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Some time ago, I went through a spiritual awakening, when for the first time since my child-years, I felt awake and myself.

After years of going wrong, I realised where I’ve been going wrong, and how much I needed to change my life to regain control and most importantly, my happiness.

The old me was constantly chasing after approval and validation from others.

The only person’s opinion I didn’t value was the one that matters the most – my own.

Re-evaluating every aspect of my life, from my daily routine, to job, to the food I ate and the waste I was producing, I became more aware of the one big collective, feeling the connection with the universe and my ancestors.

It’s like something shed a light on my soul and heart. My mind, body and soul intertwined, with a connection to my old self, the child in me and that light that died out during school-years, all (luckily) came back at once.

I always knew I was different.

I was also always desperate to fit in, change every bit of me to be like everybody else. I can now proudly say that I’m glad that my efforts to fit in, DIDN’T work out. My light and special qualities remained intact and with them, my authenticity.

On my journey to return to my authentic-self, I learnt a lot. I trialled different rituals and tools that helped me connect spiritually. I read books that revealed to me aspects that helped me understand me as the woman I am today.

It also made me realise how my choices affect me and others, and how to live mindfully while being conscious of the planet.

The key takeaway here is, trust your gut instinct and follow the feeling that makes your soul spark, whatever that means to you.

For me, it’s writing, getting stuck in with creative projects, spending time in nature, crystals and yoga.

.:. What’s This Blog About

It’s a mixture of spirituality, holistic and natural living tips, helping you make changes, and add a bit of magick into your life.

Regardless of whether you’re completely new to the whole spiritual, holistic lifestyle, or you’re in the midst of your spiritual awakening feeling alienated, if you’re in need of some spiritual, natural living inspiration, I got something for you.

I write with a simple, creative tone, making sure that I don’t use the overly fancy words or weird jargon that only spiritual gurus will understand. My articles are written with a beginner in mind, providing inspiration, ideas and advice on natural, spiritual and holistic rituals, that allow you to escape the 9-5 routine.

I love to put my own spin on things, so you’ll see my opinions and a touch of humour every now and then (who doesn’t love a giggle, right?)

My calling was to make my posts easily understandable, fun to read, and to leave you with new facts or ideas discovered.

.:. My Story (Thus Far)

Originally from Poland, living in England for 13 years, now in Welsh fairylands with my special person further exploring my wild side.

When you meet that special someone, it’s true that every place you go, feels and appears better. Everything you once dreamt feels possible, every dream out-shadowed by the reality of the love in front of you.

Best of all, you know there is a person in your life, getting you through every struggle and sunny day.

Ben is my favourite, most-supportive and caring person I ever met, and I’m so glad he chose me to spend the rest of his life with (so grateful).

He also made me realise how precious our lives are on this dreamy planet, and how much we need to change to keep its original beauty undisturbed.

We didn’t like the chaotic, processed and almost artificial lives we were leading.

Eating processed foods, buying chemical-filled products and throwing away more and more single-use plastic each week.

Several documentaries later, we realised where we were going wrong, and why we felt guilty in our 9-5 lives.

This called for a change – for a more natural, connected and spiritual way of living, inside and out, looking after our planet and our souls simultaneously.

.:. My Calling…

Twitter and news headlines are enough to send any sane earthling over the edge… The tactics behind these headlines are often to sway you to believe one thing and spread fear/panic through bad news.

I don’t know about you, but my life feels dictated and completely artificial, stuffed with marketing, commercial products and processed foods.

With my calling for a change, I also felt a calling to share my ideas and advice on a platform in a non-preachy way. Take it as you please kinda vibe.

My purpose here is to share ideas on how to live more naturally, holistically, getting rid of any negativity and toxins in your life that take away your much needed positivity or connection to the earth.

I truly believe in restoring life back to the roots, simplicity, by using natural methods such as food, meditation, exercise and holistic products.

Our lives are surrounded by manmade chemicals and toxins in our food, homes and supermarkets.

That’s why it’s so important for us to look for alternative methods, lifestyle choices and solutions that are kind to our mind, soul, body and the planet.

Why “Toucan Dream”…

Toucan was a symbol often used on totem poles among native tribes. The toucan bird was carved from wood and displayed at the top of the totem.

The bird represented showmanship and communication, seeking attention through its colourful appearance, and with its large bill, attracting attention to be heard and seen.

This resonated with me as an introvert with slight social anxiety. A website and blog was the perfect solution for me, a platform to express my honest, pure thoughts, tips and guidance on natural + spiritual living.

There is a play on words there too as it sounds like ‘two can dream’ and I like to keep things fun. Ben and I are always dreaming, always planning and sharing our dreams and ambitions, and so toucan dream was born.

Happy reading and get in touch if you’d like me to cover any specific topics or if you have any feedback.

Peace + love,


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