13 Ways How to Awaken the Divine Feminine That Is Already Within You

divine feminine energy goddess

Divine Feminine Meaning 

The Divine Feminine is essentially energy, a feeling, a vibe. You can feel it when you touch the ground, within yourself when you’re doing something that you love, and amongst nature. 

She can be felt, when she’s present, you can certainly feel her feminine energy, the free spirit, the wilderness. 

She can be known as Gaia, Mother Earth, or Yin energy. 

Mothering, nurturing energy, that cuddles you like the rays of the sun at sunrise. 

She is creation, inspiration, sensuality. 

She plays by her own rules, creates her own path, leads the way. 

She’s authentic, speaks with truth and confidence. 

Beams with sensuality and sexual energy. 

Her intuition is what guides her, the moon shows her the way, the seasons allow her to rest, die, birth, rebirth, and awaken. 

She is among the flowers, the faeries in the forests, the waves in the rivers and the streams. 

Those qualities are within each one of us, including men. They just need to be awakened within us. 

As the divine feminine is an energy, there is also masculine energy – both scared

We’re made up of both energies – so women have the divine feminine and masculine within them. One energy tends to be more prominent than the other, which is based on your upbringing, people and environments that surround you. 

If one energy is more dominant, you might feel like you’re more feminine/masculine than you should be. 

That simply isn’t true. 

Life is all about balance, yin and yang, and both energies are within us.

They just might be suppressed or shoved so far deep inside us, through society’s conditioning and ideals on feminine/masculine images, that we’ve simply forgotten to tune into our own body and what each energy means to us. 

Throughout the years, we build a perception on what masculinity and femininity means to us, but I’m here to tell you, that those perceptions can be easily changed to discover your true divine feminine energy within. 

divine feminine energy goddess

Divine Feminine Qualities 

The divine feminine qualities are: 

  • Sensuality
  • Creativity
  • Imagination
  • Sexuality
  • Movement with intention
  • Power and fierceness 
  • Speaking one’s truth 
  • Unapologetically expressing yourself  
  • Connection with nature

As a woman, man or if you identify as a woman, the qualities of the divine feminine are within you.

You may not feel them, but they are a part of your spiritual DNA, your blood, carried from generations and ancestors. 

If you don’t feel those qualities, don’t worry – that only means that they haven’t been woken up yet. 

Perhaps your time hasn’t come yet, perhaps you’re not in the right place or time, but when you get the calling, you’ll know. 

Maybe you’ve got the calling now and that’s why you’re here reading this article? 

The divine feminine is almost omnipresent, it’s a feeling, a presence, like a faerie in the forest. 

How to Awaken the Divine Feminine

She is within you, and it’s time to wake her – here are 13 ways that can help you reach for the divine feminine and bring her back into your life: 

1. Self-Love

This is a biggie, although it pretty much speaks for itself. You need me time

Whenever you can, prioritise your needs, make time for yourself and to meet your needs. 

This could be a bath, yoga, a ritual, a nutritious meal you’ve been craving for days, a nap or an afternoon spent painting.

divine feminine energy goddess

2. Activate Your Throat Chakra, and Speak Your Truth

This is SUCH a key element to divine feminine – or at least it’s been the most transforming for me. 

Being true to yourself, doing what you like regardless of others’ opinions of you or perceptions of what femininity should look like, is the essence of the divine feminine. 

Being confident in who you are, telling the truth to others and to yourself, and really accepting yourself and your truth. 

What even is your truth

It’s your principles, your values the reality you create for yourself, people who hold close to you, the paths you choose and the words you speak. Society may shape you to speak like a lady, and only permit certain topics or truths to be said aloud by women, the reality is that our truth goes very deep. 

It touches subjects that can seem controversial, ideas that spark conversations, raise emotions and challenge others. 

Whatever your truth means to you, stand up for it, keep it close to your heart and throat chakras and don’t let anyone question or break it. 

You can start by saying what you think, without a filter and without being mean too of course. 

Journal and write down your thoughts and feelings – whatever transpires on paper, try and share it with someone, whether that’s through words or actions. 

3. Creating and Doing Things That Light Up Your Soul

Make a list of activities, rituals that make you happy. Whether that’s a cup of coffee outside first thing in the morning, or an afternoon jog, or an evening painting session, write down all the things you love to do, purely because you get lost in the moment and lose track of time. 

These are the things that light you up, and help you return back to her, your feminine root, and reconnect with ancestral lineage. 

divine feminine energy goddess

4. Regain Positive Thoughts About Your Body

Contrary to the common belief, our bodies were never meant to be perfect. 

