The 4 Elements In Astrology and Your Zodiac Sign – Your Personality and Compatibility With Others


Each zodiac sign is associated with one of the 4 earthly elements air, water, fire and earth. 

Depending on your zodiac sign, your personality traits and behaviours, can be explained by your zodiac sign and the element. 

There are 3 zodiac signs in each element, thus all zodiac signs of each element, share similar traits and characteristics:

Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, And Sagittarius

Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, And Capricorn 

Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, And Aquarius

Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, And Pisces

Each element’s characteristics, also indicate your compatibility with others, and can explain why you might not get on with certain people, for some strange, unknown reason.

Sometimes you just don’t like a person, and you’re not even sure why or have a particular reason! 

This is where astrology provides the answers and can be super guiding – it shows that actually, you’re not a mean or a fussy person, your sign just doesn’t get on well with the other sign due to compatibility issues. 

Your traits as a zodiac sign may clash with theirs, and your energies just do not mix well. 


The Four Astrological Elements Explained 

I don’t like labels – never have done, I feel that labels place a stereotype on you and limits you to just this or that. 

We’re such complex creatures. We’re all different, we’ve experienced different emotions, adventures and traumas. 

You can’t generalise people into 4 corners of a room, based on their element and say: they’re all the same. 

That wouldn’t be realistic or true, because although on the surface they may appear to have common traits, each individual person is different. 

Despite the fact that an element doesn’t define a person completely, the zodiac signs DO tell us a little bit about the person – it just merely scratches the surface. It gives some indication on the person’s reactions but doesn’t tell the whole story. 

As a Leo, fire sign, I am not just temperamental and passionate, I am also very emotional, sensitive and introverted. Despite the common misconception that all Leos are loud, extroverted and love to be in social situations, at the centre of attention. 

Although I do like a bit of attention, but it depends on the environment and where it’s coming from. 

The most common traits within each element, are detailed below. Take them with a pinch of salt and remember that you or other people, are much more complex than just their zodiac sign or element. 

Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, And Sagittarius

Characteristics: passionate, temperamental, courageous, impulsive 

As a general rule, fire signs go after what they want, they’re unstoppable, impulsive when they see something they want. This is very true when going shopping, fire signs can be impulsive shoppers. 

They’re also very determined, but can have quite a temper – as a fiery character, they can be unstoppable when it comes to going after what they want or projects. 

Fire signs like to focus on their future and work towards it with drive, courage and passion.

They’re also very competitive which makes them great business partners or leaders! 

They appreciate their free will, freedom and love a good adventure. Most fire signs are fun, exciting and encouraging. 

Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, And Capricorn 

Characteristics: practical, reliable, grounded

As the element suggests, earth signs are pretty grounded, provide a feeling of security and safety. 

You can always rely on an earth sign, they’re hard-working and keep things real. They’re patient and determined. 

Earth signs don’t give up easily, not matter how hard the situation or project gets, so you definitely want an earth sign on your team to cheer you on and support! 

Very patient and love to see their projects through to completion, which can often involve projects of an artistic and creative nature. 

Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, And Aquarius

Characteristics: chilled, curious, smart, communicators 

Air signs love to explore new ideas, achieve new milestones and generally have a live and let live mentality and approach to things. 

They’re easy to get on with and do well in social situations because of their chilled nature. They’re also very witty. They very much go with the flow, but don’t like to be still for too long. They like to embrace new things, challenges and learn. 

Known for their great communication and ability to quickly adapt in new situations and environments. They’re very intelligent and open minded, therefore great at teaching others and sharing their wisdom. 

Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, And Pisces

Characteristics: emotional, intuitive, nurturing

The most intuitive and emotional out of all signs. People with a water sign are generally in touch with their feelings, emotional and the intuitive side. They love to dig deep and get close and personal. 

They have a kind, nurturing and healing nature, which makes them great doctors, therapists or generally be that one good friends who is always able to give good advice

Their love and affection gets very deep, intense, and they care about others, through their sympathetic and selfless nature. 

We all need a friend with a water sign, as they’re always there to give advice, provide nurturing energy and listen to the deeper conversations. 

They need security to flourish. 

They’re also very creative and emotional, leading their decisions with their feelings/love, rather than the mind. 

With strong intuition, they can develop psychic abilities and feel spiritually connected to the world, universe and others. 

Zodiac Sign Compatibility 

We may get on with some people, more than others. That could be down to your own preferences, or the fact that your zodiac element simply doesn’t match with theirs. 

For example, fire signs get on well with air signs, because they compliment each other – it’s a mixture of feminine and masculine energy, air and fire are a good match together – oxygen and flame. The same goes for water and earth – rain and plant. 

Zodiacs of the same sign are generally thought to get on well together too, because they will share a similar approach and qualities. 

However, this is just a general rule and perception, there are always exceptions so take these compatibility rules with a pinch of salt! 


I know a few Leo signs that I get on with, and a few that I simply do not, and that could be due to a number of factors. 

Although each element gives a rough indication of how your personality, it is not defining or always strictly the truth. 

There are many factors that contribute to your character and the way you are – including past traumas, childhood, and your birth chart. The zodiac sign is merely one angle of your whole character. 

To truly know yourself and get an understanding of how astrology has built/shaped your being, you need to get to know your birth chart

More on birth charts, in this article.  

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