How to Raise Positive Vibrations? 18 Different Ways to Feel Spiritually Better

How to raise positive vibrations

Spiritually speaking, we all get low days. Sometimes there’s a reason, sometimes we simply get out of bed and our vibration just seems a little off. 

There doesn’t always have to be a reason, and you don’t need to go out looking for it or feeling guilty because you’re feeling low for no known reason.

Allow yourself to be, and be kind to yourself – self-love. 

Raising your vibrational energy in spiritual terms is simply changing the frequency of your energy. Like crystals, we’re all energy and from time to time our energy changes and our batteries need charging. 

When you notice that you’re feeling a bit meh, low, off or like you don’t belong in your body, that just means that you mind, body and/or soul needs a bit of love and attention. 

There are a few solutions and remedies to fix any low energy. All it takes is doing a bit of what speaks to you, something that brings you joy. 

We all get busy and wrapped up in our own little world sometimes. We run from one thing to the next, forgetting what having fun and enjoying life felt like. 

That can cause our energy vibrations to be low. In the modern world, we know it as burnout. 

However, low vibrational energy in spiritual terms is not as simple as that. Our low vibrations can be caused by blocked chakras, lack of movement or spiritual practices in our daily lives. 

I am here to keep bringing spirituality back into your life so your energy vibrations stay at a nice, positive level. 

In case you’re feeling a bit low at this time, here are a few remedies, to raise positive vibrations and get your spirituality back on track: 

Essential Oils

There are thousands of essential oils out there, and each one with unique properties. To raise vibrations and depending on your mood, I would recommend you use: 

  • Melissa
  • Geranium 
  • Lavender 
  • Lemon 
  • Sage

You can sniff them, make your own mixes and apply them to your wrists by mixing it with almond or coconut oil, or diffuse the oils in a diffuser. 

Guru Nanda have a great selection of essential oils including diffusers.

Whole Body Essential Oils Set


It’s the perfect time-out. You quieten your thoughts, you escape the present world, and you shut down not thinking about anything else. By focusing on your breath and escaping the every day noise of life, meditation is like a reset button and works miracles when raising your vibrations. 

A meditation session can provide you with clarity, i.e. why your vibrations were low in the first place, and get rid of any thoughts that were clouding your energy and wellbeing. 


Movement + breath is honestly the best medicine for a cloudy mind and a stiff body. YouTube is full of yoga exercises and they can be as short as 5 minutes and as long as 2 hours. 

I love how flexible it is, and you don’t need to commit to doing it all perfectly. Skip moves that don’t feel good, listen to your body and move in a way that you feel you need to move. It’s a great way to reconnect with your body if you feel somewhat detached from it. 

By doing a short yoga session, your body and mind will feel reconnected and because it’s such a spiritual, slow and sensual practice, you’ll be able to raise your energy vibrations. 


When energy gets stuck, or old energy is stagnant, circulating in and around your body like poison, sometimes there’s only one thing for it – dance it out. 

I have a playlist of songs called Dance It Away, and I plug my earphones in loud, close my eyes and just dance. There’s usually stomping, hands in the air and lip syncing involved…

It feels like a great energy release though. I always felt like exercise was so strict and if I didn’t do it right, it meant I was failing. So an exercise that was meant to make me feel good, made me feel like shit because I couldn’t even do a simple set of exercises. 

Dancing and moving in a way your body naturally moves, is a liberating exercise. It’s a release of old, negative energy, pouring out with every move of every limb. 

Try it…

Gratitude Journal 

Being grateful can drastically change your outlook and perspective on life. If you don’t already, keep a gratitude journal, wiring down all the things that you’re grateful for. 

You can do this each day before going to sleep, and when you wake up. If you’re feeling particularly low, read back on all the things you’ve ever listed and you’ll gain a perspective shift that completely changes your vibrations. 

Works like a charm.

How to raise positive vibrations

Candles, Salt Lamp 

There’s nothing cosier than curling up with a good book and lighting a few candles. The warm glow from the candle can make you feel instantly warmer and fuzzy inside, especially if you’re holding a hot cuppa tea and the rain is tapping on your window outside. 

Salt lamps are also known to lift our spirits due to their warm glow and health benefits released when lit up. You can read more about salt lamps and their benefits here

Nutritious Food

When you eat crappy food, your vibrational frequency is crappy. Hearty, nutritious food raises our vibrations providing a good energy boost. Get some veggies in the oven, make a yummy soup or cook a meal you’ve been craving for a while. 


Drinking plenty of liquids is super important. If you haven’t drank a full glass of water today, get one now to replenish your fluids. A body and mind that’s not hydrated will be craving for some nourishment and as a result eating away at your energy. 

