How Tarot Cards Are Read? + How You Can Easily Learn Tarot

How Tarot cards are read

I’ve always thought of tarot, tarot cards or reading tarot as a practice from those weird astrologers on the tv that would tell you that you’re going to get sick, or something big awaits you or that money is on its way to you…

That was the first time I ever heard about tarot and I grew up around the idea that tarot readers are just money-grabbing, scaremongers to get more money out of you and not necessarily telling the truth. How can anyone tell the future anyway…

Due to the bad rep tarot reading and cards had, I never bothered to look into it more, even though I felt somewhat drawn to it. 

I had my first tarot reading from a friend, and it was very insightful actually. One of the cards blew out from the deck in the wind, it was a guidance/leadership card, which as a Leo I fully resonated with. 

Since then, I’ve been eager to get more into the subject. 

Tarot reading can provide us with guidance, it can point us in the right direction and it can help us understand a situation we’re in a little bit better. When it comes to reading the cards, there has to be a context. 

You can’t just lay the cards and try and read them without any background context of your life thrown into the mix. That’s why it’s always best to start with questions that you’d like help with answering. 

I take tarot readings with a pinch of salt – it’s a bit of fun, but I do believe in its magick and I don’t believe in coincidence. I believe that the card meant for you, do show up and mean something. 

Where Did the Tarot Cards Come From?

There are 78 cards in the tarot deck and they originate from Italy in, 15th century. 

With more tarot cards to choose from than ever, how do you even know which one to buy? The one that looks pretty? What’s the difference between all the different decks?

Most of the time, the deck is the same, consisting of 78 cards and with a different colour scheme and design. It’s essentially about personalisation, as we’re all different and different aspects appeal to us more than others. 

How Tarot cards are read

The truth is, it doesn’t really matter which deck you end up buying, because all tarot cards follow a pattern and contain the different 78 challenges, life situations, feelings and opportunities, they are just presented visually in a slightly different way. 

The key when choosing the first deck, is picking the one that you feel drawn to. That could be based on the look of it if you’re online shopping, or going into a holistic shop and seeing which one stands out to you. 

If you’re online shopping, check out East Meets West, they have a super neat collection of different tarot decks here

One of the best decks to start with as a beginner is the Rider Waite deck as the images are clear and easier to interpret. 

A tarot deck is split into 2 major card types: 

  • Major Arcana: there’s 20 of them, and they drastically change a tarot reading, symbolising big changes and twists in the path
  • Minor Arcana: there are 58 of these, and they are the small life obstacles, daily challenges and feelings we encounter each day. They’re more of a present time, small stuff and current life situation cards

Drawing the Cards

Before you shuffle and draw the cards, have a question in mind. That can be a question to do with your path, current life situation or anything else. 

You want to ask yourself an open-ended question, starting with What/How/Why/When/Where rather than “Will this happen…”, “Is this happening going to happen for me,” etc…

To draw the cards, you first need to shuffle them, and this can be done in any way you prefer. 

Once shuffled, you can draw either a single card or a few cards however you like. You can select the ones at the top of the deck, fan them out and pick ones that call out to you, lay them down on the floor and pick, or select those that fall out during shuffling.

Once you have a selected card/cards, lay them facing up on the floor or table, and analyse their imagery and meaning/significance. Sometimes tarot card decks are supplied with a guidebook, to help you determine the meaning or significance of the card to help you reach an answer to your question. 

How Tarot cards are read

Are Tarot Cards Easy to Learn

Yes, you can easily learn tarot cards, it only takes practice. Like with anything, you learn it once and then it’s like riding a bike. There are many tarot books out there you can read to help you learn about what each card means and how to read them. 

Each tarot deck also comes with a guide/reference book, to help you with the reading and interpreting what each card symbolises in reference to your question. 

Are Tarot Cards and Oracle Cards the Same

No, tarot cards follow a structure and contain a certain set of 78 standards cards, whereas oracle cards are a lot more relaxed, and can range from a few cards to a few hundred cards. Tarot cards follow a structure that was designed centuries ago by Rider Waite, consisting of certain types of cards, certain names, and following a pattern. With oracle cards, literally, anyone could create and print an oracle deck. You can have as many or as few cards as you want and the rules for reading are generally more relaxed. Oracle cards provide a greater sense of what is going on in our life currently, while tarot cards provide a bit more detail and greater interpretation. 

Can Tarot Cards Answer Questions

Absolutely, one of the key aspects of drawing tarot or oracle cards, is having a question in mind. Otherwise, if you end up drawing a card with no context, it’s not going to help you much… You need to have a question in mind such as “Where is my current position in life going to take me?” “Where is my path to success” or “Why is this xxx, making me anxious/stressed?”

Whatever card you draw or if one falls out, that’s normally the answer to your question. A tarot deck is usually provided with a guidebook, so you can use it to interpret what the card means. 

When Tarot Cards Fly Out

Pay attention and keep any card that flies out, whether that’s during shuffling, or when you’re taking them out of your box or at any other time. It’s like the universe, and all energy around you has chosen that card for you. It’s no coincidence and can provide the answers you desperately need. 

It’s like some things are meant to be and even if you don’t have a question in mind and a card falls out, reading into it can provide you with answers you didn’t know you needed…

How Tarot cards are read

Which Tarot Cards Represent Pregnancy

The tarot cards that can symbolise pregnancy, are: 

  • Page of Cups 
  • The Moon
  • Ace of cups
  • Ace of Swords 
  • The Star 
  • Queen of Cups
  • Ace of Pentacles
  • Three of Cups
  • Ace of Wands
  • Empress
  • High Priestess

When doing a tarot reading it’s important you remember that nothing is set in stone, nothing can predict the future 100% accurately and you shouldn’t rely on the cards for definite answers. 

Sure they can be a great guide and point you in one or another direction. A tarot reading can help you make a choice and understand a present situation better, but it shouldn’t be relied on as 100% truth that’s set in stone. 

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