The Wonders of the Divine Timing Explained

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We’re all tied by time, Whether it’s your work, having to be in for a certain time in the morning or how long you have to work until you’re able to go home, how long it’ll take you to cook dinner and whether you’ll be able to squeeze in a work out session on the night…

There’s only 24 hours in the day, and 8 of those hours, we spend sleeping, another 8-9 working, 1-2 hours commuting to and from work, and 1-2 hours of house chores, cooking etc. 

No wonder we feel so pressured by time and the need to fit everything around our tight daily schedule. 

We also feel the pressures of time with the big picture stuff – will I get married while I’m still young? Will I have a good career before I’m 30 and ready to start a family? Will I see the world and have adventures before I’m 40? 

The pressure of comparing our timelines to others doesn’t help us in any way. Especially when we can see how others lead their lives on social media – all. The. Time…

Some might think that time is money – perhaps it is. Time sort of exists, but it was sort of invented by us. To help us be more punctual and get to appointments on time… We thought it would make our lives easier having a precise moment and time. 

Our age is another HUGE factor in the principles of Divine Timing

As a society, we seem to think that we need to have achieved x, y and z by the time we’re 21, 25, 30 and 40 etc etc… Why? Because the society says so? Because most of your friends did it that way? Because if the world lives like this, then so should I?

Hell no, you want to do things by your own measure of time. By your own standards, what feels right for you and your timescales, without comparing your situation to how quickly other achieved the same things. 

We’ve covered time and age, they’re both big pressure factors that weigh on us and make us often stressed and worried about why we are where we are, and why we aren’t where we think we should be.

Have you heard about Divine Timing? 

What I am about to tell you, will make your worries disappear. They’ll start floating away as you read down the article, eventually closing this page thinking: “Why was I even stressing about all this stuff?”.  

So What is Diving Timing and What Does It Mean? 

Divine Timing is a principle, a theory, that lets you just chill. Out. 

It allows you to let go, release the pressures of when and why are things going to happen for me, by trusting in the divine power of the Universe/divine being/God. Let things fold out, just as they are meant to be. 

The pressure is off, because according to the divine timing, you are EXACTLY where you are supposed to be. Right here. Right now. In this century, going through lockdown, reading this post, wherever in the world you are. 

Whether you manifest or have specific hopes and dreams, keep trusting that they will happen for you, regardless. Either way, what you manifest and hope for, will come to you. Just not at the time you want it to. 

It may sound a little harsh, but trust in the divine time and know that everything is already decided by the Higher Power/God/Universe for you, maybe even better than you imagined it, you just have to trust it. Trust that it will happen, never mind when. You don’t need to worry about that. 

We all seem to be in a rush – “I want my business to be successful from tomorrow.” 

“I want a loving relationship by the end of the month.” 

Dude, no. Let goooo, just have fun! Just trust the universe to do its job, which is to get those things for you, you just relax and enjoy your life without feeling the pressures of time. 

Does it matter WHEN you receive the things that are meant for you, as long as you get them? No, right? Things might even work out for the better for you, if they come later or earlier than you wanted, you just don’t know it yet. 

Maybe you got pregnant at a time that wasn’t quite right, you weren’t ready, you were supposed to have a career before then, but it happened. The Universe was saying, you ARE ready. Now is the time. 

Who knows, if you waited another few years, maybe it wouldn’t have happened at all? What if you had that great career, and were ready to start a family but it wasn’t happening – you see? 

There is no such thing as perfect timing, perfect life – life is imperfect, controlled by Divine Timing and that’s what makes our lives so special. 

We think we have control over time, but actually – we don’t. We can only control what we do with it. 

Is Divine Timing Real?

It’s down to you whether you believe in Divine Timing or not. It can be a belief, because let’s face it – there is no scientific way to prove that Divine Timing is real. For that reason, some might argue that Divine Timing isn’t real. 

If you test it, and trust in the divine timing and you receive exactly what you wanted – you’ll be more likely to believe it’s real, right? 

Only one way to find out if it’s real, and more importantly – whether you want it to be real…

Divine Timing Affirmations

Divine timing might be a new and unfamiliar concept to you, so if you’re struggling to let go or you’re not sure where to start, you can begin with affirmations. 

Here are some Divine Timing affirmations, to start surrendering your time into the hands of the Universe/Higher Power. Best thing to do is say them out loud, or write them down: 

  • I am exactly where I am supposed to be
  • I am grateful for where I am now
  • Everything is unfolding in perfect timing
  • I am not stressing or worrying about when or how things are happening for me. I trust in the Higher Power/the Universe and the power of the Divine Timing, for things to happen when they are meant for me
  • I surrender to the Divine Timing and I trust in the order my dreams are coming my way
  • I trust in divine timing. The Universe always has my back. 

What Is an Affirmation? 

An affirmation is a saying, that helps you attract what you want into your life. It can be a sentence or a few, and it is always positive and/or kind. It is a certain statement, that something that you want, is already here or has already happened. A statement of truth, even if it hasn’t happened, but you want it to happen in the near future. 

The power of saying or writing an affirmation, is the present or already happened (past) tense. You are claiming that statement as the truth, you trust the Universe that this is the truth and this is what’s coming/happening to you right now. 

Will you be testing the Divine Timing though some affirmations or letting go? Maybe it’s time, to let go…

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