8 Effective Yet Simple Ways to Bring Nature Indoors

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If you’re one of those people who live in a house with a garden, let me tell you something – you are INCREDIBLY lucky. 

Ben and I have been living in an apartment for nearly 5 years now, and we have REALLYYY missed a garden, it’s crazy. 

With this lockdown and British weather not always being kind to us, we have really struggled to feel close to nature. Just to paint a picture, we live next to a main road and quite close to the city centre of wonderful Wolverhampton. 

We do however, have an absolutely joyous-to-look-at cherry blossom, right outside our bedroom window. I can almost touch the branches of it. Our bedroom looks almost pink on a sunny day when those pink flowers come out in the spring. 

That just isn’t quite enough for us… We go to the local park and we still seem to crave the wild adventures next to waterfalls and climbing on rocky, moss-covered tracks. 

If you live in a city or an apartment too, you might also struggle to bring nature indoors. 

Naturally, there’s a solution to this….

8 great ways to bring nature indoors that we’re going to talk about, are:

  1. Decorating with plants 
  2. Buying flowers
  3. Listening to nature sounds
  4. Putting a seasonal display
  5. Watching nature documentaries
  6. Letting natural light in
  7. Using rattan accessories or furniture 
  8. Growing your own herbs

Why Do We Need to Bring Nature Indoors? 

Being stuck in the house all day, can be daunting, boring and it can really affect our mental health. Especially during these difficult times of lockdown, long nights, cold days and most of us working from home. 

Surrounded by four walls and technology, affects us mentally and I’m sure most of us crave the sun on our skin and some connection with nature. This can be hard when you don’t have a garden…

So why do we need nature to make us feel better?

The colour green is naturally soothing to our eyes, brain and brings overall feeling of happiness and peace. It’s a clean colour that brings a sense of peace and so it makes sense that nature/plants that are green, also bring us peace and clarity. 

The more green colour in your apartment, the better!

Now that we’ve cleared that up, you need more green in your apartment – what else could you do to bring outdoors, inside? 

There’s actually quite a few things – pick and choose whichever ones appeal the most to you: 

1. Decorate With Plants

Plants are incredibly beneficial to our wellbeing and our apartments. They clean the air, look pretty and have been found to boost our productivity, creativity while reducing stress.

Making sure you have at least one plant in each room of your house or apartment, will help you clean the air in that room, feel a little more connected to something natural. A little piece of the outside, inside. 

There’s something quite soothing about watering plants too, especially if you can’t do any gardening. 

Some good plants to get started with are: 

2. Buy Yourself Flowers 

It’s nice to receive flowers from someone, sure, it’s always a nice gift. But there’s also nothing wrong with buying yourself flowers – this should definitely be normalised in our society. Treat yourself and get yourself some flowers.

Flowers can really brighten a room or a lonely corner adding colour and sometimes even a nice scent. Flowers tend to be seasonal – for example daffodils tulips in early spring, so it’s kind of like bringing the season and seasonal changes into your home’s aura. 

I also like to take flower heads and put them either whole or break them into petals and put them in my bath. They feel nice on my skin and I love watching them circle around me as I relax, makes me feel closer and connected to nature even more. 

3. Nature Sounds 

What is your favourite nature sound? There are many to choose from: thunder, rain, birds, water streams, jungle sounds… Whatever your fancy, listening to natural sounds for at least 60 seconds can really lift your mood and relax you.

Especially if you’ve been hearing nothing but cars, phone rings and people’s chatter all day. 

Set aside 5 minutes and stick your earphones in, pick a playlist on Spotify or YouTube and put your chosen nature sounds on. You can lie down or sit down and even shut your eyes, just really listening to the sounds.

My favourite to listen to on Spotify is bird sounds and amazon jungle sounds. They bring me so much peace and are actually great to meditate to. 

These simple sounds can restore our feeling of being in nature, and if that makes you happy, then listening to nature sounds is a great way of bringing nature into your life and home. As well as great way to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of dailiness.

4. Seasonal Veg Display 

Each season brings its own treasures – in autumn we get bright orange pumpkins, in the summer we get strawberries, fresh herbs and lots of flowers in the spring. 

If you have a kitchen window, why not do a display? 

You could use a wooden crate, stuffing it with seasonal goodies, depending on what’s in season. This could be vegetables, flowers, plants, fruit or even things your find in the street – like conkers, feathers etc. 

Don’t limit yourself, if you feel creative, why not decorate the crate as well? You could paint it a seasonal colour: 

  • Orange for autumn
  • Blue for winter
  • Yellow for spring 
  • Green or pink for summer

5. Nature Documentaries or Videos

Whether you’re into David Attenborough and geeky, educational films, it doesn’t really matter. 

Looking at our beautiful world, natural world filled with animals and scenic landscapes can really boost our mood. It can really reconnect us with nature, and out beautiful mother earth that we seem to be taking for granted…

And let’s be honest – it’s great looking at crystal blue seas and fresh green trees, it makes such a refreshing change to our four walls and social media feeds. 

6. Let Natural Light In

Try to keep your windows clear off any clutter if you can, and keep the blinds/curtains open as much as you can. If you live in an apartment, chances are no one can see into your home so you can leave your windows wide open and clear of any curtains, blinds or any other decorations. 

Letting more natural light in can help bring more sunlight (or at least natural light) into your house, making you feel more like you’re outside especially if the sun is shining. Letting the natural world and air, into your home. 

7. Natural Furniture and Accessories 

Macrame and rattan are both natural materials that really organic and authentic. They are used for so many things! Chairs, lamp shades, lanterns, shelves, side tables you name it! 

Little touches of furniture made from natural materials are a great way to once again, bring nature indoors. 

Our homes are mostly made from artificial manmade materials, filled with technology and 21st century appliances that are of course essential to us.

If there’s no escaping it, by decorating your apartment with accessories or furniture that are made from natural materials or plants, you’re restoring the natural balance of modern and ancient. 

If you can, choose wood that isn’t coated or painted over (varnish is okay), try and use natural and toned colours for photo frames picking wooden/shell ones over metal frames for example. There are so many natural accessories on Etsy now! 

We picked our few favourite natural accessories here for you. 

8. Grow Own Herbs on Kitchen Window

If you have a window in your kitchen, you can actually grow your own herbs! Despite not having a garden in an apartment, if you are limited for space, growing herbs is the one thing you CAN do. 

You can buy the potted herbs in the supermarket which are between $1-$3, just keep watering them and cutting the top leafs (like giving your hair a trim so new leafs can grow). 

Or you can try and buy small pots and grow your own herbs of your own choice. Most herbs just need some sunlight and watering, like parsley, basil and dill. Others might be more fussy so read packaging/label of the seeds. 

This kit comes with 6 essential herbs, instructions and even compostable pots to grow your seeds in! Super cute. They make lovely gifts too.

Overall there are good ways to bring nature inside if you’re struggling for ideas or you’re not sure if it’s even possible – well, it is possible. Whichever of the above ideas appealed to you the most, give them a try!

And don’t forget to let our Toucan Dream Tribe community know in comments below ?

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