Astral Projection / Travel – How To Do It and Is It Real?

astral projection travel how to do it is it real

When I think of astral travel it makes me think of traveling through the cosmos, past galaxies and amongst planets, with stars sparkling in the background. 

In reality, astral travel or astral projection, is another term for an out of body experience, which can include lucid dreaming. 

It’s a technique where you get into a sleepy state, but without actually falling asleep. You can feel your body and presence, everything feels as real and as normal as it does when you’re fully conscious. 

Through astral travel / projection, we can discover life and reality through a different lens. It can provide us with guidance and support our journey of spiritual awakening, as the world we now see is different and we try to make sense of it again. 

Astral travel / projection allows for a new perception on our life, on reality and the world as a whole, so we may experience realisations and hard truths about what we once thought about this world, vs what it really is. 

Spiritual awakening is a challenging but worthy process – it can reveal some hard truths and require shadow work which can be emotionally draining. 

If you’re a spiritual person, you may be drawn to the thought of traveling outside of the body and experiencing different sensations that our mind, body and soul allow for without the need for substances such as drugs or alcohol. 

It’s an experience that ancient civilisations were very much aware of, so it’s not an entirely new concept. In fact, you probably weren’t aware of this, but you actually astral travel every night. 

That’s right – when you are all tucked into bed and dream about different things, worlds, realities, this is also a form of astral travel. Your mind and soul are elsewhere experiencing different things, while your body stays in place where you left it – in bed. 

What is Astral Travel / Astral Projection?

Astral travel is the idea of getting into a dream-like state while your soul and mind leave the physical body behind. Essentially it’s a detachment of the spiritual body, from the physical body. 

Astral travel / projection is made possible through getting into a dream-like state, although it can also be achieved through meditation and hallucinogens. 

Most people believe that the detachment from the physical body allows for travel to other, different dimensions – which again is bit like traveling to different galaxies and realities. 

The world we live in can be quite challenging these days, that’s why escaping it through astral travel could be an appealing option. I’d certainly like to escape the drama of today’s world and restore some magick back into it, even if it’s for a brief moment. 

astral projection travel how to do it is it real

However, some people could experience euphoric sensations while astral traveling. If the outer dimensional world is much more enjoyable and pleasurable than the real world, in can be hard to return to the real world and try and live in it after experiencing something so much better.

It can become a dangerous game, a bit like drugs and hallucinogens. 

Astral travel / projection should only be explored if you have a specific purpose in mind or a good intention for it. It’s not for thrill-seekers. It’s almost like a ritual for further expanding your mind, consciousness and understanding. 

Anyone wanting to experience an out-of-body experience like astral travel, should be well prepared for it. 

How Do You Prepare For Astral Travel? 

Firstly, set an intention and be absolutely clear about why you’re exploring astral travel. What is the reason why you’re trying this? 

What are you hoping to achieve and get out of the experience? 

Perhaps you have a question you need help with answers or need guidance on what you should do next? 

Be clear about your intention and sit with it for a few minutes visualising it. 

Secondly, meditate for a few minutes while taking deep breaths. Meditation and slow breathing will help you mind and body get into a relaxed state. You don’t want to be stressed going into astral travel. 

Ensure you have good, pure intentions in mind and any negative thoughts or stresses are left way, way behind. 

astral projection travel how to do it is it real

How to Astral Travel?

One of the best ways to achieve astral travel is deep meditation. This can take a lot of practice and time before you can reach the state of mind and consciousness that allows for multi-dimensional travel. 

Deep meditation means meditating for a longer period of time – 1 hour, 2 hours, or more. 

The longer you meditate, the deeper the state and the more you’re likely to experience out of body experiences like astral travel, ensuring your mind is awake and conscious. 

You can also lie down in a quiet spot and get into a sleepy state, without losing consciousness. Your mind essentially, must stay awake. 

You may experience drifting off, this is when you have to take control with your mind and instead of surrounding your mind, body and soul to sleep, vision yourself standing up and looking back at your body lying down, just as you left it. 

This is the fine line and the crucial step, between falling asleep and astral projection/travel. Now that your mind and soul are able to travel, you can do whatever you like. 

I’d recommend you start with firstly exploring the rooms and seeing what’s there. As tempting as it might be to fly out of the window, keep it steady for the first few experiences.

Even though it may be your house, remember this is a different dimension and you may see truths that were not visible to the naked eye before, in the real world.

Perhaps you’ll hear voices, see signs or clues for answering your question in mind. Make a note of everything you see that seems unusual or different to reality right after you finish your travel. 

One thing to remember is that astral travel may take months and years of practice before you can fully experience it. For some, it may take a few attempts and only a few weeks, but it’s a practice that requires patience and perseverance for most. 

Try keeping a dream journal and note down your dreams throughout the year as well – this will help decipher your dreams and allow you to get into that dreamy state consciously. 

Feel free to share your astral travels below in the comments, or if you’d prefer to share your spiritual and astral experiences amongst a trusted community, join our Toucan Tribe

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