You should drink between 4 to 8 glasses of water each day, or more depending on your climate/where you live. In hotter areas your fluids are lost quicker and need more replenishment. 

Doing Something That Makes You Lose track of Time 

What makes you feel like you’ve completely lost track of time? 

What consumes you and makes you forget about the whole world? 



Creating music? 


Whatever it is, make a note of it and incorporate it into your weekly routine, making sure you set some time aside at least once a week. 

If your vibration is low, put aside any plans you had and hide yourself away getting creative and losing track of time. It can be a very nourishing task for your energy. 


Sometimes all we need is a few songs and our vibrations are instantly raised. Music can make us feel SO many things. 

Sad songs can make us emotional, nostalgic, while upbeat music can bring joy and happiness. 

Try creating a playlist titled “Happiness Boost” full of songs that essentially make you feel happier. Try adding upbeat, faster songs of 80 – 120 Beats Per Minute (BPM) or search high vibrational/frequency music for a playlist on Spotify or YouTube. 


Crystals are energy, just like us humans. We’re both made of molecules that vibrate at different frequencies. The most effective way of raising your vibrational frequency is surrounding yourself with crystals of higher frequency. 

You can use these high energy crystals

To learn more about how to use crystals, you can read this article


If one of your chakras is out of tune, needs a bit of attention, then your whole mind, body, soul coordination can feel a little off. Your vibrational frequency is closely related to your chakras and how active they are. 

Depending on where the origin of your low vibration, you can work it out by analysing your chakras and where your energy might be lacking. 

To learn about chakras and how to active them for a balanced vibration, you can read this article

Walking, Spending Time in Nature 

A walk in nature, away from the four walls of your house or office can work like a reset button to your vibrational energy. Your frequency suddenly changes as you’re removed from your clouded environment that was perhaps getting you and your energy down. 

Nature never fails to amaze us and raise my energy levels, with the fresh air and the natural habitat brings us back to bare basics, away from the artificial, electromagnetic field world that sucks up our energy. 

Be Kind Through Simple Acts

Kindness can make us feel better. Acting with kindness in mind throughout the day or doing a spontaneous act of kindness can drastically raise your vibrations. 

As human beings, helping someone makes us feel good! It makes us feel like we’re useful, like we belong, like we’re a part of something bigger, this society and world we live in. 

See if you can be kind, be spontaneous and see how that makes you feel, noticing the shift in your spiritual vibration. Maybe support a local, independent business or an Etsy seller with their art/craft?


Breathwork is about conscious breathing. It’s a set of breathing exercises, changing the usual pattern of our breathing and controlling it through specific sets. Breathwork helps to release tension buried deep inside our mind, body and soul, helping us feel more connected to the body we’re in and to discover our traumas, being able to face and/or release them. 

To raise your vibrations, breathwork can help lift any negativity through cleaning breath exercises. 

You can read more about breathwork here

Speak to Someone you Love/Enjoy Speaking to 

One of my favourite things to do, is having a chat with Ben after a long day, especially when we’re in bed. It makes me feel happy, certainly raises my vibrations and like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. 

Having a conversation with someone who understands you, shares your pains, interests and ambitions uplifts our mood and makes us feel like we belong. It’s also a good way to distract ourselves from the everyday mundane and divert our energy into someone/something else. 

Look Out for Magick

Whenever I go for a walk, or I’m looking out the window, I ask the universe to present me with miracles and magick. Suddenly, a leaf will fall right in front of me, or a big bird will fly over my head or on a really lucky day, a rainbow appears.

It’s these little things we might not notice every day, but it’s these little things in life that make us happy, and raise our vibrations. 


Reiki energy healing means healing of your energy, clearing negative vibrations from your aura which surrounds your body. As we are all energy and sometimes negative energy can affect our mental and physical wellbeing, reiki healing helps shift the negative/stagnant energy, which in turn helps with your mind/body/soul balance and synchronisation.

How to raise positive vibrations

Reiki healing is a relaxation technique that reduces stress – if you’re a nervous person or prone to stress, you could really benefit from reiki. 

During a reiki session, the healer/reiki master will use their hands hovering over your body parts to move away the negative energy. 


By lighting a sage smudge stick and letting the smoke please your aura, you’re removing bad energy from your surroundings and aura. It helps to make a shift in your energy, giving a new vibrational frequency. 

To learn more about smudging, read about it here, and to get yourself a smudge stick – you can buy one here to try smudging. 

Affirmation to Raise Your Vibration

If you’re in need of an affirmation to keep in your journal, phone notes, here’s an affirmation you can use to raise your vibrations: 

Positive and high energy is all around me. I feel the abundance, happiness and magick of this world, as it raises my vibrations. I am being showered with high energy, fortune and good flow of energy. 

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