Crystals in Gardening – How to Use Crystals in Your Garden [+ 9 Crystals to Help with Growth and Reviving of Your Plants]

crystals in gardening

Whether you use crystals daily or you’re just venturing out to learn more about them, you might be wondering – if crystals help us, humans, can they also help plants? After all, they are living beings, responsive to energy vibrations…

I’m pretty sure my cat likes crystals, she seems to like being around them and often sits next to them. She must somehow feel the positive energy from them.

As sensitive beings, the same as plants, cats can sense the energy and they like it. 

Which got me thinking about using those same crystals, in the garden.

Turns out, crystals and gemstones can have a similar impact on your plants, helping them grow, fighting off pests and helping your garden look like a magickal land. 

Why Use Crystals in Gardening? 

The different crystals and gemstones, represent the 4 different elements: fire, water, earth and air. With the balance and harmony of all 4 elements, you can help with focus of the particular plant, flower or veg. 

Crystals can also help your plants, by raising their vibration and making them feel better (so that they can grow better).

They also add a little mystery and magick into your garden – crystals and gemstones make your garden look beautiful.

They’re a great decorative element while you can also see the crystals sparkle in the sun and when it rains.

Butterflies love them as well and they’ll use your crystals to sit on them and dry off their wings, so it’s one of those win-win situations (especially if you love butterflies!). 

Crystals have been used in gardens from the very ancient civilisations, including ancient Egypt, Greece and Native Americans.

Even in those times, crystals were believed to possess healing properties where the different crystals were used for healing different aspects or problems, which included humans, animals and yep, you guessed it – plants.

How to Use Crystals for Plants? 

You can use crystals in your garden, by placing them next to the plants you want to grow or support, by putting them next to their roots or even in the soil – make sure you know where they are if you are planning on burying them in the ground.

You can also place the crystals in a specific alignment, using your garden as a giant crystal grid, to further enhance the healing power of crystals and gemstones.

You could use your whole garden as a grid map, placing your crystals in a specific pattern to attract abundance, growth or healing into your garden. You can learn more about crystal grids here

Crystals come in different shapes and sizes, so it’s important to know where it’s best to place your crystals so that you don’t lose them and you know where they are.

For example, put smaller tumblestones and clusters in separate sections of your garden, a greenhouse or a particular section of the garden like by water. 

If you have big towers, clusters or geodes, you can put them on a rock, by your flowers, by the entry into your garden or specifically next to the plants/veggies that need some crystal healing. 

Fairy Gardens 

Another great reason to have crystals in your garden, is to create a magical, tiny fairy garden.

This is a great idea if you have kids as you can make a whole project out of it, planning, picking the colours and creating a magickal little land for the faeries to visit your garden, and for kids to play with, expanding their imagination. 

The principle of a fairy garden, is to keep things tiny – so small doors, small houses, small staircases, a little path made out of tiny gemstones that kind of thing.

Essentially you’re creating a tiny village for tiny faeries to reside in your garden and bring some magick into your garden. 

Which Gemstones / Crystals to Use for Gardening?

Thousands of crystals to choose from, so what do you put in your garden? If it’s just for decorative purposes, you’re free to choose whichever crystals and gemstones you like the look of.

Decorate your garden as you wish, placing the crystals how you want them and wherever you want them.

If you need to focus on specific goals for your garden, or particular plants could benefit from crystals healing, here are 9 best crystals to use in your gardening: 


The most popular crystal, with purifying and clearing properties. It’s perfect for the garden because it will stimulate your plants’ growth.

If you’re having issues with your tomatoes and need to fight off a few pests, clear quartz is perfect for that. You can get any type of clear quartz to put in your garden, just remember – the bigger the crystal, the higher its strength/healing power.

You can get a clear quartz from my favourites list here


No wonder this gemstone should be in your garden, right? The name says it all.

It’s known as the gardener’s stone and it will help with grounding and support the connection to the earth between your plants and veggies. I’ve handpicked some stunning moss agates which you can get right here


Another fitting name for a garden crystal. It eliminates negative energy, creating harmony and calmness across your garden and plants.

In ancient Greece it was often used in crops and fields, to promote an abundant harvest. If you have veggies or fruits in your garden, tree agate is perfect – you can get it here in various sizes and shapes. 


Beautiful crystal and great inside and out your garden as well. It will boost your garden’s longevity and support growth, letting your plants flourish and blossom.

A beautiful green crystal that varies in shades of green, from dark to light – it comes in different shapes and sizes. You can buy your aventurine here


A joy to look at, especially when you hold it up to the sun. It will look stunning in your garden, and because it’s white, you won’t lose it easily either.

It will help with fertility and health of your plants, helping them grow and flourish.

As the moonstone is naturally closely linked to the moon, with each full moon it will help your garden grow even stronger, adding peace and calmness to your garden.

I’ve picked a selection of my favourite moonstones which you can buy right here


Probably one of my favourites, because of the circular patterns that look like infinity (if that even makes sense…).

Malachite is a naturally green crystal, it represents abundance and fertility – perfect for your garden, particularly around springtime when all your flowers and veggies are ready to burst.

You want that abundance in your garden and this stone will bring it to you. You can check out the absolute beauty of this green gemstone that is malachite and buy them here


Another abundance stone that looks like it absolutely belongs in the greenery of a garden. A golden, browny colour with dark and gold stripes. Tiger eye symbolises strong root growth and abundance.

If you’d like to add a bit of animal print into your garden for decorative purposes, it will do the trick too, so it’s a win-win. I’ve selected my favourite few tiger’s eye crystals here


Citrine looks beautiful in the sunshine, almost like amber. A crystal of abundance, and healing energy of the sun.

As we know, plants and all living things need sun to prosper and grow – so this makes citrine a perfect crystal to place in your garden, to enhance the growth of your plants when the sun is out.

It also keeps toxins away so that should help with a few pests in the garden. You can get the citrine crystal in different sizes and shapes in this handpicked list here


If you need some good energy and vibrations of fortitude, perseverance and balance in your garden, rhyolite is THE one.

It’s multi-coloured but looks a little like a frog so don’t mistake it for a creature of the land – as long as it doesn’t move, you’re okay. Here’s a selection of rhyolite you can buy.

Here’s a handy breakdown of all the 9 crystals, to have in your garden to call in abundance and growth in your garden: 

What Crystal is Good for Plants / Reviving Plants?

To support the growth or revival of your plants, any crystal that is associated with growth and abundance is great, particularly those that support with keeping negative energy away. I would recommend these 9 crystals for your plants, including indoor and outdoor: 

If you’re unsure where to get your crystals, Energy Muse have a decent collection offering ethically sourced crystals. Psychic Tree and Etsy are also shops I highly recommend to my friends when they ask me where I get my crystals from.

Let me know in comments below how these crystals helped in your garden, I’d love to know! 

If you found this post useful, you’d do me a massive favour if you shared this article with your friends or anyone who might benefit from having the crystals’ magick in their garden ✨ 

Want to learn more about crystals?

One source of info, from basics to the deeper questions when it comes to crystals? I hear ya.

You can check out the below guide and workbook which comes with 9 printouts to help you understand crystals, and how to use them for your own benefit.

This guide is perfect if you’re completely new to crystals and want to learn more, or if you already have some basic knowledge but aren’t sure how to use crystals yourself.

starting with crystals beginners guide meditation manifesting with crystals healing properties how to use

I cover the main topics of crystals including chakras, meditating and manifesting with crystals in real simple terms.

You can check out all the info about the guide and workbook in this link, which includes a video and sneak peek into the guide.

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