New Moon + Full Moon Rituals: What They Are, How To Perform Them + What You Need

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If the moon controls our seas’ waves and our wolves’ howling, isn’t it only natural that it can affect us too?

You might have noticed that perhaps during the last full moon, you didn’t sleep so well. A restless night and feeling wide awake – probably because your energy vibrations were heightened with the energy from the moon. 

I remember dreading the full moon, because I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep that night. 

Since I started learning more about moon cycles and how their energies/phases can affect me, my body and sleeping pattern seem to be more in sync. With each full moon I feel somewhat mentally prepared for it. 

You don’t need to be a witch and have potions, wands and a cat to perform a moon ritual. 

It is as simple as a prayer, a time out of your night to speak to la luna when she glistens in the night sky.

If you’ve landed here, that means you’re looking to learn about moon rituals, how to perform them and what they are (as well as what you might need). 

The truth is, you really don’t need much. For most rituals a pen, paper, candle and even a bath is sufficient. 

Below I’ll go into what moon rituals are and how you can easily practice them if you’re new to the whole spiritual journey awakening and witchy moon stuff. 

Pretty exciting and much easier to get into, than you might think!

What Is a Moon Ritual? 

A moon ritual is a celebration, ceremony or a little time out of your day (night) to speak to the moon about your intentions and goals. This will depend on what you’d like to focus on, what you’d like to release or welcome into your life. 

You can choose a specific phase of the moon (crescent, waxing, full moon or new moon) to set some intentions and perform a small ritual. 

Moon rituals are a great way to reflect, get clear about your goals in life and how you are feeling, especially if there are new aspects you’d like to attract into your life.

With each moon phase and in particular new moon, it’s the prefect opportunity to start fresh – a clean slate to get clear about what YOU want in your life and what you want to see change or enter your life, by the end of this moon cycle. 

Moon Ritual In a Nutshell

For any moon ritual, and whatever you choose to do, the essentials of every moon ritual are: 

  • Time to yourself – 15 – 20 minutes 
  • A pen and paper 
  • A candle or some sage/Palo Santo 
  • A quiet, calm spot 
  • Ritual drink that’s nourishing – a herbal tea, ceremonial cacao or shroom coffee

What Moon Rituals Can You Do? 

The moon ritual can be: 

  • Meditating
  • Smudging
  • A bath
  • Working with crystals
  • Writing your intentions (journaling)
  • Drinking ceremonial cacao
  • Dancing
  • Saying affirmations aloud (related to your intentions/goals) 

Whatever you choose to do, you should try a few of the above first and see which one feels right for you. By the time you’ve tried a few, you might even begin to alter these rituals and perform them as you like – that’s perfectly okay. 

Let your soul do the talking and as you experiment, you’ll notice how each ritual might change form or meaning for you, which is just a sign that it’s doing you a good purpose. 

The most well known ritual, is the full moon ritual – as you might have already guessed or it might be why you ended up here in the first place!

What Is a New Moon Ritual? 

A new moon is when the moon’s last cycle has come to an end, and a new cycle begins. A new moon ritual is the perfect opportunity for a new beginning, a new habit or embracing a new aspect into your life. 

A new moon offers an opportunity for a new beginning, a clean start. 

With the new moon’s energy, you should set your clear intentions for this whole moon cycle, making it easier for those changes to occur in this moon. 

The general idea is that by the time the moon completes its cycle and returns to another new moon, you will start to see your intention or goal to appear in your life. 

The best way to come up with an intention is to ask yourself – what do I not like about my life at the moment? What can be improved to make me happier? 

This could be financial abundance, a new opportunity or perhaps a new person to come into your life. 

How To Set Your Goals and Intentions

Once you have your answer – what would make this better? What would improve the situation or get you closer to your end goal?

To give an example – perhaps you’ve had a dispute with a close someone. Naturally, you’d want to improve that and set your intentions in the belief that the dispute will be resolved calmly. 

The thing that would make the situation better, could be to ask the moon to give you the courage to apologise and resolve the situation. Or to strongly believe that the situation will be calmly, peacefully resolved by the time the moon is in a new cycle. 

You might want to write an affirmation to go with it, such as: 

“I release the negative energy surrounding my dispute with X. I welcome in peace, positive vibrations and calmness, to resolve the dispute and be on good terms with X again. My dispute with X is a distant memory and we are good friends again.” 

If you wrote it down, have the list at your new moon ritual. Light a candle, say it out loud by the moonlight if possible (you can always stand outside or by a window). 

Once you have said it, you can smudge the list for example – I like to do this to get rid of any negativity left when I was perhaps writing that affirmation. 

When the moon reaches its full (moon) phase, you can then safely burn the list. You can use a saucepan if you can’t do this outside (and definitely away from the smoke detector in your house!). 

I also like to drink a little cacao to bring some more loving energy into the ritual. You can read more about how to prepare ceremonial cacao in our article here. 

Setting for the new moon ritual

Find a quiet space, such as your bedroom or even garden if you like. 