Whatever we hear or see nowadays, is shaping us to believe that the female body is supposed to be smooth, clean, proportionate, even, free from cellulite, with a perfectly shaped bum etc. 

This naturally created a division between women who have the perfect body and those who don’t. 

Women weren’t meant to be divided, we are stronger together. The sooner we accept the uniqueness and individuality of our bodies, the sooner we can bring our sisterhood together in unison.

This division meant that women without the perfect body are less worthy, less powerful, and not good enough to be praised in our society. They are less worthy, too much this, or not enough that.

Your body is powerful, and to awaken the divine feminine, you need to start loving your body again. 

Appreciate it, get used to it, your body has already been with you through so much, and is yet to endure more. 

To truly feel the divine feminine, your divine feminine energy will be awakened when you love your body. 

divine feminine energy goddess

The connection between your body and your mind and soul, is equally important – they are separate entities, but function only when they are all connected. 

Spend time with your body, getting to know it if you haven’t already. 

Exercise, drink water, do yoga, dance, move in a way that feels like your divine feminine is finally being released out into the world through your body. 

Write down all the things you love about your body. 

Treat yourself to something you’ve been wanting to do for a while but have been putting it off due to lack of time – or because you were prioritising other’s needs above your own. 

5. Mother Nature as Our Greatest Teacher and Medicine

To awaken her, spend as much time in nature as you can. You will feel her in the trees, the soil, the flowers, the rivers, the wind and the sea. 

Whatever your terrain and surrounding, spending time in nature brings a feeling of grounding

Nature is one of the greatest healers, and she has a feminine energy. To awaken our divine feminine, any activity in nature, even a simple walk can help you return to her

If you live somewhere where walks or nature isn’t close to you, you can try bringing nature indoors by using natural materials, plants and flowers – read how, in this article

6. Reflect on Your Ideals of What Femininity Means

Get a journal, and write down your ideals of the feminine are. What images and ideas have you shaped about the feminine over the years? 

This can include your childhood experiences (so we’re digging deep here), your role models (mother, grandmother, carer, teacher, mentor) and the ideals of women, femininity you were brought up to believe. 

In whatever way you were brought up, you have subconsciously formed beliefs about what it means to be a woman – this can also vary depending on the culture/country you grew up in. 

Every culture has its own images and belief systems on what a woman should/shouldn’t be, how she should look and what she should be doing. 

Write down whatever comes to your mind – you can split a page into 2 sections, 1 being believes and thoughts about your own ideas about femininity, formed through cultural upbringing and what you heard, and the 2nd section can be based on personal experiences, your role models, your mother, family members and any traumas around that e.g. abuse etc. 

Analyse the list, and sit with it for a while, let it sink in. 

Once you have, create a new ideal feminine, the one that speaks her truth and walks with wildflowers in her hair and complete confidence. 

7. Let Your Soul Spark and Thrive

How deeply do you know your soul? I mean truly, truly know yourself

The voice in your head is different to your soul. That inner dialogue can say some mean things when you’re low, we’re talking about that soul that takes you to out-of-this-world experiences. 

The soul that gets deja vus, sings and hums when you’re happy, dances with the moonlight, laughs like a child when you’re with your partner and feels lit up. 

Get to know your soul, if you haven’t already. 

divine feminine energy goddess

The best remedies to discover your soul, are: 

8. Awakening Your Sexuality

Sex once was a sacred ritual, a divine act of creation, pleasure and love in the midst of it all. 

This perception is long gone and forgotten however, and the connection on a deeper level through sex, is a distant memory to the eyes of the modern world. 

Don’t let the world crush your sensuality, sexuality with their perceptions, patriarchy and male-dominated materialistic world of sex as we know it now. 

It is time to reclaim your sexuality, embrace it and make it about YOU and YOUR NEEDS, FEELINGS. 

To do that, it’s best to explore your pleasures yourself (which is a fun part 😉 ).

If you have a partner, open up about what you like, dislike, want more of and what you need in order to feel truly cherished, sexy and “present” during sex. 

And love yourself, your body, your intimate parts.

If you don’t love your body and this impairs your feeling of sexuality, try listing the things you love about your body, your bum, how sex feels, what you feel during sex with your partner. 

You can involve your partner in the exercise – ask them to list things they love about you/sex with you and see where things go…

You could be in for an interesting evening 😉 

9. Tune Into Your Feelings

Although the stereotype is that women are too emotional, feel too much or love to talk about their feelings, they’re hormonal and cry whenever our period comes (which is almost comical in sitcoms and films) – don’t be afraid to express your feelings freely. 

