The Definition of Twin Flames [The Unbroken Connection + How to Know If You’ve Found Yours?]

definition of twin flames connection

If you’ve ever met someone who you feel a connection to, an unspoken bond, you may have found your twin flame

The magic behind twin flames is very out of this world, cosmic, and so beautiful, that I couldn’t wait to share it with you. 

It’s a love story almost, and although it doesn’t need to be romantic, it usually ends up being of romantic nature. 

The idea of twin flames is as ancient as Rome… the term was first created by Ancient Greek philosopher Plato, who said that the soul is halved, split into 2 and is desperate to find the other half. 

How magickal is that?

It’s like a magnet, a shared soul needs to find the other half to feel complete and find its way back. 

What Is a Twin Flame? Definition

A twin flame is another human being who shares a part of your soul, mirrors yours, creating a strong connection beyond comprehension. It’s 1 soul split between 2 people. If you find or perhaps you already have, your twin flame, you will feel a strong connection to them, like they understand you, challenge you and support you in a number of ways. Their presence, energy and overall being is similar or even the same as yours. You feel at home with them. 

Twin flames are inseparable – so if you find yours, you won’t want to let go of each other. You’ll recognise each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and appreciate your individual skills, and become ONE. 

definition of twin flames connection

It is said that twin flames come from one soul, separated at cosmic birth before coming earthside – which essentially means that you were always meant to be together and find your way to each other. 

Although a twin flame usually means a relationship, it can also be a friend. You may have one of those friends that no matter what happens, you always reach out to each other, support each other, teach and share similar thoughts. You understand each other and sometimes without having to say a word.

Whoever your twin flame is, hold onto them. 

Twin Flames Connection – How Do You Know If You’ve Found Your Flame? 

How do you know when you’ve met a twin flame? On the first instance and first contact, you will feel an instant, unspoken connection. Perhaps you won’t really know why you feel so connected to that person, you just will. 

They might feel like home, safe, secure, like you’ve found your place on this planet and now feel grounded, planted here.

You might also find that you’ve been through similar experiences, traumas, connecting you further closer together. 

definition of twin flames connection

You complete each other like yin and yang – you share similarities and differences, that make you one and whole. Light and dark. 

If you’re in a relationship with your twin flame, you may also find that you feel things very intensely. Your emotions are intense, experiences, and you share each other’s pain and excitement. 

For example, Ben and I are very much reflective of each other – if he’s upset, low on energy, I can feel it and I feel his upset. Essentially, my world only feels right and complete, when we’re both okay. 

Finding a twin flame is like being connected by the divine force. The universe brought you both together, through higher sources, divine tools, as if by magick, your worlds collided. 

You know that saying: “We were meant to be together”? That is essentially 2 twin flames making their way to each other, without even realising it. 

Twin Flames Stages

You might be wondering when you’ll meet your twin flame or whether you’re already in the process. Perhaps you’ve had an encounter and are now wondering whether they are your twin flame – how do you know

Here’s what to expect and the eight stages of meeting a twin flame: 

  1. A Yearning

If like me, you were born a hopeless romantic, you may have often found yourself dreaming about “the one”. That one person moulded for you, a jigsaw puzzle to sit next to yours. 

This is the first sign, when you realise that there is only THE ONE out there for you, somewhere… You essentially acknowledge that there is someone out there for you and you yearn for them. 

It’s your soul sending signals, to the other half of the soul like a magnet, trying to pull it towards yours. 

That’s why you may feel a longing for a special someone, a person to make you feel whole, and at home. 

2. An Encounter 

You’ve received a signal – it could be small and vague, or it could be as light as day. It could be through a dream, a feeling, a change of energy, or a person you met. 

Perhaps you suddenly have the desire to get to know a certain someone, you want to know every part of them, every side of their story and you find yourself thinking about them more and more. 

You might experience feelings of joy, anxiety, nervousness and relief all at the same time. You might feel excited, but scared at the same time. 

Very often we see people clearly perfect for each other, but the idea of getting together scares them – that’s because of the intensity of feelings, the perfect match. It’s a new, intense sensation that is beyond comprehension and can scare us easily. 

That person you met, might feel like it’s going to impact you, your life and your path – but you aren’t sure how or when. 

definition of twin flames connection

3. The In-Love Stage

This is where you fall in love, hard deep and like you’ve never fallen in love before. You can’t think about anything else but that person, you can’t stop thinking about them and you want to be near them ALL. THE. TIME. 

Perhaps the feeling is so strong that you try to resist at first – resist you may, but you will eventually realise there’s no point, because this is exactly where you’re meant to be and the twin flame is right in front of you impossible to ignore. 

4. Paradise

You and your twin flame make it official – yay! Honeymoon stage, everything shines, the sky is more blue than ever before, everything sparkles and you’re walking on air. You life feels too good to be true and you can’t stand to be apart from them. 

5. Trouble in Paradise

The twin flame starts to challenge you. You start to see some differences in each other’s approaches, tastes and opinions. This creates doubts and perhaps a few arguments. You begin to see the shadow side, of your own being and of your twin flame. 

Although difficult, this is a good thing. Yin yang, remember? The emerged shadow side is a part we all have and need to work on. If your twin flame brings out your shadow, it means it will help you face it and overcome it. 

It’s one of the most difficult processes in a twin flame relationship and in life in general. You can read more about shadow work here

This stage is full of emotional turmoil and could reach breaking point. Your bond however is too strong to break. The arguments allow for growth, and is an essential part of your bond and relationship to get past the challenges. 

Stick with it…

6. The Deciding Stage

The emerged shadows and challenges, will cause either or both of the twin flames to run. There could be silence treatment, separation, playing mind games, chasing, running etc. 

It’s a test, to see how strong you are and you must get through it. The key to this stage is getting past it, through communication and recognising how strong your bond is. You might realise how crappy your life would be now without the other person. 

This test, argument, challenge, will either have the power to break you, or make you a hell of a lot stronger. 

7. Getting Past

As you tire of arguing, holding up your walls, you may start to let your guard down. You may start to talk more, you miss each other and want to get back to how things were before. 

You’ll spend more time together and talk about your feelings experiences – this could also reveal some beautiful truths. Like realising that you’re actually in love and telling your twin flame exactly that. 

This stage is all about moving past your ego, the challenge, and growing stronger from the turmoil by being open with your twin flame. 

8. Unity

Things are starting to feel like how they were at the start – back to paradise, but with a more realistic eye. You now have a stronger bond and connection, you realise you’re not perfect but you’re making it work. 

You feel stronger, more connected and more raw, open as it brought you closer together. You now share this experience, although unpleasant, you got through it together and it shows your commitment to each other – that this bond, relationship is worth fighting for and you’re not giving up on each other. 

Have you met your twin flame? Do these stages resonate with tour twin flame love story? Let me know below in comments…

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