What You Really Need To Know About Magical Crystal Grids: Beginner’s Guide in 5 Steps

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Whether you’re new to crystals or you’ve had an interest in crystal healing for some time, you probably came across crystal grids by now. They can vary in size and shape, as well as meaning. 

As a newbie to the crystal healing world, I know how overwhelming it can be. With thousands of different crystal types, shapes, and healing benefits, it’s difficult to decide which ones you need or which ones to start with. 

If that’s you, we have a beginner’s guide article right here (you can also get a FREE guide to crystals at this link). If you’re looking for something more in-depth, I offer a Complete Guide, Workbook and 9 Printouts – more details at the bottom of this article.

After being completely fascinated with crystals, I have now incorporated them into my daily routine and there’s not a day that goes by, that I don’t hold a crystal in my hand. They’re my daily element I reach out to, as I’ve noticed the difference they make to my aura and surroundings. 

Crystals are magical. 

My obsession grew even stronger, as I learned more about the strengthened power of crystals, when they are aligned in a specific pattern – a grid.  

Ben noticed my ever-growing obsession with crystals, and got me a crystal grid as a present for Christmas.

A crystal grid’s purpose is to further increase the vibrations and power of your crystals, while at the same time strengthening your intention.

There are thousands of crystals and aspects to crystal healing (which can be confusing in itself) – so why bring crystal grids into the process? How do the grids come into it? 

Have you wondered what crystal grids actually mean? 

What are crystal grids used for? 

Are you thinking about whether you need to get one, if you’ve just started with your crystals?

Prepare yourself, you’re in the exact right place for all the answers to these questions.

What is a Healing Crystal Grid? 

A crystal grid can be a wooden plate, a mat or even a drawing on a piece of paper, in a particular shape that will let you place crystals in a way, that connects them. In the connection of the crystals, the grid strengthens their vibrations, their energy and boosts their healing properties. 

Crystals are living things, as Philip Permutt explains in his book (which I highly recommend btw!). If they are living things, naturally they talk to each other

They respond best when they are with crystals of similar properties. The grid is kind of like a phone for the crystals – a method of communication, where signal is crystal clear (hah! Get it?!). 

This connection allows the crystals to grow their healing powers. 

The most typical type of crystal grid you may have come across, is like the one below: 

What Is a Crystal Grid Used For?

Crystal grids can strengthen your affirmations, manifestations and ultimately help with your dreams and wishes. Depending on your wish/manifestation, the placement/pattern and types of crystals used in your grid will vary. 

For example, if you wish to attract abundance and wealth into your life, you would want to use citrine and tiger eye as they are known as abundance, wealth crystals. 

There is a combination for almost every wish. You only need to search in Google for: “a crystal grid X pattern/template” (x being your wish e.g. love, career, business prosperity, health) and you are bound to find a grid template exactly for that. You can click on image search results to make this easier. 

There are some great crystal grid templates at this link: click here. 

If you would like to have a handy guide with ALL the grids and patterns, I’d recommend Philip Permutt’s book – The Book of Crystal Grids – A Practical Guide to Achieving Your Dreams.

What Do You Need For a Crystal Grid?

Essentially, you will need: 

  • Clear intention (wish) 
  • Crystals (that match the intention) 
  • Crystal grid mat (wooden, cotton etc)

You don’t necessarily need to buy a crystal grid, as long as you can draw out the desired pattern on a piece of paper. If you’re good with your art, a ruler and a pen, then you should be perfectly fine! 

If you would like to get an actual grid, they’re rather cheap to buy and you can get them in different forms and sizes – wooden, material/mat or a stone. 

You can get great handmade ones on Etsy (we’ve picked our favourites here). Psychic Tree offer a few great options and Energy Muse are our go-to for crystals

For your chosen wish/affirmation, you’ll need a selection of crystals with those properties matching your wish. Typically (and depending on the grid), the grid will consist of the following crystals: 

  • A focus stone (in the middle of the grid) 
  • First/second/third ring crystals
  • Amplifiers 

Amplifiers are usually one, same type of stone used throughout your grid connecting the crystals. They are normally longer/pointy in shape. Their purpose is to strengthen the connection between the crystals between the first and second rings including the focus stone in the middle. 

The amplifiers are essentially the phone signal we mentioned earlier – without those amplifiers, the crystals might have a broken connection/conversation and not work as well. 

This will depend on your grid however, and the positioning of your crystals. 

For example, if you are using a spiral or a circular grid, you won’t have to use amplifiers because of the shape.

Just like the circle of life, the crystals are connected due to the continuous/undisturbed positioning, they follow the circular pattern, which is unbroken. The circular grid allows them to easily find the connection and make conversation about your wish/desire. 

Tumbled Stones from Energy Muse

How To Use a Crystal Grid?

You might be wondering – what will the crystals talk about? What’s their conversation? 

