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There are as many hair conditioners out there as pizza toppings, if not more. If you have found the right one, I salute you and am very jealous because I’ve been on a journey of trial and error with my hair conditioners for as long as I can remember. 

It’s common for hair conditioners to leave your hair greasy, feeling heavy and like it’s been stuffed with chemicals that leave your hair smelling nice. 

The real dilemma I have though, is the layer of conditioner, that feels like grease, that sticks on my back. It’s so damn hard to wash off too, as my hair is quite long and I can’t reach my back… 

Which is why I went on a hunt for a natural hair conditioner that would make me feel like I just washed my hair in pure rain in the middle of a summer garden. Okay I may have gone too far, but you get the picture. 

We want natural hair conditioners and we want them NOW. 

Let’s do this. 

Why Do Hair Conditioners Leave a Silky / Greasy layer?

Have you noticed that your conditioners feel greasy, slippery and leave that nasty layer on your back? 

Most hair conditioners will contain silicone – there are two types used: non-soluble and soluble silicone

Turns out, this silicone is insoluble to water – which is why it is so tricky to wash out, particularly from your skin. It just slides across easily and feels like an artificial layer of skin. Yuck. 

As it’s hard to wash out, it builds up and builds up every time you condition your hair with that product. If your hair feels heavy and weighed down, that might be the reason why. 

Check out your hair conditioner label and see if it contains silicone. Also take note where it’s listed – the position in that list signifies the amount of silicone used, the higher it sits, the more they used. 

Natural Conditioners

Below are the hair conditioners that we have trialled and done our research into. They’re all natural, plastic-free and toxin-free hair products that we love and tried ourselves.

1.Lemongrass Conditioner Bar  

Etsy Seller: Superfly Soap 

I came across this one just browsing on Etsy, as you do… There are different fragrances to choose from. They’re great because these sold container bars are plastic-free and most ingredients are natural. 

I gave it a go, and the verdict is that it did the job of a conditioner, it works really well. It softened my hair and certainly conditioned it. It smells absolutely lovely too!

I also got my mom to try this conditioner, and she absolutely loved it! It made her hair lovely and soft to touch and she was very happy with it. She’s still using it so I guess you just have to try for yourself! 

2.Organic Kombucha Conditioner

Etsy seller’s own, homemade (Caro’s Creams)

A heavenly, fruity and slightly musky scent. Using this conditioner has been glorious and it really worked well for my hair. 

It is made with organic kombucha, argan oil and shea butter. 

After using it, my hair was lusciously soft, light and it truly felt conditioned. 

The Etsy seller actually makes these from scratch, I only tried the small sample bottle but I just ordered the big bottle as I was very happy with it. I would recommend this to my friends, so I guess that makes you too. You can try the sample size first which is just £5 and if you love it as much as me, the 250ml bottle is there too. 

What is Kombucha? 

Kombucha is a type of fermented tea (black or green) and is full of vitamins, antioxidants. It is typically a drink, so why put it in your hair?

Well, organic Kombucha gives adjusts pH of your hair, to help close cuticles and re-balance the hair after shampooing. It came in a glass bottle with a metal cap so no plastic there! It’s so far, my favourite option for a hair conditioner. 

3.Argan Oil Conditioner Bar 

Etsy Seller: LaSheba Spa 

It’s common knowledge that argan oil is good for your hair. In fact, I have seen it in other skincare products too. It seems to be in everything lately, so I thought well – why not give it a try in its natural form? 

This bar is in a solid form, with added rapeseed oil, shea butter and some refreshing essential oils so it smells really good! I was quite impressed with it, it smelled great, it felt luxurious and most importantly, it really conditioned my hair. 

My hair was light, non-greasy and it smelled gorgeous. It felt soft and really nourished so as far as natural hair conditioners go, it did the job and I was happy with it. I would highly recommend it. 

When trying it, you will need to lather it and rub it in your hands for a few seconds to get the bar to release its juices (so to speak). Then rub your hands on the ends of your hair. I also rubbed the bar against my very long hair, as I felt like they needed more moisture. 

