A little bit about who we are at Toucan Dream

About Us 

At 21, after 18 months of Ben’s constant chasing, we made it Facebook-official. With countries travelled and adventures embarked on, after 3 years, we put wedding rings on. And here we are, married and living peacefully with a kitty.

When you meet that special someone, it’s true that every place you go, feels and appears better. Everything you once dreamt feels possible, every dream out-shadowed by reality of the love in front of you.

Best of all, you know there is a person in your life, getting you through every struggle and sunny day.

It’s also made us realise how precious our lives are on this dreamy planet, and how much we need to change to keep its original beauty in tact. We didn’t like the chaotic, processed and almost artificial lives we were leading. Eating processed foods, buying chemical-filled products and throwing away more and more single-use plastic each week.

Several documentaries later, we realised where we were going wrong, and why we felt guilty in our 9-5 lives.

This called for a change – for a more natural way of living, inside and out, looking after our planet and our souls simultaneously.

Our Purpose + Beyond…

Twitter and news headlines are enough to send any sane earthling over the edge… The tactics behind these headlines are often to sway you to believe one thing and spread fear/panic and bad news.

One topic that isn’t a clear headline or taken seriously enough is climate change, state of our planet, our health (both physical and mental) and how the 21st century-style of living impacts our stress-levels. Making our lives feel less and less natural, as it’s stuffed with marketing, commercial products and processed foods.

natural lifestyle blog

Our purpose here is to share ideas on how to live more naturally, holistically, getting rid of any negativity and toxins in your life that take away your much needed positivity. You can find tips on leaving a healthier footprint on our planet, making sure it’s left in a good state for the next generations to admire.

We believe in restoring lives back to our roots by using natural methods such as food, meditation, exercise and sometimes medicine.

Our lives are surrounded by manmade chemicals and toxins in our food, homes and supermarkets.

That’s why it’s so important for us to look for alternative methods, lifestyle choices and solutions that are kind to us and the planet.

We encourage positive thoughts, warm energies and we want to lighten people’s spirit, support mama nature and ultimately feel our valuable part on this Earth by doing something worthwhile.

We are not on a mission, we are simply sharing our experiences and thoughts on happiness, plant-based eating and conscious, natural living. We share our experience of reconnecting with the natural world and how to incorporate it into the technology-led 21st century living. This extends to art, nature, household chores including food shopping + cooking.

We thrive on positive energy, happy people and inspiring, cultural and often spiritual experiences. We also share our trips and travels, and how over time, these trips have inspired us to do what we are doing today with love at the centre of it all.

Travelling has been a great influence on our outlook and how we choose to live now.

Ultimately, we’re driven by open minds, open souls and harmonisation of cultures, ready to embrace more adventures and share them as inspiration.

Why Are We Vegan?

We discovered the truth about animal agriculture back in 2018, and veganism made so much sense to us.

It’s been a long journey and we didn’t really know where to start at first but we soon learnt it isn’t as hard as it seemed at first. We both share a love for food and we both enjoy cooking up and trying new recipes, turning regular dishes into vegan ones.

Yummy tasting food brings us a lot of joy, which is why we share our recipes – to share that joy, while making sure the ingredients are accessible, easy and on a low budget. Vegan/plant-based food doesn’t have to be expensive guys!

So Why Toucan Dream?

Toucan was a symbol often used on totem poles among native tribes; the toucan bird was carved from wood and displayed at the top of the totem.

The bird represents showmanship and communication, it seeks attention through its colourful appearance, and with its large bill, attracts attention to be heard and seen. Just like us pair of introverts, we are using this website as our platform for expression of our honest thoughts, tips and guidance into natural living.

Natural Living Blog

There is a play on words there too as it sounds like ‘two can dream’ and we like to keep things fun.

Happy reading and get in touch if there’s anything on natural living, you’re not sure of or you’d like to know more ?

Peace + love, 

Ben + Aggie