The Entrepreneur Mindset – The Success + Power of a Positive Mind

entrepreneur positive mindset success

There is so much at stake when it comes to your mindset. It’s the most powerful tool we have and yet we don’t use it to its full potential. 

Naturally, each mindset is different because of cultural influences, how we’ve been brought up, the genes we’ve inherited, the people we’re surrounded by and our own biological make-up of our being (your brain, nervous system and the rest). 

Have you noticed that happy people, tend to be more successful? 

Hear me out – I know they’re happy now because they have it all. The money, the mansion, car, career, holidays, private island, etc… Look at people who are successful, however, and still miserable? 

Look at the rich who end up committing suicide because they weren’t truly happy – it happens. 

In order to make it in this world, our mindset must be trained, polished and exercised consciously every single day. 

It’s difficult to stay positive all day, every day, despite the challenges life throws at us each day. Despite our boss sending yet another email chasing something up from you. 

Or burning your dinner…

Those aren’t good feelings and they put a downer on our mood and day. 

The key is in how we react to it. 

We have a choice. We make a choice on how we react – whether it’s consciously, or subconsciously

It’s important you acknowledge your feelings too – however, you may feel, acknowledge that those feelings are valid. Honour them, but choose to react how you WANT to, rather than how you’re PROGRAMMED to respond. 

The 2 Mindsets – Subconscious and Conscious 

There are 2 parts to our brain/mind, inner voice and the one, huge mechanism that controls our movement, thoughts and feelings. 

The subconscious mind – when you’re on auto-pilot, react and respond naturally without thinking about it. The phone rings, you answer. You fail a test, you get angry and upset. That is your natural reaction, and you respond without thinking much about it. 

The conscious mind – this is when you suddenly stop and question your inner voice. You tell your inner being and mind, what to think, how to react and what this means to you. You become in control of your usually-autopilot reactions. 

entrepreneur positive mindset success

You fail a test, so you stop and divert the tears into: “This clearly wasn’t meant to be. There are better plans for me out there. I failed, my sadness although a valid feeling because I don’t like a failure, will pass and mustn’t worry about things I can no longer control.”

The key in changing your mindset to a positive one, is working on your conscious mind, which will eventually with enough practice, become your subconscious, because your mind will be trained to respond positively. 

The Mindset of an Entrepreneur 

Having the skills and the idea to start your own business is one thing. It certainly helps with your success and making it work, having the confidence to go out and just do it instead of thinking about it and dreaming it, while you’re chained to your desk waiting for lunchtime. The CRUCIAL and absolutely most important factor in making it work is your mindset. Without it, chances are that you’ll give up at the first challenge and say: well at least I tried, and failed so it must be a sign that this isn’t going to work out for me. 

No. Throw that attitude out of the window, right this second. 

To make it, you have to see each failure and mistake, as a lesson learned. 

Your mind must be SO damn set on your goal, that you will not give up until you absolutely get there. This is the key, that sets successful and unsuccessful people apart – their mindset. 

You absolutely have to finish your projects and targets – doesn’t matter how long it takes, years or weeks set yourself targets and work towards them. Break them down into baby steps and baby targets and keep going, keep growing, and keeping working on that mindset. 

It’s a journey and each day you must activate your conscious mind, your positive mindset and wake up feeling grateful and positively certain of your success. 

Sure you’ll probably have a few bad days, we’re only human and on those bad days, just remind yourself of the things you are grateful for, and maybe that day have a break and do the hints you love. 

Recharge your batteries. 

Mindset to Success 

Your mindset cannot be changed overnight. 

Louder for those in the back – YOUR MINDSET, CANNOT BE CHANGED OVERNIGHT. 

entrepreneur positive mindset success

Think about it – whatever age you are now, the way you are and the way your mindset is programmed, is because of many factors in your life. These include your experiences, traumas, what you’ve been through, your upbringing, parents, friends, culture, religion, genes, ancestors, school, choices and decisions you’ve made. 

Over the years, your mind has been programmed to act and react in the way that you are now. Old habits, routines and your whole personality that stems from your mind. 

