Natural Deodorants – Are They That Good? 5 Best Deodorants [+ Another Simple Alternative That Will Shock You!]

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Natural deodorants are AMAZING. You don’t need tot worry about the nasty aluminium inside the deodorant or the plastic packaging on the outside. It’s just glorious and a super great alternative to high-street brands that block your pores and god-knows what else. 

Using Deodorants – the Socially Conscious Dilemma We All Face

We all feel the need to use deodorant because of quite an obvious reason – to hide our sweaty smell of course.

Nobody wants to be known as the BO smelling one in the office. We use deodorant to make us feel less self-conscious. It’s like a confidence boost, knowing that you can walk around the office without smelly armpits because you applied deodorant to your underarms in the morning. 

What if you didn’t have to use the deodorant at all? 

What if there was another solution? 

I have to be honest here, I was SHOCKED that nobody has thought about this solution before. I mean, what makes deodorant the number 1 solution to our sweaty armpits?? The marketing campaigns of course and the fact that literally EVERYBODY uses a deodorant. 

It’s the solution to everyone problem and everyone owns a deodorant because we all sweat, particularly in the hotter months. There’s no escaping it for most of us. 

Ever since puberty hit, I’ve really struggled with sweaty, wet and quite smelly armpits. There was no getting away from them. School was traumatic enough without having to worry about whether I can lift my hand up in class to reveal a wet and yellow patch on my shirt. 

Then the high-street brands started introducing these Maximum Protection deodorants. The magical cream formula that stops you sweating almost COMPLETELY. That was an answer to my prayers and completely ticked all the boxes for me. I didn’t even question anything about the product, it was a bit pricey sure. 

But it was a small price to pay compared to the months of embarrassment at school and plenty of yellow stained school shirts… yuck. I was happy because I found a solution and that was that. 

Then I noticed, this maximum protection stuff, was actually ruining my clothes and pjs. It said to put it on after a shower at night onto my armpits. The cream would form these hard lumps on the insides of my underarm area of my tops, and it would NOT come out even in my washing. 

Any black tops I had, I had to say goodbye to because they had unwashable white marks with these white bubbles/lumps. Then it got me thinking – if it’s damaging my clothes so much, what is it doing to my skin and body? I mean, the armpit area is full of pores, which means our skin kind of breathes in those areas – exhaling out and inhaling in. 

Exhaling sweat out, inhaling our antiperspirants. 

If the deodorant had aluminium and was damaging my clothes, it wasn’t doing anything good to my body and skin. That’s for sure. We don’t want sweat patches, smelly patches or aluminium in our body, are natural deodorants any better? 

Are Natural Deodorants Actually Good For You?

Well, it depends on which deodorant you’re using. 

Some have very few ingredients like baking soda, few essential oils and soy wax. Some say they’re natural but have a rather long ingredients list, and that never fills me with confidence. 

To be sure whether the natural deodorant is indeed natural, it’s always best to check the label. Generally, the smaller the list, the more natural the product. If you can pronounce most of the ingredients on the label, you’re good. Things get more chemical/toxic when the ingredient name is hard to pronounce… So step away from those deodorants.

How to Pick a Natural Deodorant?

When I think natural, I want the product to feel like it’s been ripped from the ground with flowers, and stuffed into the bottle. A little exaggeration maybe, but you catch my drift! 

When you’re picking a natural deodorant, you should be careful and mindful of the following: 

  • The percentage of the natural ingredients – the higher it is, the more natural the deodorant
  • Choose a fragrances that neutralises the odour (eucalyptus, lavender, mint, lemon, tea tree)
  • Avoid deodorants with: parabens, phthalates, sulfates, petrochemicals, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, petrochemicals or aluminium by checking the ingredients list
  • Choose a deodorant that contains aloe vera or shea butter, this will provide moisture to your underarm area
  • Check internet/product reviews 
  • If you have sensitive skin, avoid baking-soda based deodorants

5 Great Natural Deodorants to Try

Some of our favourite natural deodorants to start with are: 

1. Neal’s Yard Lavender and Aloe Vera 100 ml

2.Battle Green Box Natural Deodorant Balm 50 g

underarm sweat pads

3. Sukin Deodorant Natural 125ml 

4. Soap Walla Original Deodorant 56g 

5. The Natural Deodorant Co. Lemon and Geranium 55ml  

Now It’s Time For the One Solution I wish I Knew About…

Are you actually ready for this? I honestly don’t know why I never thought of this solution for my sweaty armpits before. 

