Why Are Chakras Important? + What Happens When You Open Your Chakras [Beginners’ Guide To Chakras]

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Ah the magical world of chakras… I remember learning about them a few years ago and being completely mesmerised by the whole theory. 

Chakras can be used to help with your healing process, mentally and physically. They can help you heal by firstly identifying which areas of your mind and body, need to be addressed first. 

Once you identified the area of your life that needs some attention or work, you can then begin the process of assessing why these areas are “blocked” and how to activate that particular chakra. 

To help you understand the way this works as a healing portal, is by understanding that your body has 7 portals, and they’re called chakras. Each portal is responsible for a different area of our life, spirituality and mentality. 

To live a peaceful and happy life, we need to have a balanced connection between the mind, body and spirit, and chakras can assist with exactly THAT. 

The best combination and truth to being happy, balanced and at peace, is having all 7 chakras balanced. It’s easier said than done and requires a little bit of work. 

First, you need to know what chakras actually mean: 

What Are Chakras? 

Chakras are known as energy portals into your being/soul. The word “chakra itself” means disk or wheel, and there are 7 of these wheels on our body. They start from the base of spine, and go up to the very top of your head. 

You may have heard the expression of “blocked”, “balanced” or “activated” chakras. 

Each chakra needs to be opened and activated, to restore a balance of your mind and soul, ultimately making you feel at peace and generally better. 

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Where Are Chakras Located In the Body?

Starting from your spine base, the 7 chakras are: 

  1. Root Chakra – located at base of spine 
  2. Sacral Chakra – located below the belly button
  3. The Solar Plexus (aka the Warrior Chakra) – starts at the belly button and goes through to your breastbone 
  4. Heart Chakra – located over your heart
  5. Throat Chakra – located between your collar bone 
  6. The Third Eye – located between your eyebrows
  7. Crown Chakra – located at the top of your head extending toward the universe 

Now that you know where they are, you might be wondering: 

– Are my chakras out of balance? 

– Or are they active?

Which Chakras are Blocked – Test

We’ll go into what each chakra means, and if any of these feel lost or missing, that means that these chakras are not active and are out of balance. Therefore those chakras will need some work and attention from you. 

Tip: You might want to have a pen and paper handy to write down the below feelings that resonate with you and to see which of your chakras are blocked:

  1. Feeling of grounding, security and survival 

You don’t feel safe, certain, or it feels like there is something hovering over you, and makes you feel unstable. This could be an area in your career, or personal, or just a feeling like you have no steady ground. 

If this resonates with you – you need to work on your Root Chakra.

2. Your identity, creative energy and intimacy 

Related to sex, pleasure and what makes you, the person that you are. Your creative energy and what makes you happy brings you joy.

If you feel like you haven’t paid attention to your joys, pleasures and creativity in a while, you might want to work on the Sacral Chakra. 

3. Your feeling of self-confidence, identity and gut feeling

If you feel like you have been on auto-pilot, stressing and in a routine from one day to the next, you may feel a loss of identity or control. You might feel quiet, timid and defeated like your self-confidence is crushed. 

If this sounds familiar, work on your Solar Plexus. 

4. Love, healing and compassion

If you feel disconnected, out of touch or lacking from personal connection/human interaction, self-love, that means your Heart Chakra needs addressing. 

5. Your voice, speaking your truth with kindness 

If you feel like you’ve been lying a lot, or to yourself, like you haven’t expressed your opinions freely or held back, that means you need to activate your Throat Chakra

6. Intuition, being in tune with your 5 senses 

Perhaps you haven’t been feeling yourself, or like you spend any time listening to your inner thoughts. You may have lost touch with your intuition, inner soul or that child full of dreams.  If so, you will want to work on your Third Eye Chakra. 

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7. Pure consciousness, energy connecting you to the universe

This one is a little tricky to work on, because to balance or activate this one, you need to ensure that all your other chakras are active and balanced.

Only then can you activate and work on your pure consciousness connecting you to the whole universe. That’s when you activate your Crown Chakra.

You should now have identified which chakras you feel are blocked or out of balance.

If you have, now comes the fun part: you get to activate your chakras! 

How to Activate Your Inactive Chakras 

There are many different methods to activate your chakras, and the methods that should be used may vary from person to person, depending on your individual preferences, what works for you, what you like/dislike and the type of person you are. 

The more you work on your chakras, the more you will start to realise which practices, rituals and activities work best for you. 

