How Do You Know If You’re a Starseed?

how to know if I'm a starseed

I first came across the term “starseed” when reading a book by Rebecca Campbell (which I highly recommend btw, Rise Sister Rise)

As soon as I saw the word on the page, it resonated something with me. Like a part of me awakened and something sparkled in my soul, it made me feel less alone and more grounded. 

We often wonder and ask questions – why am I here? Why was I born at this time? 

Or we simply think/say, I was born in the wrong era. Especially if the time we live in now, doesn’t fit right for us, and we dream about the older days and how the world looked like back then. Perhaps you fantasise about living in the world of Harry Potter and magic (I mean, who doesn’t?!), or the 1920s, or the time of ancient tribes living with no electricity, with nothing but nature. 

For some reason, we are drawn to certain times and certain aspects for living, and we can’t quite figure out why.

This is where the starseed definition gives us some answers… Ready for them? 

What Is a Starseed?

A starseed is a term given to your being, existence, soul that has traveled, explored and waited, until it was ready to be born into your body. It may have experienced previous lives, either in this world, this planet – or a completely different galaxy. The starseed within you, at one point decided that it was time to be born earthside, and here you are today and now. 

This gives us purpose, and meaning – you were born here and now for a reason. Perhaps it was to heal and teach people, or it was as simple as meeting your one true love and spending your life with them. 

how to know if I'm a starseed

When we don’t feel quite ourselves, or we feel a little up in the air, detached from our body – that’s when we’re disconnected from our true purpose, the body is detached from the soul. This could be an indication that you’re not truly connecting with your soul’s purpose and what you came here to do. 

Perhaps you haven’t figured it out yet. That’s perfectly okay, as a starseed on this planet, you can use your whole lifetime figuring it out. 

When you start to feel detached or a bit alien, the best way to reconnect with your soul is to meditate, sit in silence, without judgment and just be. Close your eyes and be still. Quieten your mind. 

The best ideas and the best revelations come in silence – as Deepak Chopra says:

“Inner silence promotes clarity of mind; It makes us value the inner world; It trains us to go inside to the source of peace and inspiration when we are faced with problems and challenges.”

Deepak Chopra

Are Starseeds Empaths?

Empaths are generally people who are very sensitive to their surroundings and can easily pick up on people’s energies, sometimes absorbing it. A starseed can also be an empath, while their purpose on this earth is to heal people, to understand others and to learn to protect their energy, by sharing wisdom with others. 

Empaths are gifted individuals that need to truly accept and tune into their gift. Otherwise it can become overwhelming, whereby any negative energy from others or simply in the air is absorbed, causing the empath to pick up on energy that brings them down, leaving them feeling unhappy, depressed and leading to a dark place.

If you’re an empath, perhaps as a starseed your purpose and journey is to heal others, help other empaths understand what they are going through. Perhaps you need to truly accept and tune into your gift and use it to read people and be more intuitive. 

Empaths see a lot more than regular people – to learn how to protect your energy and treasure your gift, you can read more about it here. 

how to know if I'm a starseed

Are Starseeds Introverts?

Introverts are generally people who prefer their own company and aren’t too outgoing. Very often, starseeds are introverts, although I believe that absolutely anyone can be a starseed. Each one of us, could be a starseed, we just haven’t tuned into it yet. 

YOU could be a starseed, who’s to say you’re not? 

You have a soul and if you’re an introvert, you probably spend a lot of time by yourself which allows for a lot of solitude, silence and time to yourself to absorb thoughts. Getting to know who you are and listening to your voice within can be challenging for extroverts because they always feel the need to talk, be out with people and to be constantly doing something. 

To tune into your star seed’s purpose and listen to your intuition, you need to be still, silent and full of solitude. That cannot be achieved when you are around people, as their energies and thoughts influence your own thought process and opinions. 

Starseed – How to Remember?

A starseed would have experienced different situations, emotions, traumas and people. There is a way to access an archive to try and remember those times, which in return will help you feel in tune with your soul and purpose. 

If you’ve ever had that “deja vu” feeling, which some people say is a glitch in the matrix or that we’re having a recollection from our previous life. The funny thing is, that we all get it – we all know that deja vu feeling. 

We’ve been here before, this has happened before – but where and how? This is the first time I remember being here and yet, that feeling and intuition is saying – been here before…

To tune into your star seed’s previous life/lives, you need to access your akashic records

how to know if I'm a starseed

Akashic records are memories, experiences and events that your soul experienced in different lifetimes, galaxies and worlds. The records are like energy frequencies and all that your soul experienced in the past. 

Through akashic records you can access your soul’s previous memories, experiences and where it’s traveled to, what it’s experienced, to better connect with the time and place you’re in now. The akashic records are a library of all feelings, thoughts and experiences from each lifetime. Depending on how old your soul is, your library can be full of pretty amazing experiences and can help you learn more about the person you are today and answer a few “why” questions. 

To learn how to access akashic records, read the guide here

How to Know If I’m a Starseed?

If you feel like a loner and like you can’t connect with everyone, only certain people. If you feel better in your own company and you need deep, meaningful conversations, you’re a starseed. To know whether you’re a starseed, the symptoms are very similar to those who go through a spiritual awakening. 

Looking for answers in spiritual rituals and topics is an indication that the answers you’ve been given thus far in life, aren’t filling that void and aren’t even scratching the surface of your intellectual and spiritual depth. 

As a starseed, you long for knowledge, for connection and belonging, which can be challenging to find. 

You have a purpose here, you are a starseed who traveled galaxies and previous lives, to get to where you are now. Through spiritual rituals and measures you can better tune into your starseed side and find your purpose. 

Here’s some spiritual rituals I practice at home and recommend for you to try. 

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