I introduce to you: washable, reusable underarm pads/patches.

No plastic, no chemicals, made from cotton (usually), and no nasty chemicals. 

An underarm sweat pad is a cotton patch, normally round or oval-shaped, with a rubber band or a clip-on strap, that goes around your armpit. They come in different sizes – depending on your armpit size, you choose the right size from S to L. After each use, you just wash them either in the washing machine or by hand. And voila! 

Your clothes will be free from the yellow sweat stains or the white bitty deodorant stains, and you can raise your arms at any time of the year or day without worrying about those wet patches. 

It’s such a good idea! 

There are many brands and types to choose from. They come as clip on pads to your bra, stick on ones to your clothes (although these aren’t eco friendly as they can only be used once) and also pads that can be sown or pinned into your clothes. 

I probably wouldn’t recommend starting with the pins, if you’re not used to having these underarm pads and forget about the pins, that could be quite a painful experience. You could start with the clip on or rubber band ones. Some of our favourite sweat pads are below:

1 Pair of Reusable Underarm Pads

These are great for starting out with:

2. Clip-On Underarm Pad for Bra (1 Pair) 

3. Sew On or Pinned Sweat Pads Made From Linen

They come in different sizes:

I tested mine and personally, they were really good! Yes they take some time getting used to, just like my bra did when I first wore it for 2 weeks, but now I can’t tell it’s there. 

It’s the same with these, they may slip and slide a few times throughout the day (depending on how much you move and how active your day is) but you’ll fine a system or patches that work for you. 

Where there’s a will, there’s a way, right? We love a good quote.Test them for yourself and let us know about your experience with sweat pads in the comments below!

Are Sweat Pads Any Good?

Sweat pads work really well to soak up any sweat that would otherwise end up on your shirt. It wouldn’t get rid of the smell, so you might still want to apply some natural deodorant onto your pits. 

Depending on which pads you get, they can be tricky to get used to. They can slide up and down and end up where they’re not wanted – BUT it’s just a matter of getting used to them. Give it a few weeks and by the end, you won’t even notice they’re there. 

Do Sweat Pads Work? 

Yes, sweat pads soak up your underarm sweat, which is what they are designed to do. They’re a great alternative if you don’t want to use deodorants with alluminium or artificial deodorants packed in plastic. 

If you want to produce less waste, reusable cotton sweat pads are a great option because you can just rewash them and re-use them again and again.

You don’t even need to buy them – you can make your own! 

Making Your Own Sweat Pads

It needs to be a soakable material though that leaves you feeling dry, like linen or Zorb fabric. It’s best to measure a few of your tops first (from the inside around the armpit area) as well as measuring your armpit – you might need a hand from a trusting friend with this.

Once you have the measurements, cut a round shape with the dimaeter being the rough width of your armpit. Next step depends on whether you want to make a strap on one or a sewn in one.

The sown-in option is self-explanatory – goes on the inside of your shirts. However, it means you will have to make quite a few for msot of the tops you wear. I’d probably suggest summer tops as you tend to sweat more in the summer so you’ll get more use out of them.

If you want a strap on one, go to any craft shop or order some rubber bands or clip on straps, like the ones that go on bras. Then you just need to sow the strap onto the piece of material cut out.

What is Zorb Fabric? 

It’s a material that is super absorbent, very often used for making sanitary pads, cloths/dishcloths. It’s a material made from cotton, bamboo viscose, organic cotton or polyester. There are different varieties to choose from – some Zorb material types need to be sandwiched between materials, while others can be used directly on materials. 

Zorb is a really absorbent material that keeps things dry too. The best Zorb type to use for sweat patch pads is Zorb 3D. It comes in bamboo, organic cotton or polyester. If you’re conscious about using plastic, we would recommend using bamboo or the organic cotton. 

Where to Get Zorb Fabric From? 

You can get it directly from the manufacturer here, or on Etsy! Yep, Etsy is so handy these days they even sell Zorb fabric. We’ve made a list of Zorb fabric here so it’s easier to browse. 

In Our Humble Conclusion 

Try and use sweat pads and see how you like them. Underarm sweat pads work well to soak up the sweat, but they might need some time getting used to or a few models/types to try before you find the ones you like. 

You can still use natural deodorant, if you’re conscious about your smell, there’s some great smelling deodorants out there.

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