It is down to you, to give them the topic of that conversation. Their purpose is to serve you, and more specifically, your intention – this could be your wish, dream or desire. 

Once you’re ready to begin with crystal grids, maybe you have your intention and crystals ready, you need to activate the crystals and the grid. 

We’ve broken down the whole process into 5 easy steps below: 

1. Set your intention

You need to be clear about your intention, you need to let your crystals know what this intention is. This gives them purpose, to serve you and your intention. They need to know what you desire and wish for. 

Setting the intention will let your crystals know what you want and give them their purpose (more on this in step 5). 

If you aren’t sure about your intention, clear your head, sit in a quiet place and maybe meditate for a while. 

Your intention should come to you, it should be something you’re longing for or you feel would improve your life. 

Next step is to write down your intention

2. Write down your intention 

Write down your intention on a piece of paper and say it out loud in front of your crystals. 

Writing down your intention on a piece of paper makes it a little more real, attainable and set. You can put this piece of paper with your written intention underneath the grid. 

3. Pick a grid

Your intention needs to fit in with your grid, so depending on your desire, the grid, position and types of your crystals will vary. You can use Google, Pinterest or Philip Permutt’s book to select a crystal grid appropriate to your intention. 

4. Choose and place the stones/crystals on the grid

Depending on your crystal collection, you may need to purchase a few of the stones/crystals first, before you can go onto step 5.

A great place to get your crystals is actually Etsy. There are many sellers to choose from and many shapes, sizes and types of crystals available all in one place – it’s where I go to get mine. Psychic Tree and

Once you have your crystals, place them on the grid if you haven’t already. Follow the instruction from the book, picture or another source where you found your grid template.

Here are some great grid templates to start with

Now you need to activate your crystals and grid. 

5. Activate your crystals and grid

You start with the focus stone – you can place your hands above the focus crystal, maybe close your eyes and think of your intention. Think of the outcome and how happy/better it’ll make you feel. 

You can say your intention out loud while still holding your hands above the focus stone/crystal. Do this for a few minutes, as if you were giving that crystal a job, a purpose – its job is to serve you. 

Now do this for every crystal on the grid, going from the focus stone, to the first circle, returning to the focus stone, and then the second stone in the first circle, in a clockwise rotation. 

Once you’ve “talked” to the crystals in the first circle, repeat the process with the stones in the 2nd/3rd circles, clockwise always returning to the focus stone. 

** Aggie’s magickal tip to you: if you have some sage, you can clear the grid before activating it. Although you should clean your crystals before using them anyway, I like to smudge my grid before activating it, to get rid of any leftover negative energy that might be lingering around. 

Which Crystal Grid Should I Use?

It really depends on your wishes, manifestations and dreams. What would you like to attract into your life? 

Is there anything you need to solve, resolve or fix? 

Is there anything missing that you’ve been longing for for a while now? 

Once you’ve answered these questions, you may realise that what you need relates to a person (companionship, love grid) or a change in your life may be (money, peace, weight loss grid). Whatever that may be, there is bound to be a grid pattern for it. 

How To Make a Crystal Grid For Money, Wealth and Abundance?

If you’d like to attract abundance, wealth or money into your life, there is a specific grid and crystals for that. I used the Philip Permutt’s Book to create mine, he recommends the following crystals: 

Focus Stone: citrine 

First Ring: citrine x 6

Second Ring: ruby x 6, tiger eye x 6

Third Ring: citrine x 5, 1 x of: magnetite, dioptase, spirit quartz, sunstone, tiger’s eye, garnet, tektite, ruby, topaz, jet, green moss agate, stibnite, turquoise

Amplifiers: green tourmaline x 18

The grid you want to be using is the Sacred Geometry, Flower of Life, which looks like this: 

In Our Humble Conclusion 

Crystal grids are amazing at strengthening and enhancing your intentions. If you have a particular dream or a wish you’d like to happen, try with the help of crystals/stones appropriate to your intention, and strengthen their power with a grid. 

The grid is where the crystal magic happens, if you have a strong belief that your dream will happen, then there’s nothing that can stop you… 

Crystals can help you. 

Try with a drawn on grid if you don’t want to be buying one, just make sure that the lines are clear and even. 

Share this post with any friends that would benefit from using a crystal grid, they’ll be grateful (just like us if you share this article!)

Looking for something more in depth on crystals?

One source of info, from basics to the deeper questions when it comes to crystals? I hear ya.

You can check out the below guide and workbook which comes with 9 printouts to help you understand crystals, and how to use them for your own benefit.

starting with crystals beginners guide meditation manifesting with crystals healing properties how to use

This guide is perfect if you’re completely new to crystals and want to learn more, or if you already have some basic knowledge but aren’t sure how to use crystals yourself.

I cover the main topics of crystals including chakras, meditating and manifesting with crystals in real simple terms.

You can check out all the info about the guide and workbook in this link, which includes a video and a sneak peek into the guide.

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