Meditating and Manifesting with Crystals – Everything You Need To Know

how to meditate with crystals

Meditation is a great practice and an exercise to relax your mind. It can be harder than it sounds – sitting there doing nothing, thinking nothing. Easy, right?

If you’ve never tried meditating, you would be surprised how quickly you can go from thinking about nothing, to suddenly remembering your lunch, that conversation with your colleague at work and that you have to put the washing on.

If you’d like to learn more about meditation, I have a basic beginner’s explanation here, including a YouTube video.

Using crystals during meditation can be a very beneficial step towards your dreams and goals.

They can help you retain focus on what truly matters to you and what you’re working towards, and enhance the manifestation process attracting your wishes that little bit quicker.

What Does Meditation with Crystals Look Like?

Essentially you include a crystal in your practice by either having them around you, near you, somewhere in your meditation space and acknowledging their involvement. This normally includes setting an intention for your meditation session or your crystal.

You can actually meditate with any crystal. They all have powerful properties and can strengthen the experience of meditating, particularly if you have a specific purpose/mission or feel connected to a particular crystal.

While meditating, the idea is to switch off and not think about anything. It’s about sitting still (or lying still) and clearing your mind.

Meditating with crystals is exactly the same, with the difference being that you include crystals in your practice.

Using crystals deepen your meditation practice and help you achieve the desired outcome during your practice.

They can also help with your spiritual connection, opening up your crown chakra. Meditating with crystals connects you with the overall power of the universe,  the energy of the crystal and strengthening your intuition (gut feeling).

Whatever your reason for meditating, there’s a crystal to enhance your meditative experience and help you work towards the goal.

If you have a specific intention for your meditation session, you’ll want a crystal to match your intention or energy.

If you don’t have a specific intention or reason, you can use any crystal for meditation.

If you are just meditation for clarity, Clear Quartz is the best option. As a versatile and clearing crystal that soaks up negativity (like most crystals).

Some other great crystals to meditate with are:


How to Include Crystals in Your Meditation Practice

The key is to practice – first practice meditation, if you haven’t already. Before you add crystals into your practice, you should feel like you’ve got the hang of meditation.

Although it sounds simple enough, it is after all, meditation PRACTICE. So practice.

Once you feel confident with your meditation practice, you can then start adding crystals into to meditation.

Start with a Clear Quartz or Amethyst so open up your third eye and crown chakra, and bring spiritually to your practice.

Here are a few methods to incorporate crystals into your practice:

Using a tumblestone

You can do this by holding the crystal in your palm – tumblestone is the best option for this as they’re small and easy to hold.

Notice if you feel a vibration of energy flowing up your arm, or if you feel any different.

I always notice the vibration during meditation, which is something I don’t really feel when I’m just casually holding the crystal. It only happens during meditation. My arm feels warm/hot and I can feel the vibrations going up my arm, like a tinging.

Using Tumblestones for Body Placement

If there is a particular Chakra you’d like to focus on during your meditation, select the crystal for the Chakra, and make sure you know which area of your body that is too e.g. to work on the Throat Chakra, the energy portal is on your throat.

Lie down and place the correct crystal you’ve chosen (ensure the crystal has been cleansed), on the correct body part. If you’re unsure, you can read about chakras in this article.

If you’re working on activating your Chakra during the meditation practice, you’ll want to be lying down for the session because you know, if your crystal is lying on your throat or chest, you won’t be able to sit up.

Creating a Crystal Shield / Grid

If you have various crystals you’d like to try, you can create a circle of crystals around you, creating a crystal shield and surrounding yourself with crystals energy.

If you do this. You’ll want to make sure the crystals are from a similar group of energy e.g. calming stones, energising stones.

The shape of the stones is up to you, it can be a mixture of all.

Using Clusters, Gedoes and Bigger Crystals

If you have 2 big crystals like a cluster or a geode, you can place them both in front of you, creating almost like a gate into the spiritual world. Sending the message to the universe that you’re open and connected to the spiritual world.

How to Meditate with Your Crystal

If you already have a set way of meditating, e.g. seating position, music/no music, outside/in your bedroom etc, you can apply the same methodology to meditating with crystals.

If you’re new to meditating and using crystals, you should practice meditation first, and then add crystals into it.

Here’s a general guide you can use to meditating with crystals:

  1. Set 10 – 15 minutes aside in your day, making sure you have a quiet space and you know you won’t be distracted. If you need to, get some earphones ready to block out any noise.

  2. Try a meditation practice with a chosen crystal by keeping it in your palm.

  3. If you have an intention for your meditation, tell your crystal what that is. Thank the crystal, and begin your meditation session with your crystal in your hand.

  4. If you find that you keep looking at the time to see how many minutes have passed, set a timer on your phone or choose a meditative music/song that lasts between 10 to 15 minutes (there are many on Spotify just type in “Meditation Music”.)

  5. After your session, notice how you felt, what you experienced, what you saw (if anything) and if you had any visions, unusual sensations in your body etc.

Go ahead and try it, and let us know in comment below how it was for you!

Can You Meditate With Two Different Crystals?

Yes, you can meditate with 2 different crystals, ensuring that their energy matches. For example, if one crystal is a high-energy crystal, you’ll want the 2nd crystal to be of similar high-energy vibrations.

Want to learn more about crystals?

One source of info, from basics to the deeper questions when it comes to crystals? I hear ya.

You can check out the below guide and workbook which comes with 9 printouts to help you understand crystals, and how to use them for your own benefit.

starting with crystals beginners guide meditation manifesting with crystals healing properties how to use

This guide is perfect if you’re completely new to crystals and want to learn more, or if you already have some basic knowledge but aren’t sure how to use crystals yourself.

I cover the main topics of crystals including chakras, meditating and manifesting with crystals in real simple terms.

You can check out all the info about the guide and workbook in this link, which includes a video and a sneak peek into the guide.

And remember – sharing is caring ?

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