The Spiritual Meaning of Air – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius + Which Crystals are Associated with the Air Element

air element traits which crystals

The air as an element is known for its wisdom, clarity, and new perspectives. You may have heard the expression “A breath of fresh air”.

That’s what air signs are like. 

Air is also a sign of communication, which helps with reflection and communicating your needs, manifestations and desires. 

Ben is an air sign (Libra) and he very often reminds me, not with his words but actions, his need for balance. I can be hot and cold sometimes, and he notices it.

He’s also a great thinker and explorer, loves learning new topics and is very often in deep thought. He’s really good on the phone, so he’s a good communicator and he’s great in a social setting. 

Always gets on with everybody, everyone loves him and he always acts so natural in social situations. 

One of the many qualities I adore about him. 

Air signs are generally easy going, great get on with and have a decent conversation with. 

Air as an element in our spiritual journey is also an important factor, which makes its way into folklore, stories, and our rituals. 

Without air we wouldn’t have the smoke from sage swirling in the air. We need to blow on the fire (with air) to help it spark. The air is all around, constantly present, and without it we wouldn’t survive more than a few minutes. 

It’s crucial to our existence, and along with the other 3 elements (earth, water and fire), they make up a perfect balance in our world without which chaos would rule our planet. 

Which Crystals are Associated with the Air Element

Crystals for the air element and air signs are: 








Clear quartz

Air as a Spiritual Element

Air in spirituality is known as the breath of life, the beginning. Stories often refer to creators breathing life into their creations. Without breath, we wouldn’t even exist. 

Breath is a very spiritual part of our being, so much so, that there is even a whole practice of breathwork to help us resolve traumas and let go of unwanted aspects in our life. It helps with realisations and resolution of our issues. 

The air as our breath, is also our soul’s voice/spirit. The way you breath, how deep, or soft it is, how fast or calm, and how intense, short or long, all depends on your soul’s emotion at the time. 

It can be an indicator to help notice when things are getting tough and we need a bit of self love or creative time. 

Air Personality 

Air signs are thinkers and communicators, they like to overthink things, process them and analyse. They can also get bored easily/quickly, ready to move onto something/someone new. 

Air signs like to approach every decision with their head and critical thinking, reason, rather than emotion. They love to socialise and be around people, if they enjoy the company. 

It can be difficult for air signs to find their ground, so they may need a lot of grounding work. 

air element traits which crystals

Air Element Traits – Positive and Shadow

Positive traits are when the sign is at its best, when they shine and their character is known for these qualities. Whereas the shadow is a little bit like good qualities gone bad. 

For example air signs are great thinkers and communicators which is great because they can express themselves quite easily. The shadow trait would be however air signs overthinking and getting stuck in their head and thoughts, ignoring what’s in front of them. 

The main air element traits are:







-Easy to get to know



-Get bored easily



The shadow traits can be defined as the bad side of the sign, the weaknesses, or aspects which need working through to come out stronger. In return, these shadow traits can make their way onto your good side and you can use them as positive qualities that make up your beautiful character. 

Although their communicative and social sides are very much positive traits and can be used as a superpower, if the shadow gets to these qualities, the air signs can be in trouble and struggle to communicate or even say too much.

You can read more about the shadow and how to do shadow work here.

Air Season

The season for air is spring, when that fresh breeze hits, the winds can be quite strong… I just love the summer (perhaps you can tell?)

It’s a time for new beginnings, and the element of air through it’s calm nature helps

air element traits which crystals
Air element symbol

Air Symbol 

The air symbol is a triangle with a line going across it at the top. 

The 3 points of the triangle are associated with the mind, body and soul connection. 

The Different Meanings of Air

The element of air is associated with the breath of life, often referred to in folklore and stories of birth. With a single breath, life can be brought into this life, as much as with breath life or a person’s soul can be sucked away (think harry potter and the dementors). 

air element traits which crystals

You may have heard the expression took my breath away – referring to an intense moment, when we feel overwhelmed with what we’re seeing visually or experiencing physically. The breath can be an expression of how we’re feeling, connecting our mind body and spirit further through the element of air. 

During excitement we might find that our breathing increases, when we experience pleasure, or when we’re frightened. 

The air is a very spiritual element, if you think about energy healing and light workers, they often move their hands in a certain motion in the air, to dispel negative energy and call in good energy, both of which are present in the air and aura. 

Associations and Aspects 

Gender: Masculine

Planet: Mercury, Jupiter

Season: Spring

Zodiac: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Symbolism: Intelligence, wisdom, knowledge, logic, thought, communication, truth, inspiration, intuition, memory, creativity

Symbols: Feather, wand, staff, incense, censer, pen, broom, bell, sword, sky, wind, clouds, breeze, breath, wind chimes

Nature Spirits: Winged fairies, spirits, sylphs, zephyrs

Colours: Yellow, gold, white, light blue, pastels

Herbs: Bergamot, lavender, marjoram, peppermint, sage, dandelion, bluebell, clover, frankincense, primrose, lemongrass, pine, aspen, yarrow, violets, vervain, myrrh, dill, anise, aspen

Crystals: Amber, topaz, citrine, jasper, agate, amethyst, fluorite, clear quartz

Animals: Birds, flying insects, spiders, bats

Articles on the other 3 Earthly Elements with the above information: 

Earth – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn 

Fire – Leo, Sagittarius, Aries

Water – Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

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