Tune into them, notice how you feel, embrace those feelings, they’re our biggest and most accurate guides. 

It’s the divine feminine within, that guides us through our feelings. Express your feelings, write them down, journal, talk about them with your sisters, girlfriends, therapists or people you can be vulnerable with. 

10. Your Intuition As Your Best Guide

You know that feeling, the gut feeling when you’re about to make the wrong decision? Like a sixth sense, or someone whispering behind your neck, a guide, a voice within – that’s your instinct

To awaken the divine feminine, you must tune in and listen to your instinct. 

Don’t ignore it. 

If you’re about to take a job, but your instinct is telling you “hold up hun, bad choice, stay where you are, better things are coming.” – you say, “yes instinct” and let go of that job, listening to your gut feeling. 

It’s your best friends and guide – like a guardian angel, looking after you. 

Respect it, listen, and never ever, ignore it. 

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11. Be Present

In a world of constant chase, the divine feminine reminds us to slow down and be present

Be mindful

You don’t need to be constantly doing something. You can just sit, and think or do nothing. 

Let the clock tick, and remain present in the moment. 

Stop chasing, turn off the auto-pilot mode, and feel whatever you need to feel in each moment. 

Just be. 

Divine timing also teaches us that whatever is meant for us, will happen, at the right time. 

We don’t choose when, so we need to let go, release expectations and just get on with our lives, while destiny and things meant for us eventually happen. (trust me, they will…) 

12. Rituals

To help the divine feminine come out, honour her daily, through a ritual

That can be smudging while sitting on the floor with a candle. 

Meditating while setting an intention to awaken the divine feminine. 

Barefoot walk in nature while consciously thinking of the divine feminine. 

By bringing a daily ritual into your every day, you are acknowledging her presence, constantly reminding yourself and her, that she is welcome and there is a sacred space for her to be here. 

Other ritual ideas can be: 

  • A bath with crystals and petals
  • Yoga 
  • Journaling
  • A chant
  • Sing and dance

It can be something completely unique and special to you, your own ritual. 

Rememberlisten to your instinct and follow your soul’s calling. 

13. She, Her, is Within You

Take a moment to acknowledge that – the divine feminine is not something you go out searching for, she is and has always been within you. 

She may have been suppressed, through previous generational traumas carried into your current generation, family issues, female ideals formed in your upbringing and culture, may have all contributed to the divine feminine being shoved into a corner. 

She is merely asleep, waiting to be nudged and awakened

She is not something you go and find, or buy. 

She is in you – time to wake her

My Book Recommendation for Further Reading – Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes

You know when you read a book and it stays with you for months and even years? 

A book that totally transforms you, touches your mind and changes your soul, never to look at things in the same way again. 

That book for me was Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. Her stories of her grandmother, and ancestral lineage, and the wilderness of a wolf that exists in each woman, truly spoke to me. 

The most fascinating take-away from the book for me was the idea of each woman going through deaths and re-births, as a way of shaping into a woman connected and true to the core. 

Clarissa explains it as a sequence of going through life, death and life, as a continuous cycle and the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. 

I get these moments when I feel so good, ready to take on the world and achieve, create and go towards goals with pure confidence.  

Then I go through moments when my energy just dips, I feel like giving up, my confidence is low, questioned, I feel a bit silly for getting so ambitious. 

I journal, go for walks to clear my head, take a break to slowly shed my skin, reanalyse and hibernate for a while. 

Once my death cycle is complete, I emerge from the shadows, and I’m ready to take on the world again. Reconnected with my true self and completely refreshed. 

This cycle is closely related to the menstrual cycle toogoing through all 4 seasons, in one month – more on that in this article

It truly spoke to me, and awakened the woman – correction, the WILD woman screaming to get out, buried deep down by generations of traumas and suppression. 

She is here and she is changing the world. 

There is more and more of us coming out, being awakened, coming out of the shadows and into this masculine, power-hungry world dominated by the shadow of the masculine. 

We’re here, we’re connecting, coming out and together we are stronger. 

Don’t mute her voice, embrace her and empower her. 

Sisterhood Community You Can Join

If you’re in need of a sisterhood, a tribe to share your voice, your thoughts and intuitive voices, you’re welcome to join our Toucan Tribe group. 

It’s a private community, for gentle souls, to express themselves without being judged. 

Topics include spirituality, divine feminine, holistic living and rituals/remedies to survive in this power-hungry society. 

Join us for free. 

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