulfilled and happier – as a result, you might find you no longer reach to online shopping to treat yourself after a low day.

Living naturally and holistically means leading a more fulfilling, simple and conscious lifestyle. It means being grateful and happy with what you have around you, so actually it can help you SAVE MONEY in the long run. 

It’s also about your connection and appreciation of mother nature. The choices we make every day, can impact the planet. 

Dramatic? Sure, a little bit – but, it’s true. 

Carbon footprint, buying animal products, switching your plugs off are all little ways that can have a massive impact on our environment. 

How much plastic do you use and what do you reuse? 

Living sustainably to help our planet, helps to connect us to our Pachamama. She is suffering and we need to look after her. That’s why living naturally and holistically, means being closer to nature and living in a way that future generations can thank you for. 

If you feel disconnected from nature, go for a walk in your local park and observe the trees. See how many flowers you can spot or even hug a tree or walk barefoot on the grass. 

Little steps + little changes + if everyone thought this way = GIANT change to our planet. 

Making the Change To a Natural and Holistic Lifestyle

Transitioning to a different lifestyle isn’t an overnight job. It’s a lifelong change that takes a lot of getting used to. Most commonly, breaking in a new habit takes 30 days

Which also means you need patience and perseverance.

Don’t try to do it all at once, because if you do, then it really CAN cost you a lot. Plus it can be overwhelming, putting you off altogether. 

If for example you decide that your job isn’t making you happy and you decide to quit – great for having the guts to do it! I imagine you need a regular income to pay the bills though right? Every decision should be instinctual yes, but somewhat planned and reflected on as well. 

Follow your inner voice, be smart about it. That’s my motto for every day of the week! 

To help you with making the transition into a more natural lifestyle, the first major step you can make, is to consider the below aspects of your life. Start with changing the one that you feel the most drawn to: 

  • Your job
  • The food you eat 
  • Time to yourself 
  • Creating (art, music, writing etc)
  • Spending time in nature (walks) 
  • Beauty products incl. skincare and haircare (natural vs filled with endless list of ingredients) 
  • Cleaning products (same as above) 
  • Your environment (your home, home working station, city)
  • Movement (exercise, yoga, dance) 

It’s important to make baby steps, especially if you are new to the natural lifestyle. Starting with the one aspect that you’re most unhappy about, can help you figure out the next step. 

Focus on the first most important (or the most irritating) area of your life that you are simply not happy about. Then you can go from there. 


With the current pandemic, most facilities shut, we now have so much time to think, reflect and focus on ourselves. This includes our lives, how we choose to lead them, the choices we made (consciously and unknowingly) and whether anything needs to change. What we mean by the unknowingly-made choices, is simply those that we followed without much thinking. 

For example, you finished college/university and you went and got yourself a job, because that was the next step in life and all your friend were doing the same, without giving it much thought.

Most changes spark from one very instinctual reason – we’re not happy

Life is short, and we all want to be happy. 

When we feel that something isn’t quite right, it isn’t working for us, that inner voice (or your gut feeling, although I prefer to use the word soul) gives you a sign or tells you: you need a change, this ain’t right, you’re not yourself. 

You may have already heard that voice, and that’s why you ended up on Toucan Dream. Hi btw! We’re happy you landed with our community 🙂 

Now that we have all this time with many places shut, we’re forced to sit at home. Perfect time to reflect and make some of those changes, to a more natural and holistic living. 

This could be exploring your zodiac sign – what does it say about your character and how does the alignment of stars, planets affect your wellbeing and mood? 

Maybe you’re trying out meditating or exploring healing energies of crystals?

Discover the person you are on the outside, who you are within and wake up that inner voice and really listen to it. Best way to do that is by meditating – when you’re quiet and your mind is empty, after meditating, you might find that inner voice just suddenly awoke and you feel/hear the changes and decisions you need to make. 

Spirituality helps us realise who we are, what our purpose is and allows us to discover different areas of our mentality, that we bring into practice and daily routine. 

It can also help you feel closer to nature, pacha mama and all living things – raising your caring and sensitivity levels, in a newly found journey to simplify your life. 

Doesn’t that sound blissful

A 30-Day Challenge… 

Most habits take 30 days to get used to. During those 30 days, we can change and adopt a new routine that will stick with us permanently. 

We are working on a Natural Lifestyle Starter Pack, to help you understand natural living, and how you can start the process in a way that is tailored to YOU. 

The Starter Pack is a 30-day challenge that will help you break into a new habit to live more naturally and holistically. 

If you’d like to be the first one to hear about the product, sign up to get the latest news about our upcoming product here. You’ll be the first to know, we promise. 

The Starter Pack will not only educate you, but also provide you with useful resources and practices to help you figure out the whole natural/holistic journey. 

Sign up today to be the first to know. 

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