Easiest Way to Go Plastic-Free with Fruit and Veg

Today was a good day! We received a fresh and organic delivery of seasonal veg with not a single bit of plastic in sight. 




That makes us extremely happy and proud to support a business with sustainable and ethical ways of working with nature, instead of against it. 



Why Do We Choose Riverford?


We’re very plastic conscious so as you might have gathered from our previous posts, we don’t like to buy veg or fruit or any product that’s wrapped in plastic packaging that can’t be reused. When we found out about veggie subscription boxes delivered to your front door, we were very tempted to at least give it a try. 


Living in a flat can be restricting, as we don’t have a garden to grow fresh produce of our own. With Riverford, the freshly grown veg is delivered and feels like it’s been picked that same morning and makes us feel a little closer to nature (and having a garden…). 


Environmental Benefits of Using Riverford 


We’ve been ordering Riverford boxes for well over a year now, and we keep coming back because the quality is just like no other. It doesn’t even compare to supermarket veg and stops us from going into the shops for a week to get our essentials (we tend to buy canned foods in bulk so it lasts us 2 weeks and some veg to last us a week!). 


We order our Riverford boxes roughly once every 3 weeks. So it saves us a short journey to the supermarket which isn’t very sustainable, compared to the Riverford driver who is out on the road making daily deliveries in local areas. 


Short car journeys are actually more harmful to air and environment than a packed van that’s already out on the road. 


Following on from our post about supermarkets and their effort to reduce plastic, this is a solution that we’ve been pretty happy with. Although supermarkets have made some effort by making mesh bags available to buy from them to put your veggies in them, they continue to put plastic-wrapped fruit and veg, as well as other products. 


This is super annoying particularly when other brands and options are available, such as cardboard packaging. So our options are still as limited as they were before… 



Do I Get to Choose What’s in the Riverford Box? 


In short, yes. They list a couple of boxes each week offering small, medium and large boxes and each one is slightly different. They will vary with each season, getting the freshest and most seasonal produce that tastes yummy. 


Some of the veggies will be from the UK, but some will be from overseas – each vegetable has a little flag that tells you where it came from! But if you’re a proud Brit and want the best of the British seasonal produce, then there is a 100% UK organic veg box. 


Although the deliveries from imported veg aren’t as sustainable as local, they still aren’t as bad as you might think. The deliveries arrive in big batches in big lorries and never travel empty – they are packed to the max. 


Another benefit is not having to be in, to receive the box. Our delivery driver leaves it in our front porch, safe and sound (I mean, no one is going to steal your box of veg are they?) so they’re pretty safe left in front of your door. 


It’s not a set subscription – you choose how often you get the box. We only buy ours when we feel like we need or want one, which is normally every 2-3 weeks or more often if we don’t fancy going out to the shop that week. It’s been very convenient and a life-saver during the COVID-19 situation too.


Avoiding shops was our main aim and we’d buy more so it would last us 2 weeks and anything essentials we run out of, we’d get from our local shop. 


*Fun fact: we were not one of those people bulk buying toilet paper and queuing for hours to stock up on food…* 


Another awesome thing about Riverford are the recipes you get in your box each week. Some weeks we receive a veg that we don’t have a clue what to do with or how to prepare it, cook it or eat it. 


These little recipe leaflets are very handy and allow you to try something new, different each time you receive your box. Win win. 


As we’re so plastic conscious, there is also a box that is completely FREE from any plastic. Which is a great bonus. 


In fact, most boxes will be plastic free, but things like salad, spinach and certain greens will be in plastic packaging that can be recycled. 


No need to feel guilty if your box arrives with some plastic in it! Any items you’re unable to recycle and your cardboard box the veg arrived in, you can leave outside your front door on the day of your next delivery and the driver will take it with him/her to be recycled!


The boxes can be re-used by Riverford up to 10 times and after that, they’re recycled. Riverford means you’re making a great effort to help the planet and your effort is much appreciated by all generations. All in all, Riverford boxes still contain 82% less plastic than the standard supermarket packaged products. 



Can you Taste the Difference? 


Absolutely. Especially with potatoes, tomatoes and salad. And peppers. 


Oh and mushrooms. And carrots – heck, all of it tastes just better. They’re unbelievably fresh, they seem to have more or nicer colour to them and look vibrant. Don’t believe me? 

Look at the supermarket veg wrapped in plastic, full of pesticides that traveled half across the world. They don’t look as happy as the Riverford veg and yes that is now a thing. Ever heard about singing to your plants and saying happy things to them to make them grow? 


That works and I believe that’s the same with veg. Well-looked after veg will look after your body. 


Did we mention their produce is organic? Yup. That’s right, which may also be the reason why they taste so yum. We never noticed how non-organic veg tasted, but since we’ve tried Riverford we can see the hype and will choose organic time and time again. 



In Our Humble Conclusion

If you’re curious about going plastic free and/or trying what organic veg tastes like, this is a great starting point and there are no obligations if you only choose to order it once. 

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