Discovering Ancestral Roots – Connecting with Ancestors for Higher Guidance and Identifying Past Traumas for Deep Healing

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Knowing who came before us is often the key to opening up a door full of magick. 

Who were our ancestors? Where did they walk? What traits did they have? Am I similar to them? And what traumas from your ancestors have been carried into your current generation and family tree…?

So many questions, and of course because they’re no longer here, the answers are a little more challenging to attain. 

There is a way, my love…

You can connect with your ancestors through the spiritual and mind connection. 

It’s such a nostalgic and emotional feeling, thinking about all those family members that were here on earth before me, just like I am here walking on the Welsh lands now, they were walking the lands in Poland and who knows where else…

One day, just like my ancestors, I’ll be gone too, and perhaps a daughter of my great-granddaughter will be writing this same blog post, trying to find answers of her ancestors which might even include me! 

Let’s face it – the next generations will have SO much data available to them on their ancestors. 

They’ll be able to just google their uncle’s name and be able to see what he looked like, what he said on Facebook, where he went on holiday, what job he had, when he was born, and where he lived/migrated. 

They’ll have it so easy. With the easy access though, the magick and suspense of it all, will be somewhat gone. 

There are of course ways to find out about your ancestors – like DNA tests and doing your own research or genealogy services. Fascinating stuff! 

If you’re after a holistic and spiritual connection to learn about your ancestors, we’ll start with the time of the year, when death is celebrated…

October 31st – 2nd November – the Veil Between the Two Worlds Is Now OPEN

The time between 31st October and 2nd November is when the connection between our world, and the world of the dead, the beyond this life-world, is open. Like a portal, a thin veil through which you can see and feel the connection with your ancestors. 

Depending on the part of the world and the religion, this time has many different names, ceremonies and rituals. 

You may recognise some of the names given to this time of the year: 

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Each part of the world recognises and honours the dead, their footprints and how their existence helped shape ours. It’s a time of celebrating their time here, remembering them with respect and light. 

It’s the time of the year when everything is dark, cold, shadows seem alive, nights seem to go on forever and days are (almost) as dark as the nights. It’s a time when death can feel present in the air, the leaves falling, the nature dying, animals going into hibernation…

No wonder that the dark world of our loved, dead ones is open to visitors.

Halloween as we know it now seems very far from celebrating our ancestors and is more about parties, getting dressed up and eating candy. It’s lost the part where we remember our loved ones, previous generations, and focuses on scaring each other and doing spooky death stuff. 

There are however more religious celebrations still celebrated, remembering the dead and their souls, around this dark but magickal time of the year. 

Regardless of your beliefs, or religion, you can still celebrate your ancestors and the dead, by trying different ceremonies, activities and rituals around the death portal time of the year, or at any time. 

How To Connect With Ancestors? 

You can connect with your ancestors any time of the year, and it can be an ongoing process, even lifelong. As the end of October/start of November is a highly spiritual time, linked to the death world, so trying to connect with your ancestors around that time, can provide greater results. 

To connect with your ancestors, you can:

  • Meditate and set an intention or which ancestors you’d like to communicate with 
  • Light a candle
  • Create an altar
  • Do some genealogy research 
  • Connect with your crystals
  • Burn some sage
  • Journal 
  • Analyse dreams 

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Ancestral Work for Healing 

By connecting with your ancestors, listening to them in the wind and rivers, seeing them in your dreams or receiving hidden messages throughout the day, you can discover a lot about your lineage and how it’s shaped where you are now, and your character. 

Families carry previously unresolved traumas. An issue, trauma, tragic event can be carried over to each generation, and even though the trauma isn’t yours, but rather your ancestors’, it is still there, affecting you in one way or another. 

It lingers like bad energy. 

For me for example, it’s the inability to talk honestly about feelings. Keeping things brushed under the carpet. I feel like all my ancestors struggled in silence and as a result, didn’t cry out for help or expressed their struggles. 

I do the exact same. However, I am recognising this pattern and trait and trying to move past it, as well as not caring how other people see or judge me. 

I’ve acknowledged it and now I’m working through it to ensure that this isn’t carried over to my (future) children. 

Before you dig into ancestral work for healing, be wary of what you may find. Times were tough back then, unless your ancestors owned a castle or an estate, in which case they probably had a nicer life than most. 

We’re talking about wars, famine, illness, shortage of food, no school/job system, no running water, hot showers etc etc… 

The traumas you discover, can be daunting, it could be a long and dark journey if you feel overwhelmed by the negative emotions or the traumas discovered. 

It’s important to keep a journal to write it all out and not keep it inside. If you have siblings or parents, talk to them about what you found/learned. 

They may even be able to relate to that and help you overcome the trauma together. 

ancestors trauma roots connecting spiritual how to

Crystals for Ancestors

To reconnect with your ancestors, you can also amplify and enhance the process by using crystals. By holding a piece of crystal, while you meditate or try to communicate with your ancestors, the connection and energy is stronger. 

As crystals are energy, we are energy, and energy never dies. Which means that our ancestors’ energy is still present. 

Here are some crystals you can hold or have nearby while communicating with ancestors:

Ancestors Prayer

If you’re not too sure what to say, or how to call upon your ancestors, you can use the following prayer: 

My uplifted Ancestors, guides, fierce protectors and skilled healers.

Please stand with me, child of [PARENTS NAMES]. Be with me in this moment, guide me and continue to show me the way. 

I am open to your signs and communication. 

Let me be guided by your ancient wisdom with a clear mind and an open heart. 

I am the root of your root, bone of your bone, with the same blood running through my veins. 

Please keep the gracious gifts of perfect health, wealth and abundance close, allowing me to continue, honour and grow your legacy. 

I am conscious and awake. I am continuing the commitment to our lineage in a respectful way. 

I vow never to forget, to stay focused and always mindful of my future steps. 

The foundation of your past, only growing stronger with my actions, guided by your advice. 

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you…

Say it aloud, whisper it, say it in your head – doesn’t really matter. They’ll hear – particularly if you say it around 31st October – 2nd November, and if you have one of the above crystals around you. 

Has your journey of connecting with ancestors already started? Got an experience to share? Let us know in the comments below 🙂 

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