As a general guide however, this is how you can activate each of your chakras: 

1. Balancing Your Root Chakra

To activate it, you’ll want to restore your feeling of grounding by spending time in nature. This is an open invitation and field – you can do whatever you like in nature, so whatever you like to do, yoga, running, picnic, walk, hike etc, try and do it outdoors to restore your feeling of grounding. 

If you have a garden, go into your garden, speak to your plants, walk barefoot to feel the grass beneath your feet and the earth’s energy fields, or do a bit of gardening

2. Balancing Your Sacral Chakra

This is one fun, it involves all my favourite things to do (so I’m pretty sure this is my regularly balanced chakra). You’ll want to eat some nice food – whatever that means for you. A nourishing, home-cooked meal, or a nice takeaway from your favourite restaurant. 

Sex – talk to your partner or if that’s not an option for you, a bit of self-love *ahem, you know what I mean*. 

And also creative activities – whatever you like to create! Painting, writing, cooking etc, however you like to do to get creative. I for example like to make a macrame piece.

3. Balancing Your Solar Plexus (aka Warrior Chakra)

Another great one – do whatever brings you JOY! What does make you happy? What brings a smile to your face? 

For me it’s seeing live music and hanging out with Ben. 

This should be an easy question: What’s the one activity that makes you feel really happy, whole and makes you shine? Go and do that. 

4. Balancing Your Heart Chakra

This one is all about self-love, so whatever you do, do it wholeheartedly and with full attention to yourself. Like you deserve this. That could be a bath, having the night off to dance your socks off, a massage, meditating or a bit of yoga

Or you can always cuddle your friends, parent, child, parent or pet. 

5. Balancing Your Throat Chakra

The activation of your throat chakra can be rather liberating – it’s all about speaking your truth. Blurt it out. 

Post it on your social media if that’s easier for you. Write it in your journal – however you do it, listen to your inner voice, accept your truth and express it using your voice or actions. 

6. Balancing Your Third Eye

The higher you go, the trickier restoring of chakras gets. To activate your third eye, you’ll want to get quiet, listen to your inner voice, spirit by having a totally clean, clear and quiet mind. Try meditating as this helps with stopping your thoughts. 

7. Balancing your Crown Chakra 

The ultimate chakra (hence the name). Tricky to activate and balance and requires a lot of spiritual development, learning and exploration of alternative ways of living, theories and spiritual topics. Some of these topics might include: 

If you’d like to learn how you can develop your spiritual awareness, you can read our article along with the resources you might need to deepen your understanding. 

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What Happens When You Open Your Chakras

When you open or activate your chakras, you begin to restore the inner and outer peace of your mind and body. You start to feel more grounded, more yourself and at peace with yourself and your environment. 

This benefits your mental health, physical health and your interaction with others, as well as your perceptions of the world. 

You might notice changes that start to occur as you make permanent alterations to your life to keep your chakras in balance.

Why You Should Balance Your Chakras

The reason why you might want to balance or activate your chakras is if you feel out of touch with your inner voice, or your mind, soul, or you generally feel like there is something missing. Maybe you’re not feeling yourself, a little lost or unsure on what you need to do. 

By identifying the area of your life that is causing you the most stress or feels the most absent, you can begin to restore and it together with the missing pieces of yourself. 

Can Chakras Be Seen

No chakras cannot be seen physically. Unless you are a highly spiritual person that is able to see other people’s auras, energies or chakras as portals into their bodies. 

Some say that once you activate and fully balance your Third Eye Chakra, you can see people’s auras and energy fields, which could be the 7 chakras. 

Chakras and Crystals

You can help to activate your chakras using crystals. Each crystal has different healing property, so the different crystals can work with a different chakra of your body. 

As an example of chakras and which crystal to use to activate each chakra, you can use our table below: 

chakras and crystals which


Some of our favourite crystals and chakra accessories to help you with the balancing process and to remind you to keep working on them.

Want to know more about Chakras and how to heal them with crystals?

One source of info, from basics to the deeper questions when it comes to crystals? I hear ya.

You can check out the below guide and workbook which comes with 9 printouts to help you understand Chakras and crystals, and how to use them to balance your chakras.

starting with crystals beginners guide meditation manifesting with crystals healing properties how to use

This guide is perfect if you’re completely new to the whole topic of Chakras and crystals and want to learn more, or if you already have some basic knowledge but aren’t sure how to use crystals yourself.

I cover the main topics of crystals including meditating and manifesting with crystals in real simple terms.

You can check out all the info about the guide and workbook in this link, which includes a video and sneak peek into the guide.

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