The longer your hair, the quicker you’ll have to restock your conditioner.

4.Nettle Conditioner Bar  

Etsy Seller: LaSheba Spa

Another great smelling conditioner bar, this time with nettle leaf extract. 

Some other natural (of course) ingredients, include: nettle oil, olive oil, aloe vera oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, natural vitamin e oil, bergamot oil, lemon oil, lavender oil

As you can see, this conditioner bar is like putting nature’s oils straight onto your hair. It’s a hair conditioner in its purest form.

Nettle is great for your hair as it’s full of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, including Vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, iron and sodium

Can Nettle Regrow Hair?

Nettle helps and supports hair regrowth, as well as dandruff. If you want to really work on your hair regrowth, you should try using nettle capsules and nettle tea, treating your hair loss from within (internally). 

To boost your hair growth, on top of using capsules and nettle tea, you can help the regrowth process by also using nettle hair conditioner. 

Both the nettle and the argan conditioners are from the same Etsy seller LaSheba Spa. Very impressed with these as they leave the hair light, non-greasy and well conditioned. My hair is now very smooth and feels silky, clean and soft.

Other Favourites 

If you’re looking for a good natural conditioner on a budget, we’ve also found these you can try:

5. Faith in Nature Conditioner

6. Neal’s Yard Rose Conditioner 

7. Sukin Natural Balance Conditioner 

Natural Shampoos 

As well as natural hair conditioners, we also have a few favourites when it comes to shampoos. We’ve used quite a few by now and we have found the ones we’re going to stick with which is always a relief.

If you’re in need of plastic-free and natural shampoos, our favourites are: 

Beauty Kubes, Shampoo for Normal Hair 

They come in a cardboard/paper box, and each cube needs to be crumbled in your hand then you just need a little bit of water to create a clay-like mixture. Beauty Kubes actually bubble up quite well in your hair and it feels extremely soft when you put the mixture on your hair. 

If your hair is shoulder length, you only need one cube, but if like mine, your hair is longer and reaches your back, you’ll need 2 cubes. 

Fushi Herbal Shampoo 

It comes in a glass bottle, smells very fresh and indeed herbal. It doesn’t get very bubbly, but it cleans your hair and leaves them soft. I love this stuff personally and would recommend it and buy it again, the glass bottle makes the shampoo feel fancy and expensive, even though it’s only £13. 

This natural shampoo helps with sensitive, itchy scalps and I have to say, my head although previously itchy, is no longer. With natural ingredients, it contains Sandalwood, known to add moisture to the hair, cool the scalp and prevent dandruff.

Wideye – Geranium and Rose Shampoo

This one is probably our favourite yet. It smells AMAZING. It’s natural, and it comes in a 30ml sample size so you can try it.

It’s in an aluminium bottle so you won’t need to feel guilty about those plastic bottles and maybe you can even reuse it in your home afterwards? Why not.

We would highly recommend this shampoo and even the brand – they offer plastic-free, natural products for your hair, body and face. Most if not all of their products are plastic-free – go ahead and pay them a visit here.

The Best

The Best Conditioner

Our No. 1 and favourite conditioner is the Kombucha Conditioner – it’s on the cheap side, plastic-free and you can buy a sample to try before you commit.

The Best Shampoo

The absolute favourite, is the Wideye shampoo – it leaves hair smelling lovely, feeling super nice to touch and it’s an aluminium bottle so no plastic waste.

In Our Humble Conclusion

Based on the above conditioners, I can honestly say they are SO much better than any bottles, high-street bran conditioner I have ever used in the past. Those conditioners always left a silicone-like layer on my back and it was impossible to wash off. Could be the reason why I suffered with spots on my back too, blocking my skin’s pores and trapping dirt. 

Once again, nature has proved that it’s truly the best for your body, skin and hair. You don’t need artificial fragrances in your conditioner, these essential oils smell heavenly and do no damage to your hair. 

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