4 Essential Holistic / Natural Living Sources Every Beginner Should Start With

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As you may have already found out yourself, starting something new can be hard. Getting into a new routine or habit seems like a massive challenge that sometimes feels impossible to even embark on. 

The task becomes even more difficult when you don’t have all the information you need. Some sort of guidance, facts, step-by-step, and a guru to tell you not to worry, you’re doing great!

This is why so many books and blogs are so great. 

They teach us through their own experiences and they make us feel like we can trust them. Hopefully, you feel the same reading my blog! 

In the world of the internet and ebooks, knowledge and information is just a few clicks away for us. Which is so convenient! But also, a little overwhelming. 

It’s so easy to get information – however, that doesn’t mean that all information is correct or fits within your own beliefs. 

Especially when it comes to natural / holistic living – the definition for me, might be different to how you see natural / holistic living. 

Anyone can write anything on the internet, so which sources can you trust and rely on for accurate information? Where do you go for guidance and tips?

Is google really a trustworthy source?

I’m here to give you guidance to the overwhelming search results of google and tell you EXACTLY where to go for information and tips on natural and holistic living. 

Here we go: 

Toucan Dream


Hah, naturally I’m going to first tell you about my own blog 😉 first of all, thank you for being here. 

This blog is all about natural, holistic living with a touch of spirituality to bring magick into your 9-5 routine. 

Life can be tough and juggling things when you’re trying to lead a happy, natural and holistic life while staying within your budget can be challenging. 

My tips are realistic, with step-by-step guidance and with different ideas for you to try before you find the one that fits for you. Everyone is different and different things resonate with different people, that’s what makes us special! 

There isn’t a one size fits all solution with natural / holistic living, that’s why I always give a few different options and solutions to try, to appeal to even reader and beginner. 

All of my blog posts are written with a beginner in mind. I don’t use any fancy jargon words, and I describe every aspect in its simplest terms, from a beginner’s perspective. 

I also like to use a touch of humour to keep things light hearted 🙂

If you’d like to keep up to date with my blog posts and receive more tips on natural and holistic living, you can subscribe below. You’ll receive a totally free natural living guide to get you started: 

I Am Simple Natural Life, Sarah Brooks


This book has been a stepping stone for me when it comes to natural living. It’s written with such realistic steps and in a non-judgmental way, reminding you to be patient with your progress and doing things in a way that works for you. 

If I was beginning my journey towards natural living right now, I would be starting with this book for sure. 

The book covers topics like growing your own, food, plastic, living in tune with the seasons and holistic practices/rituals that will lead you onto the right path of the holistic lifestyle. 

Sarah writes everything in realistic terms. She also outlines steps and exercises for you to do, depending on your level of commitment and what’s feasible for you. 

What I liked about this book best is that it gives you lots of ideas and background information on what it means to live naturally and holistically. 

She speaks from experience and makes you feel like whatever you do, you’re making progress and you don’t need to set the bar too high. You need to set your level of commitment and be realistic about what’s possible for you and what isn’t. 

It’s a great approach because straight away you feel like trying and it’s not too overwhelming. It makes you feel like you can actually do this and give it a go, at a pace that’s right for you. 

I’d highly recommend the I Am Simple Natural Life book, despite the funny title. 

Mindful Momma


Probably one of my favourites. Micaela is basically a holistic, natural living goddess. Her tips are easy to follow, the information comes from a source you can trust and you can tell how passionate she is about the topics. 

Her blogs cover a wide range of natural / holistic living areas, including zero waste, natural products, non-toxic solutions, food ideas, and the list goes on. 

It’s a great place to go for ideas, and some inspiration. However, the blog has SO many blog posts that it’s actually a little overwhelming. So unless you know exactly what you’re looking for, the mountain of information and different blog posts can leave you feeling overwhelmed and again, not sure where to start. 

Mindful Momma is a great blog to go for guidance once you’ve done your background research on natural / holistic living and you know exactly what you need help with. 

You might have a specific question in mind, or you might need specific product ideas/links for what you are after – Mindful Momma is a great shout in that case. 

I would encourage that if you’re just beginning the natural/holistic living journey, you start with a good book, like I am Simple Natural Life just so you have the base of knowledge. Then if you have questions along the way, go onto Toucan Dream or Mindful Momma for more information. 



I know what you might be thinking – Pinterest is just for crafts, recipes and home decor ideas. Well, not quite! 

Many bloggers and website use pins to provide you with ideas on different topics like natural living, zero waste, plastic-free, etc. 

All you have to do is type in the topic you want to learn about, for example, natural skincare brands, and watch the search results appear in the form of pins. 

When you find one that looks like it has the answers, click on it, and then click again once the pin is on your whole screen. This will take you to the blog or article with the answers. 

You can also create a board and save all ideas and great posts to that board to go back to them at a later date to read on your commute to work for example. 

It just so happens that I also have a Pinterest account and actively pin new content! You can check it out and follow my account here

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