Dance It Away – Is Dancing Good for Healing? Dancing and Moving as Mind, Body and Soul Medicine

dance soul medicine healing benefits movement

Whenever I get in a bit of a mood, or a grump and feel like I need to shake the negative energy off – I dance. 

Like no one is watching (because I’m alone mostly). 

I let the music completely take over my body, surrender and just move in the way that it needs to move. As I listen to music in my earphones, each musical note guides my body and every limb. 

Sometimes I stomp, usually, it involves stretching my arms up in the air and tilting my head back. 

It’s usually an energetic dance, movement – that’s what my body and spirit need.

Movement of the body, whether it’s dancing, exercising, or yoga, significantly improves our mood

It shifts our perspective and allows us to see things clearly, without the cloud of the negative thoughts from earlier on in the day. 

Sometimes we might wake up in a grump, but after some movement through a morning jog or yoga session, we feel much better and refreshed. 

It’s also a healthy way to wake up your body, especially if your job means sitting at a desk all day. 

A change of pace and rush of blood to your heart is sometimes all you need, to feel better. 

So put that coffee down and get moving! 

Connection Between Body and Spirit

Dance is the language of your soul. It’s your spirit’s way of communicating with your body. It allows your body to tell the story of your spirit, through dance. 

As you give in and completely surrender to the music and let your body do the talking, you may start to understand what your spirit is telling you. 

Maybe you were stressed or getting worried over something that doesn’t really matter that much?

It really puts your situation in perspective, melting your worries and stresses away. 

It’s such a fun way to de-stress as well! Not to mention that it doesn’t cost anything…

When your body feels tired, this also affects your mood, inner being and your spirit/soul’s health. If our body aches or it feels stiff, we might feel a bit down because of our body’s energy levels being down. 

dance soul medicine healing benefits movement

The same goes for our spirit/soul – if we’re ok physically, but inside we feel like screaming or fed up, the emotional energy level is off too. We might feel stuck. 

This often happens when the things we love doing the most, the activities that bring us joy, haven’t made it into our daily routine. 

We need a reset button. 

This is exactly why body and spirit need to co-exist – along with your mind too of course. 

The body-spirit connection closely relates to chakras and our 7 energy portals – to balance the mind, body and spirit connection, we must activate and keep in balance all 7 portals. 

This can be a bit of work, as it’s 7 areas of your life that need addressing and maintaining. A bit like servicing your car – to ensure it’s functioning healthily, we must maintain it inside and out to avoid damages or costly repairs. 

Dance is exactly that for our mind, body and spirit. Dance fixes us, it shifts our energy, moves our body to awaken us and lifts our spirit, while we dedicate this time to enjoy the dance, the music and our time. 

Setting aside time to do something you love, something that makes you feel better is self-care/self-love. 

Although difficult in the busy times we live in, it’s SO important to make the time. Even if it means getting up at the crack of dawn to do it. 

How much better will you feel afterward though? 

Ancient Civilisations and Origins of Dance

Dancing is a form of expression. It always has been, for us humans. From tribes in Africa to the Incas and Mayans, Greeks in theatre, dance has always been a significant part of connection, expression, communication and celebration. 

It’s part of rituals and connecting the community or tribe, bringing people together in unison and reminding us that we’re part of a greater whole, not individual beings. Like animals, we need a herd. 

From the dawn of man, dance was a part of our existence, the key to our being, and essential in many ceremonies.

Dancing today has a slightly different meaning, although by dancing away your negative energy, you are connecting with your spirit and ancestors, whoever or wherever they may be. 

Dance brings that connection not only with your mind, body and soul, but also your previous generations, your ancestral roots as you celebrate your own life and are being guided by those before you. 


The songs you choose to listen to while you dance make a difference in how you feel afterward and how your attitude changes. For example, after a hard day of work, even though I made progress (because I got up and done some work), I feel like a failure and like I’m never gonna make my dreams come true. 

I feel like my progress is slow and pointless (even though none of that is actually true). Inner dialogue is annoying, right? 

To shift that energy, while I dance, I choose music with powerful lyrics. My go-to song is Sia – Never Give Up. 

dance soul medicine healing benefits movement

I stomp around, sing if I need to, and just let my frustration and negative thoughts pour out of my mind, body and spirit, into the space around me. 


As it’s becoming a thing of my weekly routine, I created a playlist. I put my earphones in, songs on shuffle, and off I go. Now I also have the option to do that in my garden, or in the rain – let’s hope my neighbours aren’t watching…

To share insight into my little world and my favourite songs that made it onto my Dance It Away playlist, here are the songs: 

Sia – Never Give Up

Ruslana – Wild Dances

Joan Jett & The Blackhearts – Bad Reputation

Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee – Despacito

The Greatest Showman Soundtrack – This Is Me 

The Greatest Showman Soundtrack – The Greatest Show

Celia Cruz – La Vida Es Un Carnaval

Beyonce, Shakira – Beautiful Liar (Freemasons Remix)

Sia – Unstoppable

La La Land Soundtrack – Someone in the Crowd

Sia – Move Your Body 

Madonna – True Blue

Dancing and Movement as Medicine

Dancing can significantly help you heal any traumas or negative thoughts. With physical conditions, restrictions of movement can also impact our mental health and our feeling of self-worth. With movement and dancing, we can restore our confidence and release stagnant thoughts and energies that are no longer serving us. 

Dancing sets our spirit free. 

Some of the health benefits of moving your body and dancing includes: 

  • Reduced stress
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved flexibility 
  • Enhanced coordination 
  • Improved posture
  • Lifted your mood
  • Awakened mind
  • Built muscle strength
  • Reduced stiffness

Dancing in Company 

Dancing on your own can feel liberating and like you’re setting yourself free. It’s a great me-time exercise and allows you to tune into your mind, body and soul without any external distractions. 

Dancing with someone, however, is so much fun! Imagine dancing with your friends or partner, goofing around, laughing and jumping together. It makes the whole experience that little bit more special!

You feel a part of a greater whole like you belong and you feel grateful for the people in your life. No wonder dancing is a part of weddings and big celebrations or parties. It unites us. 

dance soul medicine healing benefits movement

How to Let Go and Not Care 

First, put earphones in and shut yourself in a room where no one will go in or lock it. 

Next, play the music and dance however you want to. No one is watching, let go and just move however feels best or comfortable. 

Let go of any judgment, shush your mind from negative thoughts for a minute by silencing them with the music, and just dance. It doesn’t have to be, and it shouldn’t be, a perfect routine or polished dance moves. 

It has to come from the heart, from your soul and spirit within, so don’t worry about how it looks, focus on how it feels. 

Set some 10-15 minutes aside, or even 5 minutes, and off you go onto your bedroom floor (dance floor). 

Do you dance? Got a perfect dance-it-away song you love to listen and dance to? 

Share below in comments 🙂 

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