Have a pen and paper ready to write your affirmations and goals for this moon cycle. Burn a little sage, candle or an incense stick if you like – this can bring further calmness into your ritual and cleanse the energy. 

What Is a Full Moon Ritual?

A full moon ritual is the perfect opportunity to release and let go of things that no longer serve you. This could be situations, people or maybe your job. A full moon allows us to shake off any negative habits, emotions or situations occupying our minds. 

The full moon ritual is linked to the new moon ritual, as this is the time to manifest your affirmations you created during the new moon. 

It’s the mid point, with energy at peak, to focus on your intentions. With the full moon, you release negative energies and make room for new beginnings, calling on your intentions. 

It’s time to clean your energy, and to let go. At full moon, the energy is at its strongest. 

What To Do During a Full Moon Ritual

Perhaps the last moon cycle made you realise something – maybe something is holding you back or doesn’t have a positive effect on you. You’ll want to release this from your life to continue growing spiritually and to keep moving forward. 

Cleanse your energy by smudging, burning a candle or some Palo Santo. Anything to do with smoke and fire cleanses the energy – you can also cleanse your house at this time or an area of your house that feels energetically heavy or cluttered. 

smudge kit

If you have crystals, leave them overnight in the moonlight to cleanse them off their negative energy. 


As the energy of the full moon is quite high, it’s important that you find a quiet spot and try and be calm. Meditation, slow dancing or just sitting down in your own space with some calming music is perfect. 

Reflect on your life since the last new moon and what has changed. If nothing has changed but something is holding you back, channel that strong moon energy to release what isn’t serving you. 


A candle, incense stick or some sage/Palo Santo. 

Music – to dance it out. 

Crystals – if you’d like to meditate to strengthen your affirmations and bring goals into fruition.

What’s the Difference Between a Full Moon and New Moon Ritual? 

The difference is in the phase of the moon and the energy each phase emits. That’s why each phase is symbolic of a different phase of your intention/goal. Which is why it is always best to start with a new moon – a clean start. 

There isn’t a set ritual to do in the full and new moon. You can do whatever you like – just as long as you remember that the new moon is a new intention, new goals and the full moon is getting rid of old energies, assessing your efforts since the new moon and letting go of anything that wasn’t working since the new moon. 

The Different Phases Of the Moon and Their Rituals


Each moon phase releases a different type of energy, affecting us all in various ways. It’s only natural that each phase should have its own ritual: 

New Moon – Beginnings, new possibilities 

Waxing Crescent – Fresh energy, sprouting

First Quarter – Paying attention, actions

Waxing Gibbous – Patience, edit and refine

Full Moon – Peak energy

Wanning Gibbous – Release

Last quarter – Relax, forgiveness

Wanning Crescent – Rest and restore 

Based on the above phases, the more you practice and notice each phase, you’ll naturally start to customise your rituals and maybe even create your own for each moon phase. 

The main point here is to try out a few different ones and stick with the ones that resonate with you or ones you can feel working for you. 

Star Signs and Moon Phases 

Another important factor to consider in your ritual are the 4 earthly elements – earth, water, air and fire. Also elements of each star sign. 

These star signs and elements, also apply to moon phases. Each new moon is in a different star sign – Aquarius, Sagittarius, Leo etc. 

With each star sign, that also means that each moon cycle is in a different element (earth, water, air or fire), which can affect your energy and also your ritual. 

You might have noticed that each of the props and rituals have something to do with each of those earthly elements – i.e. candle = fire; music/sage smoke = air; bath = water. 

Depending on which element the moon phase is in, you might want to focus on that particular element during your ritual. 

For example: 

Today is December 23rd, moon phase is Waxing Gibbous and the star sign for this phase today (while I’m writing this) is Aries. Aries’ element is fire – so for my ritual, I might want to choose to light a candle or burn some incense sticks while focusing on my goals/intentions. 

If you want to find out what phase the moon is in today or what star (moon) sign it’s in, you can have a look here. 


Journalling is a great way to keep track of moon cycles and your intentions – that’s if you don’t like the idea of burning your intentions/affirmations and would prefer to keep track of them.

You can write down all your intentions, affirmations, goals, what you’re letting go of and what you’re welcoming in each cycle. On each moon phase, you can even put the phase of the moon and the date to help you keep track. 

There are some absolutely gorgeous moon journals on Etsy, we’ve picked our favourite few to choose from here

We found a dateless journal on Amazon too which means you can pick and choose phases you want to do a ritual in, and make use of the journal for a little longer – you can check it out here

To Sum Up 

Start with a new moon cycle, writing your intentions and assessing aspects of your life that are good and those that you’d like to work on. You can keep track of moon phases here to be sure you don’t miss the new moon cycle. 

Have a pen and paper (or journal) ready to keep track of your affirmations, goals and progress. 

Try out different rituals to see which ones your soul prefers. 

And lastly – do you have any moon rituals of your own that you like to use? Let us know in the comments below we’d be interested to know what you are into ?

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