If your mindset is mainly self-sabotaging and mostly negative thoughts, to get to a positive mindset, it will take some time and work. 

Almost like building a new brain, a new mindset – throwing away your old habits and thoughts, and replacing them with new, positive responses. 

Don’t set unrealistic expectation and goals for yourself of becoming a completely positive person in a week. 

It’ll take time, but it’ll be worth it. 

Practice every day, in every situation, get to know your mindset and attempt to change it gradually

How to Have / Keep a Positive Mindset? 

To have a positive mindset, you should: 

  • Make the conscious choice and decision to stay positive, regardless of what life throws at you
  • Smile and laugh
  • Do more of the things that you love/enjoy
  • Surround yourself with positive, like-minded people
  • Change your environment (if you’re not feeling positive about it) 
  • Start a gratitude journal 
  • Stay focused on your goals
  • Don’t give up at the first hurdle
  • Ackwodlwege your negative feelings/thoughts, and make the conscious choice to release them

Make the decision and choice that from this day forward you will keep a positive mindset. Write it down if you want to make it more real and if this will make you more motivated. Stay conscious of your reactions and when your mindset starts to turn negative – notice and observe it, why your mindset is changing, and make the conscious effort to turn it around. Ensure you do the things that bring you joy – whether it’s a walk in nature, a run, a dance class, good healthy food, make sure you make the time for things that bring you joy. 

entrepreneur positive mindset success

You can’t always force a positive mindset. By doing the things that make you smile, you will start to shift the negative energy and with it, your mindset.

Smile – lots. You can try forcing a smile for a few minutes, and studies have shown that this can improve your mood. If you’re not one for forcing a grin, watch a YouTube video on funny fails, or cats, and this is bound to make you laugh and boost your happy hormones to make you smile. Smiling sets off endorphins, happy hormones, which will improve your mood and make you more likely and easier, to change your mindset to a positive one. 

Stay Focused – Your target is to not give in, and stay in a positive mindset. If you are keeping a positive mindset in order to achieve something, write it down and display it somewhere where you’ll be able to see it as a reminder. 

To achieve your goals, you need to stay focused on them, and REALLY set your mind to them.

Regardless of the obstacles, the challenges life throws in the way, the hard times and those moments when you’re ready to give up.

This is when you’re getting close and life is just testing you – so keep going, head up, smile and make the conscious choice to carry on despite the difficulties.  

A really key aspect of having a positive mindset for me, has been gratitude and keeping a gratitude journal

Gratitude for a Positive Mindset

To feel grateful, you should practice gratitude at least once a day. A really simple exercise – just list 3 – 5 things that you’re grateful for. They don’t need to be huge, materialistic aspects either. The things you list, could be as little as the sun shining, or your good mood that day, or a nice breakfast etc. 

To truly feel the effect of gratitude, you should practice it for a week or 2, and notice your change in mood and mindset after a few days. 

By listing the things you’re grateful for, you’re acknowledging what you have and you’re putting a positive message out to the universe, saying: thank you for the things I already have. I am ready for more great things like that in my life. 

It suddenly makes you realise that you have a lot more than you thought. It shifts your focus from the things you lack, which can very often turn to comparing yourself to other people and upsetting yourself, to recognising how lucky you are. 

If you’d like to learn more about practicing gratitude, you can read more here, or watch the below video: 

Intentions and Affirmations 

When switching to a more positive mindset, you may want to set yourself some specific intentions. To help with your intentions, an affirmation can help you stay focused. 

By setting an intention, you’re essentially saying what you’re aiming for. For example, my intention is to remain positive, determined and focused. I want to have a positive mindset and my positive energy to influence others too. 

If that’s your goal, you might want a few affirmations which you can either write down or repeat out loud daily, to stay focused and to reaffirm what you are trying to achieve. 

For example: 

I am focused and in control of my positive mindset. My positive outlook and attitude spread positive energy throughout my mind, body, and those around me. 

To learn more about affirmations and setting intentions, click here

What tools do you use to keep a positive mindset? Let us know below in the comments 🙂

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